Li Jiuzhe announced that he would give up giving birth to his 46 year old wife, who suffered a lot for her pregnancy

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Li Jiuzhe is a Taiwanese singer. Although he has rarely seen Li Jiuzhe in the past few years, the song “summer” written by Jay Chou for him also hit Tiktok some time ago and became popular again. It also made many young people know Li Jiuzhe. Li Jiuzhe announced that he would give up childbirth because his 46 pairs of wives have suffered a lot in order to get pregnant in recent years. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Li Jiuzhe announces giving up childbearing

Taiwan media recently interviewed Li Jiuzhe. Li Jiuzhe said that as an example, he would not let his wife suffer any more. The two people have agreed to give up childbirth. Li Jiuzhe’s wife, Xiang Maxi, was born in 1975, five years older than Li Jiuzhe. The two are standard sister brother love. Xiangma Qian is a Japanese. After falling in love with Li Jiuzhe, she lived in Taiwan. The two had been dating for more than ten years before they got married.

Xiangma Qian, who was born as a model, is quite outstanding in both temperament and body, so she can charm Li Jiuzhe. Of course, Xiangma Qian is also a good woman. Li Jiuzhe’s career is ups and downs. Xiangma Qian has always been with him, encouraging and supporting him to go out of adversity. Li Jiuzhe and Xiang Ma Qian have been married for 8 years. Since their marriage, Li Jiuzhe and Xiang Ma Qian have been trying to have children, but they have never succeeded. During this period, xiangmaxi also tried many ways and suffered a lot, but regretted that she did not get pregnant as she wished.

Li Jiuzhe’s wife suffers for pregnancy

Li Jiuzhe told the media that the husband and wife really like children and are extremely eager to have their own flesh and blood. However, the wife has suffered too much in order to get pregnant, and she sees it in her eyes. Now that my wife and I are 46 years old, I shouldn’t force me any more, and I shouldn’t let my wife suffer any more. Maybe it’s fate that the two of them have no fate with their children.

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