Li Lianglei was sentenced to contempt of court, and Wang Leehom was forcibly granted the right to visit

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Li Lianglei and Wang Leehom tore it up for so long. I thought this melon was already in the past tense. Unexpectedly, the two people tore it up again. Li Lianglei was sentenced to contempt of court, and Wang Leehom finally obtained the mandatory right to visit. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Li Lianglei was sentenced to contempt of court

In the divorce war between Li Lianglei and Wang Leehom, it is believed that many melon eaters belong to Li Lianglei and think that Wang Leehom is a scum man of the century. Then why did Wang Leehom win and Li Lianglei lose this time? This is related to the content of their lawsuit. It turned out that after his divorce from Li Lianglei, Wang Leehom had not seen his children for nine months.

When Li Lianglei and Wang Leehom divorced, although the custody of their children was awarded to Li Lianglei, Wang Leehom, as a father, still had the right to visit their children. As a husband and father, Wang Leehom is very unsuccessful, but legally and morally, Wang Leehom should have the right to see his children. But Li Lianglei hated Wang Leehom so much that she naturally would not want Wang Leehom to have a happy life. Not letting Wang Leehom see his children is a punishment for Wang Leehom. However, the court directly ruled that Li Lianglei was contemptuous of the court and did not obey the judgment of the court. So the court gave Li Lianglei a decree of contempt of court and enforced Wang Leehom’s visitation motion.

Leehom Wang was granted the right to visit

It has always been said that children suffer the most from parents’ divorce. Although in the eyes of melon eaters, Wang Leehom is not worthy of being a good father because he is a scum man without a sense of family responsibility, for children, Wang Leehom is their father, and they will also yearn for his father’s love. I don’t know whether the three children will still be willing to get close to this father after seeing Wang Leehom’s past behaviors.

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