Li Liqun issued a statement again to respond to the position dispute and let time prove everything

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Originally, everyone liked Li Liqun very much, but he returned to Taiwan from Shanghai after the lifting of the seal in Shanghai. Many mainland netizens thought that he was a hidden Taiwan independence element. Li Liqun again issued a statement in response to the controversy, saying that time would prove everything. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Li Liqun issued another statement to respond to the position dispute

It has been half a month since the last dispute. Unexpectedly, Li Liqun came out again to make a video response. Maybe a few days ago, Hong Kong director Wang Jing criticized Li Liqun by name for his unswerving political stance. Li Liqun said that he had filmed in the mainland for more than 20 years, witnessed the prosperity and strength of the motherland, and must have passed the difficult epidemic with the people of Shanghai before.

Li Liqun also said that when he returned to Taiwan in the future, he would not be interviewed by Taiwan media casually, because these media would deliberately distort his meaning, and then some people would take it out of context and take it in a crazy rhythm. When Li Liqun talked about this, he was also very excited. He felt that Li Liqun was angry and aggrieved. After this incident, Li Liqun should not feel good. That is why Li Liqun has repeatedly responded to this matter, denying that he is Taiwan independence and saying that there is only one China in the world.

Li Liqun: let time prove everything

At the end of the video, Li Liqun once again expressed his view that the two sides of the Strait are close to each other. Taiwan is the place where he was born and his hometown, but Taiwan is also a part of the motherland. He loves his hometown Taiwan, but he also loves his motherland China. In this video, Li Liqun’s attitude is clear enough. He is really not Taiwan independence. The editor also calls on some netizens not to vent their dissatisfaction with cross-strait conflicts on Li Liqun, and not to be led astray by people with a purpose.

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