Li Mao, the son of Li Longji (Li Mao is the crown prince)

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For Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, later generations have always been mixed. He not only created the prosperous scene of “Kaiyuan Prosperity”, but also led to the outbreak of “An Shi Rebellion”. However, in terms of ability and wisdom, Li Longji is absolutely very powerful. We can see this from his choice of successor.

Queen Wang, the queen of Li Longji, is Li Longji’s original wife. However, Queen Wang has no son. Therefore, as the eldest son, Li Cong should have become the prince. However, Li Longji still made his second son Li Ying the crown prince. The reason why Li Cong was not made the prince is that Li Cong was disfigured by wild animals when he was young.



So Li Ying became the second prince. However, Li Ying’s path to the crown prince was not smooth. Because Li Longji dotes on Concubine Wu Hui. Although he has not been registered as a queen, his son Li Mao, King Shou, is deeply loved by Li Longji. In order to make her son a prince, Princess Wu Huifei launched a fierce offensive.

First, kill Queen Wang. However, because Princess Wu Huifei was a member of the Wu family, she did not become a queen. If he cannot become a queen, his son Li Mao will not be able to become a prince. Therefore, the second step plan was implemented. The three princes, including the prince, were framed successfully. However, Li Longji still did not make Li Mao the crown prince.

In fact, Li Longji must have considered Li Mao as the prince. First of all, concubine Wu Huifei often spoke for her son around Li Longji. Although, after the prince’s death, Princess Wu Huifei also died soon. However, after all, she is still Li Longji’s favorite princess. He also likes Li Mao very much. Moreover, many powerful officials, including Li Linfu, strongly recommended Li Mao as the prince.

The reason why Li Longji did not make Li Mao the crown prince was that he was based on various considerations.

First, the reason why Concubine Wu Huitian didn’t become queen was that she was Wu Zetian’s mother. Therefore, as the son of Princess Wu Huifei and the nephew of the Wu family, Li Longji must also be a little worried.

Second, Li Mao grew up next to Li Longji’s eldest brother. You should know that the crown prince of that year was Li Longji’s eldest brother, King Ning. Because of Li Longji’s great prestige at that time, King Ning resigned the crown prince to Li Longji according to the situation. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Li Longji is unprepared for King Ning. Therefore, it is impossible for Li Longji not to consider the registered prince.

Third, although Li Longji killed his three sons, including the prince, it was mainly because of the frame up of Concubine Wu Hui, because Li Linfu and others played tricks behind his back. After the death of the prince, Li Longji could not help reflecting on the matter. When he realized that the death of the prince had something to do with the battle for the throne, he could not reconsider his favorite son, Li Mao.

Fourth, after the crown prince was abolished, Li Linfu strongly recommended Li Mao. Li Longji was worried that Li Linfu had become the Li Mao party. After all, Li Longji was old at that time. If Li Mao becomes the prince, he may be intimidated by the prince.

Fifth, after the death of Princess Wu Huiji, Li Longji was very sad. It was also in this year that he met Yang Yuhuan under the arrangement of Gao Lishi. At this meeting, Li Longji also made up his mind to marry this daughter-in-law. Therefore, based on this consideration, he could not make Yang Yuhuan’s former husband the crown prince.

In this way, after careful consideration. Li Longji resolutely chose the third son Li Heng as the crown prince, but he did not expect that Li Heng, who had no political influence and was honest in appearance, would join him in the Anshi Rebellion, and had no choice but to become the emperor.

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