Li Shan’s mother is a big brother in the myth world, but what is the relationship between her mother and Nuwa?

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Li Shan’s mother, a big brother in the myth world, has appeared in many novels. For example, she is the master of fanlihua, the wife of the famous Tang general xuedingshan. Fanlihua became a household name because she also took command of the Grand Marshal of the western expedition of the Tang Dynasty. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Li Shan’s mother has a famous and unique skill, that is, moving mountains and falling seas. This is a very powerful magic. Fan Lihua hasn’t used this spell very much, but Bai Suzhen, fan Lihua’s younger martial sister, has used it. It was mentioned in the chapter of the legend of the White Snake flooding the Jinshan Temple. At that time, Bai Suzhen and Fahai fought against each other by removing mountains and overturning seas. Fahai had to use purple and gold bowls to win. The purple gold bowl is a Buddhist relic. It is the most important food for all Buddhists. This shows the power of magic.

It is also said that in the romance of apocalypse, she was one of the four major disciples of the Tongtian cult leader (later Lingbao Tianzun) (the only disciple who escaped the Apocalypse), and her accomplishments were higher than the 12 golden immortals. Therefore, in the period of journey to the west, she played the role of mother when the Four Saints tried Zen (it is estimated that her age and image are also related to her).

In the period of journey to the west, Li Shan’s mother, regardless of her status or magic power, is very high. It is estimated that La Fozu is not as good as her.


Some people also say that she is Nuwa’s mother, which is obviously wrong. The belief of Nuwa’s mother and Lishan old mother exists at the same time. Besides, Nuwa’s mother is the mother of the earth and the mother of mankind. How can she be reduced to just the mother of Lishan?

There are two main reasons for this statement: first, Lishan is the mount of Nuwa’s mother, which was transformed by Nuwa’s order; second, Lishan’s mother also has high accomplishments and prestige.

In history, the origin of Lishan’s mother has also been recorded. According to the records of the historical records of Qin Dynasty, “the Marquis Shen Naiyan said to the filial King:” in the past, the daughter of Lishan was Rong Xuxuan’s wife. When I was born, I returned to Zhou with my relatives and friends, protecting Xi Chui. Xi Chui was harmonious because of this. “

In other words, Lishan’s mother was Rong Xuxuan’s wife and gave birth to offspring for Rong Xuxuan. According to historical records, Rong Xuxuan was the ancestor of Qinshihuang, and all kings of Qin were descendants of Zhong Xi, the son of Lishan’s mother. In other words, Lishan’s mother was also the ancestor of Qinshihuang. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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