Li Shengli was transferred to an ordinary prison to serve his sentence until 2023

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Li Shengli’s case has been tried for a long time. Several male stars related to Li Shengli’s incident were sentenced to prison early, but Li Shengli himself has been at large and has been suing to get rid of his prison fate, but he was finally sentenced. Li Shengli was transferred to an ordinary prison. It is reported that Li Shengli will serve his sentence until 2023. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Li Shengli transferred to ordinary prison

In the eyes of Li Shengli’s fans, Li Shengli is wronged and a scapegoat. But in the eyes of many gourmet people, Li Shengli is suspected of gambling, business corruption, sexual violence, specific economic crimes, violation of the foreign exchange trading law and other crimes. As a result, Li Shengli was finally sentenced to only one year and six months’ imprisonment. This result made many netizens dissatisfied and thought that the sentence was too light. After all, zhengjunying, a marginal figure in the Li Shengli incident, was sentenced to five years and cuizhongxun to two years and six months.

This is probably because money can make the devil push the mill. It has been said that Li Shengli was acquitted before. Li Shengli has many big men behind him. He is also rich and powerful in Korea and has made friends with many dignitaries. South Korea has always been a country with capital control, so it is very easy for the South Korean Chaebol to control what they want. Li Shengli was sentenced to one year and six months this time. It is estimated that the public opinion in South Korea is too big.

Li Shengli will serve his sentence until 2023

Li Shengli made his debut as a member of BigBang. Although he is the least popular member of the group, he is very ambitious, very social and good at doing business. The other members of BigBang had been on the show before? a href=’ ‘ target=’_ Blank’title=’ nami’> Nami’s got a lot of money to spend? a href=’ ‘ target=’_ Blank’title=’bigbang’> activities of the BigBang group. Li Shengli also promised that he would not. In the end, something happened. Although the netizens angrily scolded Li Shengli for being sentenced to one year and six months, it has become a fact, and everyone can only be angry.

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