Li Yapeng invested 400million in B & B, with poor operation and no one interested

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Li Yapeng, as a popular young student in the mainland entertainment industry, developed very well, but later he began to do business and even gave up his acting career. Unfortunately, Li Yapeng didn’t do business very smoothly. Up to now, it seems that he hasn’t seen any successful cases. Li Yapeng invested 400million hostels, but the operation of B & B was poor, and no one paid attention to it. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Li Yapeng invested 400million B & B

I don’t know if it’s because his business is not going well, and he can’t get any good entertainment resources because of his age. Li Yapeng has also started to run his own website video account in the past two years. Although at the beginning, it also attracted the attention and hot discussion of netizens, but soon the attention went down. Recently, Li Yapeng updated a video, revealing his investment in B & B.

Li Yapeng said that he invested 400 million yuan to build a B & B around Beijing. This B & B has been publicized for a long time. Unfortunately, it has been open for a week, but no one cares. Li Yapeng even ridiculed himself in the video whether his investment would turn yellow again. Of course, in the video, Li Yapeng also recorded many beautiful scenery of the B & B. There are fish ponds, academies, vegetable fields, etc. in the B & B, the configuration is quite luxurious.

Li Yapeng Mingsu’s business is poor

Although Li Yapeng’s video is roast about his investment failure, it is actually a disguised publicity for his B & B. After all, investment failure is a hot topic for Li Yapeng. Netizens saw the news that Li Yapeng invested 400million yuan in B & B, and they all knew that Li Yapeng, a B & B located around Beijing, could definitely attract a wave of netizens to punch in. Li Yapeng’s simple self mockery video is definitely the best way to promote his B & B.

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