Li Yifeng’s digging out the pimp industry chain is the key, and Ji who was plucked may be a breakthrough

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Just 2 hours –

The social media homepage was blocked, and all the entries were deleted. Even Wu Moufan was not blocked so fast back then.

This time, Li Yifeng has set a block record.

The reason for the ban is also very simple: suspected of visiting prostitutes.

Why say suspicious? Because there is still an official official notification, and there is no conviction, so suspicion can be used here.

However, what Lao Yun has to say is-

This “suspect” has been used for 4 months.

As early as May this year,

Li Yifeng was exposed as a prostitute outside.

Subsequently, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate deleted the information about the cooperation relationship with Li Yifeng, and CCTV also deleted the pictures of cooperation with Li Yifeng.

Li Yifeng’s team has been denying the matter.

He even posted his own forensic pictures,

Go to the court and sue those marketing accounts that “spread rumors”.

We can tentatively guess that the reason why the Procuratorate and CCTV deleted the picture of cooperation with Li Yifeng is because Li Yifeng was influenced by public opinion, so it is normal for it to be deleted.

After all, Mother Yang is notoriously strict.

However, it is true that everyone is very tired of chasing melons recently, so the trend of Li Yifeng’s public opinion has indeed reversed a lot.

However, on September 10, an earth-shaking change took place.

Li Yifeng’s just-issued “rumor-refuting” statement was immediately deleted.

The statements and responses issued by World Wide Web,, and Sina Entertainment have also been deleted. .

Li Yifeng’s rumor-refuting statement could not be seen on the entire network platform.

In order to prove his brother Li Yifeng’s innocence, fans said that the mother and the procuratorate did not delete the picture, and posted the link.

However, Yang Ma and the Procuratorate followed the fans’ clarification and deletion, checking for omissions and filling vacancies. Fans sent one and others deleted one.

Several brand officials deleted Li Yifeng one after another.

Now the battle is very big, and the whole network deletes Li Yifeng’s rumors. Even if it is a capital shot, the entire network will control and comment on the hot search, and it will not be able to delete the entire network of 0 information in just 2 hours.

And even if Li Yifeng is really “whoring prostitutes”, referring to Huang Haibo’s prostitution case and Luo Zhixiang’s “multiplayer sports case”, it will not delete Li Yifeng’s “rumor” and “response” hot searches.

This suffices to say that the official public opinion has ended in person.

Hot search on the whole network + withdrawal of hot search on the whole network + the statement picture was clipped + Li Yifeng’s statement was deleted in five minutes, and only the official can do it.

Otherwise, what do you do with your “response”?

Moreover, Sina only accepts money to do things and does not choose to stand in line. The Sina lineup means that artists are no longer qualified to stand with Sina.

If the “rumor” is true, there is no need for Sina to offend such a community of interests. After all, if you cheat on things like personal morality, or make an appointment, Sina will either make a big deal out of the matter, or collect public relations fees to slowly increase the popularity. Search for you to withdraw.

However, now even the “rumor-refuting” statement has been withdrawn.

This shows that things are far more than just “prostitution”.

Here to remind you of a key time point and key information.

Li Yifeng’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala program,

It was canceled 3 hours before the broadcast.

Moreover, rumors of Li Yifeng visiting prostitutes began to spread in May this year. If Yang Ma really wanted to take into account the impact of the fermentation of public opinion, Li Yifeng would not be invited to the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.

Even if the scandal of prostitution came out as early as May, there is still a strong background and forces to protect him. You must know that CCTV’s Bingbing was suspended immediately after it was reported that she was married, and Li Yifeng only ended after 4 months of public opinion. The entire network deletes “statements and responses”.

This shows that there are two forces behind the struggle. To rectify Li Yifeng’s forces, they are clearly in the upper hand at this stage, and these forces are likely to have key information in their hands.

What is the specific matter, whether it is private morality or criminality. Just wait for the official announcement. However, what the whole network is speculating now is that Li Yifeng may be trapped in the melon of “Li Shengli”.

This melon is like this-

This melon originated from the famous “Samui Incident”.

The timeline is roughly 2018.

Li Yifeng was revealed to be in love with the internet celebrity Wanwan.

And what about this Net Red Bay? I have been friends with Li Shengli for many years.

This Li Shengli is not a good thing.

Li Shengli was a pimp of a big South Korean chaebol. He engaged in private transactions inside and outside the circle. Later, an artist committed suicide. After the pimp’s business was exposed, Li Shengli was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

And just before Li Shengli was exposed in 2017.

In 2017, Li Shengli held a super luxurious birthday party in the Philippines, and the Internet celebrity Wanwan was also invited to go. We can’t imagine what happened at that party.

However, the three views of Wanghong Wanwan are like this-


Therefore, when Li Yifeng was revealed to be in love with Wanwan, many fans were saying that Li Yifeng must have been deceived.

This is not true-

However, according to many clues, “there is no wind and no waves”.

On December 19, 2018, Wan Wan posted on the trumpet: She fell in love with a person, a person with the same name as him.

So call that person “Mr. 54”.

However, Wan Wan’s own birthday was May 4, 1989.

Li Yifeng’s birthday was May 4, 1987.

This is just a directional clue.

From December 20, 2018, when Mr. 54 asked Wanwan to go to Koh Samui, Thailand for the New Year’s Eve, Wanwan was looking forward to it, and before departure, she also made adequate preparations, and released it at the end of the trip. I took two photos of myself in Koh Samui, and reluctantly wrote my own long essay.

In 2018, Li Yifeng was also on vacation in Koh Samui.

Careful netizens even picked it up,

Li Yifeng and Wan Wan have the same scenery as the one they took when they were on vacation in Koh Samui, and it is very likely that they stayed in the same villa.

Moreover, there are Li Yifeng’s staff.

During the New Year’s Eve, I posted a landscape picture.

This picture is very similar to the one posted by Net Red Bay Bay. We all know that there are no identical trees in this world, so some netizens stacked this picture together and found out——

The two trees are strikingly similar.

Basically what is certain is that…

During the New Year’s Eve, Li Yifeng and Wanghongwanwan lived in the same villa, and they overlapped on the timeline. That is to say, Li Yifeng and Wanghongwanwan spent the 19-year New Year’s Eve together.

However, if Mr. 54 in the mouth of Wanghong Wanwan is really Li Yifeng, how did they know each other? Some netizens found out when sorting out the information – Li Yifeng went to South Korea to shoot the cover of the magazine on November 4, 2018, and just the day before the shooting, on November 3, Li Yifeng participated in the “Welcome Chinese Friends Patry” organized by Li Shengli party.

On November 4th, Li Yifeng and Li Shengli followed each other on social platforms. At that party, the two must have known each other, and Wanwan said that he and Li Shengli were good friends for 4 years, so netizens It is speculated that Wan Wan and Li Yifeng got to know each other with the help of Li Shengli.

But these are all speculations without real hammer evidence——


However, after being picked up,

This matter is still on the hot search-

On March 4, 2019, Wanghong Wanwan replied in a positive reply that she and Li Yifeng had nothing to do with her.

However, Li Yifeng’s studio also issued a statement: Li Yifeng has nothing to do with Wanwan, and will sue the rumor mill.

Because both sides firmly deny it, and there is no real hammer evidence.

This famous “Samui incident” soon disappeared.

Until this time, Li Yifeng was exposed to whoring prostitutes, the old story was brought up again, and some information from the past was swept up again and surfaced.

However, the key figures in this deep robbery are-

The staff member who used to take landscape photos in Koh Samui.

The staff member’s name is Ji Moumou. Nine times out of ten, Li Yifeng’s itinerary can be cleaned up because of Ji Moumou.

Ji Moumou is Jackie Chan’s follower and has been helping him manage his private jet since 2012. From the video he released on January 6 this year, it can be seen that he is still riding in Jackie Chan’s car, and the aircraft registration number is still the same. N688J.

Because he is familiar with flying and high-end travel, this Ji has also helped Li Yifeng to finalize the travel itinerary since 2017, and posted it on foreign social platforms to show off to fans.

what is interesting–

On July 26, 2017, Ji Moumou took a photo of Li Yifeng getting off the plane and posted it on ins. Three days later, he posted a photo of a nightclub on ins. This directly broke the defense of Li Yifeng’s fans. Both sides were torn apart directly. They were adults. They took Li Yifeng to the nightclub and let the fans think.

But at the time, it was normal.

Since 2018, this Ji Moumou has frequently shown off on Weibo that he delivers “takeaway”. He has been with the artist for so long and has many resources. What does he deliver? Or “takeaway of chicken resources”?

Because Ji Moumou’s various actions have left room for the imagination of the melon eaters, people have to think of Li Yifeng.

After all, there are two ancient Chinese sayings:

Those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black.

Three years of good study and three days of bad study.

As a result, this big melon had a thunderstorm, not only Li Yifeng, but also Jackie Chan. There are still many bigwigs in the circle.

To a certain extent, this Ji Moumou leaves room for imagination, which can be said to involve the entire entertainment industry, and his bragging is simply pulling the skin off the entire entertainment industry.

A normal man is handsome and so rich, and he is not young, how is it possible that he has never had a girlfriend. The only explanation is either promiscuity, homosexuality, or underground relationships. It’s a fact that the entertainment industry is “unclean”, but everyone has to pretend.

After all, in the Chinese entertainment industry, especially male idols, most of their commercial value comes from female fans. The most unbearable thing for female fans is that their elder brother cheated on him, breaking the perfect image of their elder brother. Breaking his own beliefs, he has to defend his brother with all his life.

Therefore, in the entertainment industry, most of the incidents are personal moral issues. Although it is not illegal, it violates the core concept. This time, the explanation that Li Yifeng was caught in is very clear. The problem is not who he is dating and who sleeps with, but in the system of this entertainment industry – how many “itinerary customization” like Ji Moumou Grandmaster”.

rotten entertainment private life,

Just a layer of film was torn off.

Li Yifeng’s matter is either just the beginning or the end.

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