Li zhongshuo, Lin Yuner’s new play has a public preview of handsome men and beautiful women acting as husband and wife

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Li zhongshuo has been loved by many Chinese netizens because of his role in hearing your voice, Pinocchio, w-two worlds, doctor stranger, school 2013, etc. Lin Yuner was known by netizens as a member of the girlhood. Later, through you are my destiny, love rain, the premier and me, and the martial god Zhao Zilong, everyone saw her strength as an actress. Li zhongshuo and Lin Yuner’s new play announced that the partners of handsome men and beautiful women are still very eye-catching, and the two also played a couple in the new play.

Public preview of Li zhongshuo and Lin Yuner’s new play

Although many TV dramas in South Korea are shot while broadcasting, some are shot in advance and then broadcast after post production. The new drama “big mouth” by Li zhongshuo and Lin Yuner, also known as the slang lawyer, was shot in 2021. However, the order has only been made recently. Big mouth will be launched on disney+ platform on July 29.

Li zhongshuo plays Park Changhao, a livelihood lawyer with a winning rate of 10%. Lin Yuner plays Li zhongshuo’s wife Gao Meihao, a pure and sweet nurse. Piaochanghao inadvertently got involved in a murder case he was responsible for, and became a genius swindler overnight. In order to survive and protect his family, piaochanghao bravely exposed the true face of the privileged layer that had become notorious due to a huge conspiracy.

Li zhongshuo and Lin Yuner partner as husband and wife

In the poster released by big mouth, Li zhongshuo is wearing a brown suit jacket, which is really handsome and charming. Lin Yuner’s nurse in the play is also very beautiful. “Big mouth” is a work created by Leslie Cheung, the screenwriter of “the wanderer”, and Wu Qinghuan, the director of Zheng Jingshun’s “when you sleep”. In addition to Lee Chung Shuo, Lin Yuner, the actors also include Kim Chou Hyun, Yu Ziyan, Guo Dongyan and others. I hope you can enjoy this play a lot.

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