Liangxiaobing celebrated her husband’s birthday and once rejected the pursuit of a group of rich people for her husband

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Liangxiaobing has rarely appeared on the screen in recent years, but as a once popular female star, liangxiaobing has attracted much attention. Liangxiaobing celebrated her husband’s birthday. When liangxiaobing was her husband, she also rejected the pursuit of many rich people. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liangxiaobing celebrates her husband’s birthday

Recently, liangxiaobing posted an article on his social platform, saying that her husband chenjiahui was busy filming these days, and he was very rare. It was very difficult for the two people to get together to celebrate Chen Jiahui’s birthday. Liangxiaobing sent a document and told her husband that Chen Jiahui would always be a handsome boy. Although Chen Jiahui is 59 years old, he still looks well and has a strong figure. No wonder liangxiaobing and Chen Jiahui have been married for so many years and still love Chen Jiahui as always.

Liangxiaobing and chenjiahui are both actors, but their development in the entertainment industry is very different, because liangxiaobing has been in three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits for a long time. However, Chan Ka Fai has always played a supporting role in the entertainment industry. Many audiences do not know him. They even know Chan Ka Fai because of liangxiaobing. Although their career development is strong for women and weak for men, their relationship has always been very good. Liangxiaobing and chenjiahui developed into lovers in 1992 because of their mutual affection for shooting TV dramas.

Liangxiaobing refuses the pursuit of the rich for her husband

After that, Liang Xiaobing’s career became better and better, but the two chose to get married in 2000, ending their 8-year love run. This year, the new liangshanbo Zhu Yingtai starring liangxiaobing was also a super hot. After seven years of marriage, the two welcomed their first child, chenyangyi, in 2007. In fact, before she married Chen Jiahui, as a popular star, liangxiaobing had many rich businessmen pursuing her, but liangxiaobing refused, and only had her boyfriend, Chen Jiahui. From this point of view, liangxiaobing is really a good girl with supreme feelings.

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