Liaodong pig_ Three character idiom

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[Pinyin] liá o d ? ng sh ?

[idiom story] Peng Chong, a great general of the Eastern Han Dynasty, followed Liu Xiu to fight in the world, but he was not given a high position. He refused to accept the instructions of Zhufu, the governor of Youzhou, and thought of the soldiers’ rebellion. Zhu Fu wrote him a letter saying that a Liaohe farmer wanted to go to the emperor because he had a white pig. But when he went to Liaodong and found that there were all white pigs there, he had to go home. You are like that farmer.

[provenance] in the past, there were boars in Liaodong. They gave birth to white heads. When they went to Hedong, they saw that all the boars were white and returned with shame. If the work of the son was discussed in the imperial court, it would be Liaodong boar. Southern Dynasty · Song · Fan Ye’s post Han Dynasty biography of Zhu Fu

[explanation] it is a metaphor of shallow knowledge and more strange things.

[usage] as object and attribute; It means that there are many strange things

[structure] formal

[synonyms] frog at the bottom of a well, Shu dog barking at the sun

[rhyming words] the gate has no dogs, the son of plowing oxen, is forced to die, has red lips and garnet teeth, does not go into the animal cave, and is content with the animal son, the pearl is sunk in the jade, forgets life and death, knows it as knowledge, does not know it as knowledge, so it is, is intoxicated

Ancient times

[example] such as the frog at the bottom of the well, the boar in Liaodong, the unknown Han University in Yelang, and the Hun, they call themselves Tianjiao. Clear · Liangqichao’s tracing back to the source of China’s accumulated weakness

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