Life is not a marathon!

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Original: duanhongbin source: official account: laoduan’s viewpoint

This year is the most difficult graduation season in history. My friend’s child can’t find a job after graduation. He came to me and asked me what to do. Should I take the civil service exam? Or graduate school? If you continue to look for a job, will you go to Shanghai, Shenzhen, or go back to your hometown? If you don’t look for a job, can you follow me to learn how to do we media have a future?

The other side asked a lot of questions, but I can’t give a simple answer, because the road is taken by myself, and my point of view is very likely that others don’t agree at all. But having said that, I have lived a long time, and I always have some experience and lessons to tell. So I write this article, hoping to help the confused young people.

Life is not a marathon

Since about 20 years ago, there has been a saying in China that life is not a 100 meter race, but a marathon. The original intention of this saying is to let you not pay too much attention to short-term gains and losses, because the road ahead is still long, but I think that life is not a marathon. If you believe that life is a marathon, your life will never be happy again.

Before continuing with the following article, you can watch a small video called “life is not a marathon”:

The meaning of the video is very simple. If life is a marathon, everyone has the same starting point and ending point, and everyone has to run the same track. If you raise one place, it means that another person will lower one place. If so, how boring your life would be.

You can say to others: you can run a marathon. I am not interested. I like to play other sports because life is not a marathon.

Now you should know why the Chinese are so introverted, because everyone likes to play the same track and compete with each other in the same niche. In the end, the investment is getting bigger and bigger, and the return is getting smaller and smaller. The result of introverting to the extreme is that the return rate of everyone is reduced.

Self castrated modern man

Young people are feeling increasingly unhappy. A typical symptom is that they don’t want to have children. In 2020, China’s birth population will be 12million. In 2021, it will be only 10.62 million. This year, it is expected to be only 9.6 million. Why do young people not want to get married and have children?

Various experts have said countless reasons, which in my opinion are nonsense. The real reasons are:

There is only one track in modern people’s life, that is, the success of wealth. Everyone suffers from success anxiety. Chinese people simplify life into one thing, that is, to find a legendary Holy Grail, called “financial freedom”. Once they find this holy thing, it means that life has passed the customs. Before they succeed in acquiring wealth, they decide that they do not deserve marriage and children. Just like playing a game, they won’t be rewarded until they pass the customs. Since they don’t pass the customs, they naturally don’t deserve to be rewarded, so they choose to castrate themselves.

Someone sent a soul torture: what’s the difference between young people who go to the big city 996 and don’t get married and have no children and being eunuchs for dignitaries in ancient times?

For many years, I have been appealing to my readers not to turn in the book, because there are countless possibilities in life, and there is not only “Huashan Road”. Many times, you can cut corners, or even take the back door, and you can achieve your goals. If you are stupid and run hard with others, the cost performance is too low.

Wound of involution

If you have been persistent in internal examination, when you find that others cut corners faster than you, your mentality will collapse. A typical example is the hatred of Dingzhen by the topic writers in the small town.


Someone’s post is very representative:

I worked harder than Ding Zhen. I was more knowledgeable and talented than Ding Zhen. I was more mature and deeper than Ding Zhen. I provided disaster relief during the earthquake and donated money during the epidemic. I also had to face the financial resources and RV. I bet my whole life at the cost of losing everything. I wrote the woman’s name on the real estate certificate. I am willing to accompany the person I love to grow up, mature and take care of her life

Most men in this society may be the same as me, and feel that all the above should be, or even not worth mentioning. At this time, Ding Zhen came out with a grin full of white teeth. The girls were captivated and confused. This is the prince charming of my dream

What do we hate? Angry what? Is it because of Ding Zhen? no It is this rotten world with distorted values that we are angry because we have been humiliated.

They hate Ding Zhen because Ding Zhen’s success has completely shattered their values. Dingzhen, an illiterate, is loved by so many girls. What is the significance of the problem makers’ efforts to brush the problems?

Just like when you play an online game, you spend a lot of time and money to create a senior role. Just when you are complacent about your efforts, you suddenly find that a little boy has casually registered an account. The first day he goes online, he hasn’t even charged money, and his account becomes a top-level one. Are you going to smash the keyboard? Your tossing for so long is meaningless. Your heart is angry because your values and world outlook have collapsed.

In fact, you can think about it from another angle. Why don’t women like you? It’s not because there are too many men who brush the questions. If there are too many things, they will be worthless. This principle is too simple. “3000 yuan can not hire migrant workers, but only college students.” Have you heard that? This year, I don’t even need to hire a college student for 3000 yuan.

Seeing this, you may say, “what you said is very reasonable, but don’t say that again. I just want to make money and financial freedom. Do you have any suggestions?”

Now I want to talk about some things that I won’t teach you in school.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money at the initial stage. The important thing is to upgrade quickly

Some people feel very poor and discouraged when they just step into the society, but in fact, the starting point of most people is the same. At the beginning, we are all novices, and the important thing is the upgrade speed!

We use computer games for analogy. When playing RPG Games, I often save those blood bottles, magic bottles, gems and sword equipment. But with the promotion of the level, these hard-earned props and equipment quickly depreciated. At first, I saved 10 small blood bottles for a long time, but later I found that you can easily get 10 large blood bottles, which are almost worthless compared with large blood bottles. Why is this? Because your level is rising rapidly, and your speed of obtaining experience points and gold coins is also rising rapidly. It is useless to put the things saved earlier behind.

The upgrade speed is the key to open the gap between people, not your starting point! So don’t complain about your low birth and poor life. You can change it by luck. In one’s life, as long as you seize a big fortune, you can climb to the top. If you seize another big fortune, you can climb to the top.

Find a high-level player to bring it. It has a miraculous effect

How can I upgrade quickly? Let’s use role-playing games as an analogy. If you play alone, the upgrade efficiency must be the lowest. You should at least look at others’ strategies before playing. For example, if you read my article now, it is equivalent to reading other people’s strategies, which is certainly helpful to your upgrade speed. In addition to looking at the introduction, the more direct and effective way is to play with high-level players.

Once a high-level player takes you, your upgrade speed will be increased by more than ten times. Because high-level players can take you to high-level places to practice level. You can’t go to these places yourself. Someone must guide you.

So why do high-level players take you to play? What do you excel at? First of all, you should improve your “Utilized Value”. Everything in the commercial society is very practical. If you have no utilized value, even if you work for free, others will think you are a burden. Once you have a high value to be used and it is inconvenient for others to do things without you, your path will be more and more smooth.

If you want to be admired by noble people, another very important thing is not to be a negative energy person. We have all heard a saying: successful people find ways, unsuccessful people find excuses. When you look at those people who have failed, they have a remarkable feature, that is, they blame others for everything, and they are completely innocent. For example, if the investment loses money, it must be cheated by a liar. This passer-by will not meet the noble people, because the noble people must have run away when they meet these people. What the noble man thinks is: if I help him now, I will be bitten by him in case of losing money. Why should I bother?

There is a law of attraction. For example, if you are a positive and optimistic person, a group of positive and optimistic people will gather around you. If you are a person who complains, you will be surrounded by such people. People with negative energy especially like to get together with other people with positive energy to keep warm. For this group, anyone with ability must stay away. Because competent people are so busy every day, how can they have time to complain with you? If you waste your time in such a place, you can’t succeed.

Never fear failure

A few years after graduation, when you go to a classmate party, you will find that the person who can make the most money is not the one with the best grades, but the one who does not have good grades and is not impressive. Why is this? Because school and society are totally different competitive environments.

In school, there is only one correct standard answer to a question. However, in society, a problem can be solved in various ways, and there is no so-called standard correct answer. As long as you have the ability, you can find all kinds of resources to help you, even if you play the ball on the edge, it doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t get caught.

In order to maintain the image of a good student, those students with good grades are particularly afraid of failure. This is virtually a psychological burden, which makes them afraid to take risks and try and make mistakes. Students with poor grades don’t have this psychological burden. Anyway, they are broken cans. They dare to try to do it in all kinds of opportunistic ways, and they may succeed in the end.

The rules of the game in the school are that you can’t make mistakes. As long as you don’t make any mistakes, you will get 100 points. But in the commercial society, mistakes are allowed. As long as you finally succeed in picking the fruit, others will automatically forget your mistakes and only remember that you are the one who finally picked the fruit.

Close to the new economy

As jobs are hard to find, more and more young people start their own businesses after graduation. To be honest, the failure rate of such businesses is at least 99%. Because they have reversed their priorities. They set up a company first and then wanted to make money, instead of making money first and then building a company by following the trend. There is a big difference here.

I use the real-time strategy game to give you an analogy. For newly graduated college students, this society is a dark fog of war. You can’t see or know anything, but you think you understand it very well. This illusion is caused by the school.

In this land covered by the fog of war, you casually found a piece of land and began to build a base (start a business). However, you randomly found this land. You don’t know whether there is a mine nearby. At this time, you sent pathfinders to look for mines. You will surely find that there are no crystal mines or gas mines nearby. This is a barren land. However, the building of the base has consumed all your savings. Soon your company got into a deadlock and became a zombie company. Most startups are zombie companies.

The correct model is that you first find a rich mine, both crystal mine and gas mine. Feng Shui is still very good. On this basis, if you build a base (start a business), you will surely succeed. The most difficult thing is to find this geomantic treasure land, which accounts for 99% of the importance, and the remaining 1% is to start a business. But you are not playing this map alone. There are at least tens of millions of people competing with you. How can you compete with them?

If an old economic opportunity and a new economic opportunity are put in front of you at the same time, you must pick the new economic opportunity. Because the new economy represents a map that has not been explored, the probability of finding rich minerals is much higher than the map explored by predecessors.

Cherish your time

What do you think is a person’s most important asset?

It’s not the house or the deposit, but his time. Where he puts his time, his future is where.

The vast majority of people devote most of their time to their units, working hard for their bosses and helping them make money. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. When you were young, you had no capital at all, so you had to make a living. But as you grow older, your experience, experience and knowledge are also increasing. At this time, you should spend more time on helping yourself make money.

The income a person can earn in his life can be roughly divided into three types:

1. Active income

2. Passive income

3. Unexpected income

Let’s start with active income. This refers to the income you have to pay for your time, energy and labor. The simplest example is your salary. Only when you go to work will someone pay you. If you are absent from work, you will have to deduct your salary. The only source of income for the vast majority of people is wages. Since your graduation, the only income you can decide is salary. Different people have different rates of active income increase. When they first graduated, they were almost the same, but as long as three to five years, the gap immediately widened.

It’s also a part-time job. It’s better to help your boss than yourself. For example, if you finish a project that belongs to the company, the company will make money, the boss will divide the bulk of the money, pay taxes to the supplier, and pay the rest to you. You are at the bottom of the benefit distribution chain, so you will not have much money.

For another example, if you finish a project, you are an indispensable part of the project, so you can directly participate in the benefit distribution, so you can make a big profit, because you are at the top of the distribution chain. Therefore, those self-employed people may earn far more money than wage earners. They are also active income, and self-employed people have a higher right to distribute their interests.

Let’s talk about passive income. This refers to the income that can be obtained without your participation. The simplest example is the appreciation of real estate. When you buy this house, the price of the house rises every year. Your assets continue to increase in value. You can rent this house to others for rent. For another example, you have bought the stock Gree Electric Appliance and have been taking it for nearly ten years. This stock gives you dividends every year. At the same time, the stock price is still rising every year. You don’t need to do anything and make money every year.

Active income is labor input, while passive income is asset input. The key to improving the active income is to squeeze into the upper level of the benefit distribution chain as much as possible. If you give priority to money, you will get more money. Once you get a high active income, you must switch to the passive income mode as soon as possible, so you don’t need to work hard for the rest of your life, and asset appreciation will make you feel comfortable.

In addition to active and passive income, there is also an unexpected income. Winning the lottery is unexpected income. Your family’s sudden demolition is also unexpected income. The unexpected income belongs to the blind cat who killed the mouse. You can’t ask for it. Don’t put too much hope here.

First of all, you should try to improve your active income, but eventually you will reach a ceiling, which is your boss. Since you are your boss, he must be ahead of you in the interest distribution chain. If you want to break through this ceiling, you must start your own business and become a boss.

However, entrepreneurship is divided into different priorities, and we must not get it wrong. You must have a market, customers and profits before starting a business. The success rate will be very high. If you start a business first and then look for markets and customers, most of them will fail.

You asked me why I found all kinds of money making opportunities? The reason is very simple. This is my main business. I spent all my time and energy looking for air outlets. I think this is a very meaningful thing. It can not only help me make money, but also help readers make money, which is far more than when I worked for others.

Proper superstition is important

The essence of involution is one: to go crazy in pursuit of certainty. In other words, uncertainty is what people who like to roll inside fear most. So how do you dare to face uncertainty? It is simply “superstition”.

For the rich at the top, the world is full of uncertainty, and people’s minds just want to find rules from it. Gambling addiction is also a manifestation of looking for rules from random events. Rich people are superstitious because they want to find rules from unrelated events, and they are willing to pay fortune tellers for it. They give hundreds of thousands of money without heartache. Because when he is lucky, he can earn tens of times as much money as this, so he spends money like water.

For the middle class, the world is very certain. A good study can lead to a good university, a good university can lead to a good company, a good company can lead to a high salary, a high salary can lead to a mortgage to buy a big house, and then he can get married and have children. This process has become his belief.

The middle class is particularly afraid of uncertainty, so they would rather give up all kinds of opportunities than pursue stability. For them, only certain things are good. He is unwilling to try anything that requires a little risk. This logic has gone deep into their bone marrow.

Rich people embrace the risk model and will get huge returns during the period of rapid economic development. Although there are losses and profits in the risk income, most people make money when the economy is hot, and only a few unlucky people go bankrupt.

The risk averse model of the middle class can only earn an average return at any time. Don’t think about wealth, but bankruptcy is unlikely. In short, it is an average income. But the fatal thing is that as the economy develops to a mature and stable period, the risk-free return will be lower and lower. The reason is also very simple. There are too many monks and too few porridge. Everyone can afford to study. Everyone is highly educated. So many highly educated people want to compete for poor broth, but everyone’s life is worse.

If you can’t, just lie flat

There is an old saying that “this moment is another moment”. Many experiences are effective because you happen to encounter a period of rapid growth in China. As long as you are bold, you can make a lot of money. However, if the situation reverses, the bolder you are, the worse it will be. At this time, you will “earn less from working and lose more from starting a business”.

At this time, you have no choice but to lie flat. Just lie down. Anyway, there are no successful cases nearby, and no one else can stimulate you. Since life is not a marathon, you don’t want to run. Lie down and have a rest. What’s the problem? Life is too short to be happy.

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