Limingyong: I am not afraid of losing. If I keep approaching, I will succeed

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Limingyong: I am not afraid of losing. If I keep approaching, I will succeed

He dropped out of junior high school at the age of 16, became a security guard at the age of 22, and graduated with a doctor’s degree at the age of 41. Now, limingyong stands on the University podium and becomes a university lecturer. Recently, Li Mingyong’s inspirational story has attracted netizens’ attention.

Li Mingyong said that his self-confidence, self-discipline and fear of losing have made him who he is today. From security guards to college teachers, he is not an inspirational legend, but is constantly approaching his goal.


Poor family, working after graduating from junior high school, becoming a security guard in University, and having the idea of studying

In 1977, limingyong was born in a remote village in Meitan County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. One after another, the family fell ill in childhood, which made the already poor family in trouble. Li Mingyong recalled that when he was in primary school and junior high school in his hometown, he got good grades and never fell out of the top three. However, because of his poor family, he owed a lot of foreign debt. After graduating from junior high school, Li Mingyong came to Guiyang to work.

When he first arrived in Guiyang, he worked as a small worker at a construction site, a cement worker and a carpenter. Later, he returned to his hometown to help his father grow flue-cured tobacco and raise ducks; For more than four years, it was to pay off the debt ”, Limingyong told reporters. After paying off his family debts, in 1999, Li Mingyong returned to Guiyang and joined Guizhou Institute of Education (the predecessor of Guizhou Normal University) as a security guard.

In the school, limingyong is mainly responsible for guarding the gate and campus security. Influenced by the students’ learning atmosphere, Li Mingyong had the idea of continuing his study. He picked up his textbook again and began to prepare for the adult college entrance examination.


I worked hard while preparing for the exam. I took the postgraduate entrance exam three times before I succeeded

While working and preparing for the exam, Li Mingyong has to pay more efforts and hardships than ordinary people. The school was locked at 11:30 p.m. and limingyong used his midnight time to study. He often had to read until 1:00 a.m. At 6:30 in the morning, he had to get up on time to open the door. He could only sleep for fiveorsix hours a day. In 2001, Li Mingyong was admitted to the junior class of the Chinese Department of Guizhou Institute of education and successfully admitted to the undergraduate class of the Chinese Department of Guizhou Institute of education in 2003.

In 2005, limingyong graduated from college. He could have found a job. He decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination; I just want to be a teacher. Adult colleges have some restrictions ”, Limingyong said. No more than the adult college entrance examination, the postgraduate entrance examination is a more difficult battle. In order to increase his vocabulary, he recited an 8000 word dictionary.

However, the postgraduate entrance examination failed for two consecutive years. At the most difficult time, people around him tried to persuade him to give up. Li Mingyong was unwilling; Try again ”, He told himself. In 2007, Li Mingyong entered the postgraduate entrance examination room for the third time, and finally successfully passed the master’s degree in aesthetics of Guizhou University. In 2015, limingyong was admitted to central China Normal University for a doctor’s degree and graduated successfully this year. He chose to return to Guizhou Normal University, which changed his fate, and become a university teacher.


Grounded in students’ eyes “ Brother Yong;, Become a university teacher after graduating from a doctor’s degree

Luoyuehong is a 2010 student of Guizhou Normal University and the first student Li Mingyong took as a counselor. Luoyuehong told the reporter that Li Mingyong was very grounded and often had a cold humor. He had a good relationship with his classmates, who called him brother Yong. When graduating in 2014, limingyong encouraged the students to persist in reading and studying, and those who want to take the postgraduate entrance exam should try their best to take the exam, &ldquo& lsquo; I’m also going to take a test ’, When he said this, everyone was happy ”, Luoyuehong said that under the influence of Li Mingyong, he has now become a university teacher, teaching at Guizhou University of Finance and economics.

Now, Dr. limingyong has graduated and become a university teacher. Luoyuehong is very proud of him, “ As a student, I know that Mr. Li’s journey is not easy ”, Luoyuehong told the reporter that when he was a counselor in Guizhou Normal University, Li Mingyong worked hard while taking care of his elderly father and preparing for the doctor’s exam. But even so, he also failed in his student work, and those who can help students will certainly try their best to help.


Dialogue with limingyong: I’m not afraid of losing. Constant approach means success

After graduating from junior high school, Li Mingyong has stood on the podium of colleges and universities. He believes that the spirit of self-confidence, self-discipline and fear of losing has supported him all the way to the present. Because the goal became a teacher, he kept approaching the goal. Even if he failed many times, he never gave up and kept approaching the goal.

Reporter: how was your school record as a child? Which subject do you like best? What school do you want to go to?

Limingyong: my grades in primary school and junior high school were good. I was basically in the top three in my class. At that time, I liked mathematics, physics and chemistry, and my grades were also good. At that time, I didn’t think about going to any school. My family’s economic conditions were not good, and they were all running for a living.

Reporter: what jobs have you tried after graduating from junior high school?

Limingyong: he worked as a construction worker in Guiyang. Later, he went back to his hometown to raise ducks and grow flue-cured tobacco. In four to five years, he paid off more than 10000 yuan of foreign debt to his family.

Reporter: what was your first job in Guizhou Normal University? Why do you choose to take the adult college entrance examination?

Limingyong: at that time, the school was called a school guard. In fact, he was the doorman, responsible for guarding the door and school security. I want to take the college entrance examination mainly because of the cultural atmosphere on campus. Some school teachers also say that I am still young and should read more books.

Reporter: how long did you prepare for the exam? How did you review while working?

Limingyong: after the teacher goes to work during the day, I will be relaxed. I will take time to read and review. After I lock the door at 11:30 p.m., I will be fine. I will study until 1:00 a.m. and I will get up at 6:30 the next day to open the door on time. We are the busiest when others take lunch break at noon. We should prevent some people outside the school from stealing things. It took more than a year to prepare for the exam.

Reporter: are there any other job opportunities after graduation? Why do you choose to continue the postgraduate entrance examination?

Limingyong: I spent a lot of time with school teachers when I was a security guard. After seeing their working conditions, I also aspire to be a teacher. But it was adult education at that time, and there were many restrictions on finding a job, so I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

Reporter: is it difficult to take the postgraduate entrance examination? How did you prepare for the exam?

Limingyong: the postgraduate entrance examination is much more difficult than the adult college entrance examination. In particular, my English is almost zero. In order to improve my English vocabulary, I have memorized a dictionary with about 8000 words. I will also read some plain English original works to consolidate my vocabulary and grammar. This period of time is the least sleep, a day can sleep fiveorsix hours.

Reporter: have you ever thought about giving up after two failed postgraduate entrance exams?

Limingyong: I failed to pass the exam two years ago. A colleague advised me to give up and let me find a job outside. At that time, I also had the opportunity to find a job with higher salary, but I still want to try again. I think there is still hope. In 2007, I had a high fever of nearly 40 ? during the third postgraduate entrance examination. One line of English letters turned into two lines. My friend who accompanied me to the infusion advised me not to take the examination the next day. However, I felt that I was well prepared for my professional courses, so I decided to try again.

Reporter: does your family support you to go to graduate school? Do you still keep this learning rule during your postgraduate study?

Limingyong: my family respects my choice and supports me to continue studying, but I basically rely on myself financially. During my postgraduate study, I went to the library almost every day, and occasionally worked as a tutor to subsidize my living expenses.

Reporter: did you choose to work first after graduation? And then he went to doctor’s?

Limingyong: when graduating from graduate school, I was faced with the choice of doctoral degree or work, because there were still many things to deal with at home. My work could support my family a little. I decided to work first, so I returned to Guizhou Normal University and became a counselor. In 2015, he was admitted to central China Normal University as a doctor of cultural communication. This year, he just graduated from the University.

Reporter: is it faster to graduate in three years? How to keep efficient all the way?

Limingyong: when I was a doctoral student, my tutor was very responsible and would constantly urge us. I also maintained my previous study habits and got up at 6:30 every day. I have corresponding plans for what I should do and what I should do at any time during my doctoral study. Basically, I have plans every day. For example, I get up at 6:30 in the morning and exercise for an hour in the afternoon.

Reporter: what is the most important thing along the way?

Li Mingyong: I think there are several points: first, I am confident. For example, if I take the postgraduate entrance exam, I may not be able to take the exam at all if I am not confident; Second, self-discipline. Adults should learn to manage themselves, especially arrange their own time; Third, be not afraid of losing, and have a spirit of perseverance.

Reporter: from being a security guard to becoming a university teacher after graduation, do you think you are an inspirational legend?

Limingyong: I don’t think so. I think everyone can achieve their own goals and make persistent efforts. Many people don’t insist if they don’t do it. As long as they insist, they may not achieve it this time, but they will always slowly approach their goals. Even if it is not achieved in the end, it is always approaching. I think that approaching is success.

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