Lin Zaifan admitted that love had a good impression because of artistic commonality

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Got7 is a male troupe launched by South Korea JYP company in 2014. Recently, there have been a lot of news about got7, and several of them are love melons, including member Lin Zaifan. Lin Zaifan admitted his love affair, saying that he and his girlfriend had a good impression because of their artistic commonality. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Lin Zaifan admits his love affair

Got7 member Choi Jung Jae was recently revealed by the Korean media to have a secret love affair with lovey, a 4-year-old female singer. Both Choi Jung Jae and Lovey denied this relationship. Lin Zaifan was immediately revealed to be in contact with YouTube’s special effects makeup blogger pure D is in love and has been dating for 9 months. Originally, everyone thought Lin Zaifan would deny love like his teammate cuirongzai. After all, they still love beans, and the public love affair is a fatal blow to their acting career. Unexpectedly, Lin Zaifan admitted the love affair.

Lin Zaifan and pure D Du sent a document admitting the relationship. It is reported that the two people met through acquaintances. Later, because they are both art workers, they began to have a good impression and naturally developed into a relationship. Because of their careers, Lin Zaifan and pure D has been very careful about this relationship. At present, the two have been dating for 9 months. Lin Zaifan and pure D also sincerely shouted to fans, hoping to support them and continue to support them in the future.

Lin Zaifan and his girlfriend have a good feeling for art

Lin Zaifan chose to freely admit his love. Born in 1994, he is also 28 years old this year. It is normal to fall in love. I believe fans also know this. But there are still many fans who can’t accept it, especially those girlfriend fans. So this matter will still have an impact on Lin Zaifan. However, from the current situation, Lin Zaifan admitted that the relationship did not seem to have much negative impact on the development of got7.

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