LinBiao and Chen Guang: you go to Xiaoxiang and I go to Qin!

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Boling said:

Last week I wrote about liuyalou. Many friends asked me to write about Chen Guang.

Your selection is quite accurate.

If LinBiao is taken as a reference,

Liuyalou is a successful positive case,

Chen Guang is a negative example of failure.

And the relationship between LinBiao and Chen Guang,

From intimacy to separation.


In 1926, the Northern Expedition army entered Hunan.

Under the tide of the great revolution, Yizhang County established farmers’ associations at all levels. Chen Guang, 22, joined the liyuanpu farmers’ Association and was elected a member of the association.

However, with the counter revolutionary coup launched by Chiang Kai Shek, the “horse day incident” broke out in Hunan. The military and police arrested revolutionaries everywhere, and the local agricultural associations were severely hit.

As a well-known revolutionary in Yizhang County, Chen Guang was also wanted and forced to flee his hometown to avoid arrest. But he kept an eye on it. Before escaping, he put away the 12 guns of the peasant association and hid them in the dilapidated Niangniang Temple.

It was these 12 guns that made Chen Guang stand out in the revolutionary ranks.

In january1928, Zhude and Chenyi led the remnants of the Nanchang Uprising into Yizhang to launch the famous “Southern Hunan uprising”. Hearing the news of the uprising, Chen Guang took out the guns from the Niangniang Temple and gave them to the former members of the peasant association to set up the red guards.

Chen Guang was appointed captain of the red guards.

Xiao Ke later recalled: “at that time, the red guards had few weapons, most of them were broadswords and spears. It was a great thing that Chen Guang donated twelve rifles.”

Chen Guang’s practice is equivalent to bringing money into the group. Naturally, the starting point is higher than that of ordinary soldiers. He started as the leader of the red guards. By the time Zhu Mao joined forces a few months later, he had become the company commander of the red 29th regiment, standing on the same starting line as LinBiao and Suyu.

Since then, it was the highlight of Chen Guang’s life. He followed Zhu Mao’s Red Army for thousands of miles, fighting and promoting all the way.

After the “August defeat” in 1928, most of the officers and men of the red 29th regiment ran away, but Chen Guang did not run. He said that even if he died, he would die in the Red Army, and resolutely did not leave the army and go home without permission.

In the battle in Wenjia City in 1930, the bullet hit Chen Guang below the knee of his right leg, and he was still stuck in the bone. As a result, Chen Guang could not stand up.

In this way, with bullets in his bones, Chen Guang continued to command the battle until he wiped out the enemy before entering the rescue center and asked the doctor to operate on him to get the bullets.

Do you think Chen Guang is a tough guy?

On the eve of the Long March, Chen Guang had become the commander of the second Red Army division and partnered with political commissar liuyalou.

On the Long March, the second division of the red army commanded by Chen Guang and Liu Yalou was one of the pioneers, leading all the teams.

Along the way, they broke through four blockades, took Zunyi, Kelou mountain pass, crossed Chishui four times, rushed 120 kilometers day and night to seize Luding Bridge, made countless sacrifices, and made great contributions to the long march.

When he was about to arrive in Northern Shaanxi, Chen Guang, following LinBiao’s orders, commanded the second division of the Red Army to conquer razikou, and seized more than 100000 kilograms of grain and more than 1000 kilograms of salt. In addition to leaving some rations, all the rest were handed over to the corps headquarters.

The battle and the captured grain were particularly important to the tired central government. Later, the central government commented that “in the Long March, when razikou was a tough place, Chen Guang made great contributions to the Central Red Army’s northward March and crossing out of danger.”

The word “great contribution” is enough to prove Chen Guang’s contribution.

So after the Xi’an Incident, Chen Guang graduated from the Red Army University and became the acting head of the first Red Army Corps, taking charge of the main force of the Central Committee.

This appointment can be said that the Central Committee has enough trust in Chen Guang, who also has the qualification to confer the rank of senior general in the future.

At that time, Chen Guang had a very good relationship with LinBiao and luoronghuan.

In a battle in 1930, LinBiao’s command post was surrounded by Tang Yun mountain, and he was in danger. If Chen Guang hadn’t led his troops to beat back the enemy, LinBiao might have told him there.

LinBiao was very moved by the grace of saving his life.

After the battle, he went to the rescue center to see Chen Guang in person. He held hands and said thank you. His words were sincere and moving, and he said he would ask Chen Guang for help in person.

LinBiao’s feelings are hidden in his heart and he doesn’t say it easily. However, when facing Chen Guang, he can’t help showing them. He is as excited as a child.

If nothing unexpected happens, LinBiao can remember this gratitude for a lifetime.

Chen Guang also has a deep memory of rescuing LinBiao. More than ten years later, he wrote in his autobiography: “fight tangyunshan, rescue LinBiao, and decide to sacrifice himself to save his superiors. He won a verbal award.”

How close are Chen Guang and Luo Ronghuan?

In December, 1938, luoronghuan and linyueqin made matchmaking in person, introduced Chen Guang and doctor Shi ruichu, and facilitated their wedding.

It can be said that Chen Guang was originally a close comrade in arms of LinBiao and luoronghuan, and his future was limitless, but Chen Guang personally ruined the beginning of his life.


Capture razikou


Chen Guang is a cadre of workers and peasants, with a low level of education. He is a realistic version of Li Yunlong.

When he first went to Jinggangshan, Chen Guang was not the company commander, but his deputy company commander was a soldier from the old army. He had no moral integrity of the revolutionary team and often privately encouraged Chen Guang:

“Company commander, don’t hand over the local tyrants to the public. Let’s share them quietly.”

Chen Guang was illiterate and did not understand revolutionary theory. After listening to the deputy company commander, he often divided up the captured booty in private. Their practice was soon discovered by the leaders at the division and regiment levels. As a result, Chen Guang was expelled from the party and dismissed from office.

However, the Red Army was short of cadres during its initial stage, and Chen Guang was able to recruit cadres who were good at fighting. It was a pity that he failed. After re investigation, the division and regiment leaders felt that the punishment was too heavy, and Chen Guang’s party membership was restored.

But as a lesson, Chen Guang had to leave his post temporarily and study in the teaching team of the Fourth Red Army for three months.

After this study, Chen Guang had a cultural enlightenment, but his foundation was too poor, and his speed of learning culture was very slow. He was not able to draft simple documents and orders until he became a battalion commander in 1930.

Compared with Lin Luo and Liu, Chen Guang’s cultural heritage is too poor.

No culture, no revolutionary theory, no objective analysis of the revolutionary situation, and no moral cultivation of being kind to others.

This leads to Chen Guang often making wrong judgments and decisions in his work.

If they are cadres at the middle and lower levels, there is no problem in doing so. In any case, what they say does not count. In the end, they must obey the orders of their superiors.

However, Chen Guang himself was a senior cadre, and his lack of education caused a chain reaction, which eventually caused him to suffer.


In March of 1938, LinBiao was accidentally injured by the sentry of YanXiShan and sent back to Yan’an for treatment.

At that time, the 115th division had been separated. Nierongzhen led the independent regiment to Wutai Mountain. Xuhaidong’s 344 brigade was under the command of the Eighth Route Army headquarters. Only Chen Guang, the brigade commander of the 343 brigade, and luoronghuan, the director of the political department, could succeed LinBiao.

On the night of LinBiao’s injury, two letters of appointment were sent at the same time.

Zhu De and Peng Dehuai ordered: “Chen Guang acts as the acting division commander”, while Mao Zedong ordered that “the post of Lin should be concurrently replaced by luoronghuan.”

As Zhu Peng’s telegram arrived a few hours earlier, Mao Zedong agreed with Chen Guang’s acting division commander, and the 115th division began the period of “Chen Luo” partnership.

A year later, the Central Military Commission ordered Chen Guang and luoronghuan to lead their troops into Shandong and open up Anti Japanese base areas behind the enemy lines in Shandong.

At that time, the Japanese attack was still fierce. It was said that the 115th division had entered Shandong, so the Japanese Supreme Commander weigaoguizang mobilized more than 8000 people, equipped with 100 guns and more than 100 tanks to launch a sweeping campaign to prepare for a decisive battle with the 115th division.

On may9,1939, luoronghuan went to Dongping and Wenshang to inspect his work. He was not at the division headquarters. At that time, more than 3000 people including Chen Guanghe, the division headquarters and the 686 regiment were surrounded by the Japanese army.

Most of these people are old Red Army soldiers who have passed the test. They are the seeds of the revolutionary army. They must not make mistakes and must be preserved.

Chen Guang’s task is to command his troops to break through.

After a day of fierce fighting, on the evening of May 10, Chen Guang decided to break through to the southwest and to Dongping and Wenshang.

If we go to the end of the road, it may be all right.

However, when he was halfway there, Chen Guang suddenly thought that the southwest was a plain area. It was easy to be surrounded by the Japanese army in the past. He should go north to Dafeng mountain.

So Chen Guang ordered his troops to turn back to the north.

In this way, Chen Guang not only delayed the breakthrough time, but also made a serious miscarriage of justice, because the Japanese army had expected that they would break north and lay down heavy troops on the road.

Without breaking through to Dafeng mountain, the army collided head-on with the Japanese army and was surrounded in the Lufang basin only 5 kilometers deep.

The situation was urgent. If we were careless, the whole army would be wiped out. We had to confront the Japanese army.

When it came to unified command, Chen Guang could not be found in the division headquarters. They were so anxious that they had to find their own way. Later, they learned that Chen Guang had commanded in the camp at the forefront.

Although Chen Guang’s command was very good. He commanded the battalion to fight back against the Japanese army and hold its position, which protected the safety of the division headquarters and other troops, and bought time for breaking through to the southwest and Southeast at night, but the division commander was not in the division headquarters to command the overall situation, but went to the forefront to fight hard. It is inevitable that people have ideas:

“Are you a division commander or a battalion commander? Do you have the ability to be a division commander?”

Therefore, the “land house breakthrough” was successful, and 1200 enemy troops were wiped out. However, Chen Guang’s prestige was greatly damaged because of his wrong judgment, improper command and loss of supplies. Both cadres and soldiers complained:

“This man can’t.”

If only his military capability lags behind the requirements of the war, it’s actually OK. It’s just that his post will be lower and his salary and status will be lower in the future. However, his low level of education and high position have made Chen Guang commit the double mistakes of line and organization.

The construction of the Anti Japanese base areas behind the enemy lines in Shandong needs a correct line.

Luoronghuan believed that compared with the Kuomintang army and the Japanese puppet army, our army is at a disadvantage. We must adhere to a decentralized and flexible guerrilla war, use a long time to accumulate strength, and wait for the moment when quantitative change to qualitative change. In this process, we should build a united front in an independent way and integrate the forces of all social strata into our army.

The idea is right.

However, Chen Guang did not agree with Luo Ronghuan.

He felt that after several years of development, our army in Shandong has become very strong, and is in an advantage over the Japanese puppet army and the Kuomintang army. We should establish regular corps and fight big battles to seize cities.

Are you familiar with it?

This is not the Li San line and the Wang Ming line. Chen Guang did not know how much damage he had caused to the Red Army in those years, but he did not learn a lesson and became blindly arrogant when he had a little strength.

With regard to the United Front, Chen Guang did not agree with the strategy of independence. Instead, he made concessions to the Kuomintang army several times and dreamed of seeking unity through concessions. He also used the so-called “intermediate forces” to organize the Kuomintang anti enemy Association and set up an anti enemy self-defense army parallel to our army.

Chen Guang’s approach, to put it mildly, is that the work is not in place. To put it more seriously, it can be understood as an enemy of capitalism or the development of non party forces.

Is this what our senior cadres should do?

In fact, it is not objective to say that he does not agree with “independence”. Maybe Chen Guang is illiterate, does not understand what independence is, and does things according to his own feelings.

Such a person cannot accomplish the task of opening up Anti Japanese base areas behind the enemy lines.

Therefore, in the personnel struggle between the Eighth Route Army of Shandong and the 115th division, the military and political Commission of Shandong and the Shandong Branch Bureau, Xu Xiangqian, who proposed that the 115th division should be formed by the first column of the Eighth Route Army of Shandong, violated the rules of rebellion, was the first out, and returned to Yan’an to prepare for the Seventh National Congress.

Then came Zhu Rui, the party and government leader who could not command the military.

The rest of Chen Guang and luoronghuan, due to personal problems, lacked the ability to lead the overall situation in Shandong. In 1943, Chen Guang was also recalled to Yan’an to participate in the Seventh National Congress.

The party, government and army work in Shandong was left to luoronghuan.

Later, Chen Guang acted as the commander of the first Red Army Corps and the commander of the 115th division of the Eighth Route Army. After LinBiao was injured and left the army, Chen Guang had the opportunity to win over the top military leader in Shandong, but this opportunity was ultimately left to luoronghuan, who was a political Commissar.

Besides blaming yourself for not being successful, who else can you blame?

These are the mistakes of Chen Guang’s line. As for the organizational mistakes, they were to ask Mao Zedong for his position after returning to Yan’an.

Because the “Seventh National Congress” was to elect a member of the Central Committee and an alternate member of the Central Committee. Originally, Chen Guang was on the list of alternate members of the Central Committee, but in Mao Zedong’s plan, the “Seventh National Congress” should be a united Congress. The candidates for the Central Committee and the alternate Central Committee should take care of the people on every hill.

There were too many people from the red front army in the list of candidates. He removed lijinquan and Chen Guang and replaced them with two comrades from northern Shaanxi.

After the proposal was put forward, lijingquan immediately said that everything was subject to the arrangements of the Central Committee. But Chen Guang lost his temper and said, “Mao Zedong, what’s wrong with you?”

What is it called?

When I replaced you, I really took you as my own person. After all, I don’t need to be friendly to my own talents, and I need to be polite to foreign talents, right?

You, Chen Guang, have been wronged for the time being. Sooner or later, you will make up for it. Why can’t you even understand this?

What’s more, if you don’t want to be a member of the Central Committee, the organization and discipline will be out of order?

In this way, Chen Guang cut off his military career in Shandong and his political career in Yan’an.

Chen Guang was a very useful general, but the process of the revolution pushed him to a high position that was not in line with his military and political abilities, and finally ruined himself.

In short, de does not coordinate.


Chen Guang


In 1945, Chen Guang went downhill. However, compared with LinBiao and luoronghuan, there was no problem that he could not be a military and political leader in charge and a general who performed meritorious deeds and killed the enemy.

Chen Guang lost the chance.

The current statement is that LinBiao deliberately suppressed Chen Guang, resulting in his becoming lower and lower in office. In fact, this statement is wrong.

As we said earlier, Chen Guang saved LinBiao’s life. LinBiao was very grateful to him. Even if he hadn’t seen Chen Guang for five years after his injury, when Chen Guang returned to Yan’an, LinBiao was very happy and often went to talk with him.

But Chen Guang’s character can’t play with LinBiao.

On the way back to Yan’an, Chen Guang and luoruiqing played cards all day. When they lost the game, they got a dog and cooked a pot of dog meat for tooth sacrifice.

After arriving in Yan’an, Chen Guang and he long, the eldest brother in the Jianghu, often played cards and rode horses. In order to play conveniently, Chen Guang even moved his bedding to He Long’s house.

LinBiao couldn’t stand it. He advised Chen Guang not to indulge in playing, but to study more. There is still a long way to go in the future.

Chen Guang doesn’t listen. You can’t play and don’t let me play. Why should I be in good health.

From then on, the relationship between LinBiao and Chen Guang began to estrange.

However, his estranged personal relationship does not mean that LinBiao will deliberately suppress Chen Guang. Even when the Northeast was liberated, the so-called “radio storm” occurred, LinBiao did not deliberately suppress Chen Guang.

In order to make everyone familiar, let me talk about the radio storm.

In November 1945, LinBiao commanded the headquarters of the Northeast Democratic United Army to retreat from Shanhaiguan to Fuxin, while the Kuomintang army entered Jinzhou. The war situation was very critical.

To command the troops, there must be enough radio stations. Chen guangbu, who is stationed in the north town of Jinzhou, has two high-power radio stations. LinBiao asked him to hand them over to the headquarters for use.

Chen Guang received the order and asked Huang Chuanlong, the leader of the radio station, to report to the headquarters as soon as possible. As a result, the Kuomintang army attacked and the troops retreated urgently. The radio station did not send them out.

This is the so-called radio storm.

It’s far fetched to offend LinBiao with such a thing. People with this idea not only look down on LinBiao, but also don’t understand the logic behind analyzing things.

In fact, even after the “radio storm”, LinBiao believed in Chen Guang’s military ability and appointed him commander of the 6th column in november1946, with nearly 23000 people under his command.

Even though he is an old member of the 115th division, he has a very strong combat effectiveness. Chen Guang has acted as the commander of the 115th division, and he can take charge of this army. He doesn’t have to consider the overall situation of employing people, but just concentrate on fighting.

It can be said that LinBiao has found out Chen Guang’s position and is ready to use him as a strong general who conquers cities and land, but Chen Guang has not found his own position.

In january1947, during the campaign of “going to the south of the Yangtze River”, LinBiao ordered the 6th column to assemble in the north of the Songhua River for standby. As a result, the temperature suddenly dropped. More than 3000 people were killed and injured by the 6th column, seriously damaging the combat effectiveness.

LinBiao ordered Chen Guang to withdraw to his original Garrison and defend Harbin.

Chen Guang rejected LinBiao’s order and refused to retreat back to the original station. He insisted on taking advantage of the freezing Songhua River to lead his troops across the river on foot.

LinBiao was so angry that he disobeyed orders on the battlefield. What do you want to do? If every commander imitates you, how can we fight? Two years ago, in Yan’an, I asked for my position. What’s the matter now? Is it to support the army and respect itself, or is it to ask for military power?

A series of questions appeared in LinBiao’s mind.

After thinking for a while, he felt that Chen Guang could not stay. He directly gave orders to the three division commanders of the 6th column to withdraw to the original station upon receiving the orders, and specifically said: “there is no need to wait for the orders of the column.”

At that time, Chen Guang was reconnoitering the enemy on the South Bank of the Songhua River. He didn’t know that the three divisions had retreated. It was the correspondents from the column headquarters who informed him. Only then did he know that all the troops had left and that he had become the lightpole commander.

Since then, Chen Guang has been far away from the front-line command, completely marginalized, and participated in the campaign of liberating Northeast China and moving south to Guangdong and Guangxi with various painless work such as deputy commanders and deputy chief of staff.

Therefore, Chen Guang’s marginalization has nothing to do with others, but his disobedience to military orders and commands.



If Chen Guang can work hard and earn his living, he can also be awarded the rank of lieutenant general or general by virtue of his qualifications in the Red Army and the Eighth Route Army.

But Chen Guangxian can’t stop.

In january1950, Chen Guang was appointed deputy commander of the Guangdong military region and commander of the Guangzhou garrison region. In terms of his real power, this position is not high.

However, shortly after he took office, he recruited relatives, students and martyrs’ children from Yizhang’s hometown to Guangzhou and organized a military training class for them. In violation of the regulations, he sent some relatives to Hong Kong and Hainan Island to do the counter work of the Kuomintang army.

He said privately to others:

“In fact, there is no need to fight for the liberation of Hainan Island. I can contact Chenjitang in Hainan to make Hainan troops revolt, but I will give Chenjitang the post of commander of the Guangdong military region.”

The PLA must obey orders in every move, right?

There are special units in charge of intelligence work, right?

What do you want to do with Chen Guang’s private military training class and the private development of foreign intelligence lines? In fact, the detailed count of what he did is the same as that of Shandong period.

Yejianying finds that the problem is serious and talks to Chen Guang in person, hoping that he can realize the seriousness of the error and correct it in time.

As a result, as soon as Yejianying said two words, Chen Guang yelled, and the conversation could not go on at all. Looking at Chen Guang’s teeth and claws, Yejianying was also angry:

“I order you to stop for five minutes and listen to me.”

Chen Guang didn’t listen, and Yejianying couldn’t go on talking, so she had to report it to the Central Committee for processing.

After reading it, Mr. Zhu said, “now he either admits his mistakes, is determined to correct them, remains in the party and continues to work for the party, or continues to make mistakes, and is independent of the party and the people. The two must be one of the two.”

Chen Guang never admitted his mistakes, nor did he correct his attitude. Therefore, after examination by the Central Committee, he decided to expel Chen Guang from the party and remove him from his post.

Four years later, Chen Guang committed suicide in Wuhan.

Chairman Mao has always looked down upon people who commit suicide, because suicide shows that their willpower is not good, and he himself looks down upon them. Suicide also shows that he doesn’t believe in the party organization and is isolated from the country and the people. As the chairman of the party, he doesn’t trust such cadres.

So after Chen Guang committed suicide, he juxtaposed Chen Duxiu, zhangguotao, Gaogang and Chen Guang, saying that they were hopeless people.

You can see the disgust.

Chen Guang didn’t think he was wrong until the last moment. He firmly believed that LinBiao was the one who wanted to kill him. But according to LinBiao’s secretary, LinBiao said privately, “Chen Guang will not die, at least he is a senior general. Chen Guang’s death will hurt his relatives and hurt his enemies.”

Who is his relative? I don’t know. The enemy must be Taiwan’s Kuomintang

In the late 1980s, linyueqin and other veteran comrades wrote a joint letter asking for Chen Guangping to be rehabilitated. Later, the relevant departments issued a rehabilitation document, which said, “Chen Guang died after being persecuted by LinBiao.”

Chen Guang’s wife Shi ruichu asked, “is there any evidence for this?”

A: “there is no evidence, but this writing can be attached to major cases, which is conducive to Chen Guangping’s rebellion.”

Hearing this explanation, Shi ruichu resolutely disagreed with Chen Guangping on this ground, saying that if there was no evidence, he would remove this sentence.

So this sentence was removed, and Chen Guang’s rehabilitation work could not be attached to a major case. He just restored his party membership and revoked the punishment. Those identified mistakes were still mistakes.

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