Lingbao Tianzun “ Sanqing ” Second, what are the records about this heavenly being?

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Lingbao Tianzun, the full name of “Lingbao Tianzun of Shangqing Dynasty”, is one of the “three Qings” gods of Taoism, ranking second among the “three Qings”. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

In the “Sanqing hall” of Taoist official Temple, its statues occupy the left position, and most of them hold Ruyi in their hands. The Taishang Yuchen dadaojun was originally from the Shangqing school, and there was another “Taiqing dadaojun”, while the Lingbao school had “Taishang dadaojun”.


The second middle position of the map of the real Lingwei business of Dongxuan Lingbao, Hongjing of Liang Tao, is arranged as “the emperor of the supreme jade morning xuanhuang Avenue”, and the second middle position of the fourth is arranged as “the emperor of the supreme supreme jade morning xuanhuang Avenue”. Up to now, the true and holy mysteries of the Sutras of the Shangqing dynasty still list “the king of the Taishang Avenue in the jade morning” and “the king of the Taiqing Avenue” respectively.

The seven signatures of the cloud collection are the records of the emperor of the Taishang road and the records of the emperor of the Taishang Yuchen road. “The great cave Sutra” says: “the emperor of Gaosheng Avenue in the upper Qing Dynasty is the No. 1 jade morning emperor.” (Volume 1 of the four notes to the first-rate classic of the first generation without measurement) and “Lingbao Tianzun is the king of Taishang Avenue.

“(notes to the mysterious Lingbao Heavenly Master of the supreme cave on the miraculous Scripture for saving suffering) later, the three titles of the Shangqing school and Lingbao school were merged into the second deity of Sanqing. The Sutra of the great cave says: “the emperor of the supreme way of the supreme sage in the upper Qing Dynasty, who covered the essence of the jade morning, the purple smoke of the clouds, the jade glow, the gold reflected the flow of truth, the knot turned into a show, the package condensed and set up the spirit, sent the mother’s name, and became a human being. The mother was pregnant for 3700 years. She was born in the Western day of YuCha mountain, the mountain of Fuluo. It is the God of Dan and Xuan!” (all the Taoist Scriptures start from the sound and meaning of the wonderful gate)


?? “In the first year of emperor kaihuang’s reign, the emperor of Taishang Avenue was born in the Western Luna jade country. He was pregnant with Hong’s cell and concentrated on the abdomen of Qiong’s foetus. He was born in his country for 3700 years. He is a floating mountain of YuCha mountain and a side of Dan Xuan. He is called Qidu. The word Kaiyuan is used to enlighten the truth of Taoism. He hopes to be high minded and sit under the withered mulberry to meditate for 100 days. The emperor of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty declined and taught the Taoist King ten magic scriptures of spiritual treasure. The beginning of the Yuan Dynasty is to travel with the Taoist king in ten directions and preach the law of terror Edge, both ends. Then he appointed Daojun by law, and gave him the title of Supreme Master. Daojun publicized the Scriptures and passed them on to all ages. ” (Volume III of the seven signatures of Cloud Collection)

?? “Tao Jun in the morning of jade is the embodiment of the Tao. He says that he can’t follow the Tao. He says that he is in a trance when he doesn’t exist, so he doesn’t exist when he doesn’t exist. He looks at it without an image and listens to it silently. Between Miaoyuan and Miaoyuan, the Tao Jun is the root of the Tao. The yuan of the Tao is the energy of the Tao, that is, the Heavenly Master at the beginning of the teacher’s career is called a disciple. It’s still the old king’s ticket to teach. He lives in the rest of the day of Yu in the Qing Dynasty and descends to the third cave immortal of jinkebao. He pays the scripture master Luo Qiao, and it’s said Teach to all nations! ” (Volume I of the collection of caves)

“Lord Yuchen is the leader of Lingbao cult. He is a disciple of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and a teacher of the Taiwei emperor of the heaven. He has received Lingbao’s high-quality way to educate people.” (Volume I of the supreme cave Xuanlingbao no measure of the best Scriptures) “Lingbao is the name of the Taoist king. The Taoist king is called Jingbao. All scriptures are spoken by the Taoist king.” (Volume II of the general meaning of the first-rate Miaojing of the Yuan Dynasty). Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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