Linyibin quits “quick shock 10” insider exposure, losing millions of dollars a day

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“Speed and passion 10” just started shooting last week. Director Lin Yibin suddenly announced his withdrawal on the grounds of “creative differences”, which shocked many people. Recently, the foreign media variety interviewed many insiders, trying to find out the reason why Lin Yibin quit, and pointed out that the production team without a director would lose millions of dollars a day if it stopped working.

Variety pointed out that at present, only group B of speed and passion 10 is still shooting some scenes in the UK without the protagonist, and group A has completely stopped working. People familiar with the production process of Hollywood blockbusters say that the production team with a large number of famous stars will lose $600000 to $1million if it stops working for one day.

What’s important is that big stars like Jason MoMA and Charlize Theron are already on a tight schedule. If they can’t resume shooting, they may go to other studios to shoot. When the schedule is coordinated, globegroup will suffer even greater losses.

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In order to maintain a unified style, universal should look for directors who are familiar with this theme. For example, rob Cohen, who shot speed and passion 1, wenziren, who shot speed and passion 7, f Gary gray, who shot speed and passion 8, and David Reich, who shot speed and passion: special action.

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F. Gary gray is currently directing the Netflix original film LYFT (starring Kevin Hart); David Reich is going to cooperate with globegroup in the “fall guy” starring commander Gao. It is estimated that there is no spare time. Wenziren is busy in the late stage of Sea King 2.

Variety believes that a first-line director like wenziren must revise the script when he comes in, which not only involves time, but also needs to discuss with the producers and investors.

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Foreign media wrote: as we all know, van diesel is the real “driver” of this series. He is the producer of this film. He is never shy of publicly expressing his dissatisfaction with the creative decision-making of the film.

Variety revealed that on April 20, van diesel published the first draft of speed and passion 10, which was written by Lin Yibin and Dan mazeau. This version of the script did not include MIA played by Joanna Brewster. This role was the sister of boss Tang played by Van diesel. Fan wrote: “I am very disappointed. I don’t know how to continue.”. Vandiselle complained that soon after he got what he wanted, Jordana Brewster finally joined the film.

Van diesel’s control over this series is also reflected in the relationship between him and Johnson. The tense relationship between the two LED Johnson not to participate in speed and passion 9. Before the shooting of speed and passion 10, van diesel publicly called for Johnson’s return, but Johnson refused.

So van diesel can be a director himself? Foreign media pointed out that the actor directed a short film “Los Bandoleros” about boss Tang in 2009. The story took place before “speed and passion 4”. In 1997, van diesel also directed a long film “lost”. However, according to foreign media, it is clear that globegroup still wants more experienced directors to take charge of this blockbuster.

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