Liu Bang and Zhang Liang’s way of getting along with monarchs and ministers: noble birth is the premise

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Liu Bang

As we all know, in the mind of Liu Bang, the emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty, the so-called “three heroes of rejuvenating the Han Dynasty”, namely Zhang Liang, Xiao He and Han Xin, Zhang Liang, who has made great contributions, should undoubtedly rank first. Later, Han Xin was killed and Xiao He was imprisoned. Only Zhang Liang had the best ending.

Since then, Zhang Liang has gradually become the first idol admired by all Chinese scholars. Among them, the most representative is a passage in the romance of the Three Kingdoms: before Zhugeliang appeared, it was said that he compared himself to Guan Zhong and Leyi in the Jianghu, but when Mr. Shuijing recommended Zhugeliang to Liu Bei, he thought that Zhugeliang’s self comparison was inappropriate. Therefore, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and others speculated whether Zhugeliang had compared himself to a higher level, but Mr. Shuijing said that he had compared himself to a lower level. It would be more appropriate to select two other talents – Jiang Ziya, who was 800 years old in the Zhou Dynasty, and Zhang Liang, who was 400 years old in the Han Dynasty.

It can be seen that in the eyes of Mr. Shuijing – in fact, in the eyes of all Chinese scholars, including the authors of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, only Jiang Ziya and Zhang Liang can be called “outstanding talents” in Chinese history; Other people, whether emperors, generals, or talented women, can only be called “talents” rather than “outstanding talents”.

The question is: How did Zhang Liang become an “outstanding talent”? Reviewing Zhang Liang’s life will certainly give us a lot of inspiration. Let’s look for the answer from history.

A close reading of historical records shows that the first thing that makes Zhang Liang different is his family background. At this point, As Zhao Yi, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, said: “Among the ministers in the early Han Dynasty, Zhang Liang was the most expensive and the son of Han Xiang. Next, Zhang Cang, the Qin imperial historian, shusuntong, and the Qin waiting for the imperial edict, followed by Xiao He, the Pei chief official, Cao can, the prison official, Ren Ao, the prison official, Zhou cau, the Surabaya death history, Fu Kuan, the Wei riding general, shentujia, the material officer. Yu Chenping, Wang Ling, Lujia, Li Shang, Li Shiqi, xiahouying, etc., were all white disciples. Fan Xie was the dog butcher, and Zhou Bo weaved thin music and played the flute.To give to a mourner; nurse a baby Then the seller; Lou Jing is the one who pulls the cart. “

Here, Zhao Yi divides the origins of the ministers in the early Han Dynasty from high to low into five categories, and Zhang Liang’s origins are the most noble. Because of this, Zhang Liangcai, who stands out from the crowd, has won the admiration of Liu Bang.

From the historical records and the book of Han, you can see that Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, did not respect the founding fathers who fought with him. The basic evidence is that Liu Bang treated his subordinates, whether they were literary ministers like Xiao he or military generals like Han Xin, before or after he became emperor, People have always been the rule left by Surabaya Pavilion: call them by their names.

There is only one exception. The only exception to this rule is Zhang Liang, a noble. Whether before or after becoming emperor, Liu Bang always used the word “Zifang”, which was envied by everyone at that time and showed special closeness and respect, rather than a name. Not only Liu Bang, but also empress Lu, who was regarded as black hearted by later generations, was respectful to Zhang Liang from the bottom of his heart.

The question now is: what is so special about Zhang Liang, who was born in a noble family, that he can win such respect from Liu Bang? Let’s talk about it next time.

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