Liu Bei and his son were abducted and trafficked several times before Liu Chan, and they were returned eleven years later

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Xia Houdun arrived at Xiaopei before he had time to camp, and was rushed to pieces by the sharp cavalry of Gao Shun’s men, so that he was in a hurry. Xia Houdun got an arrow in his left eye, and his blood flowed. Thanks to the rescue of his own soldiers, he escaped from the danger. Liu Bei came to meet Xia Houdun with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Liu Bei was meeting Gao Shun, but he was attacked by Zhang Liao, and the whole army fell. He had no way around and had to run to Liangdi. There were only a few scholars in xiaopeili, such as sun Gan and Mi Zhu. Gan Mi’s two wives were robbed by Lv Bu. It seems that it’s not easy to be Liu Bei’s wife. She was robbed by others in three or two days.

Liu Bei ran to Liang Di, and when he was in a hurry and in distress, Cao Cao personally supervised the soldiers to save him. It is false to save Liu Bei, but it is true to seize territory. Cao Jun first captured Pengcheng and killed all the soldiers and civilians in Pengcheng, and then led the army to attack xiapi. Lu Bu lost the battle, listened to his wife Yan’s words, and suspected his subordinate counselors and generals, which led to the separation of the generals and generals, and was sold to Cao Cao by his subordinates Hou Cheng, Song Xian and Wei Xu. In this way, Liu Bei found his wife and concubine Gan MI.

In the five years of Jian’an, Cao Cao defeated Liu Bei, Gan MI and Guan Yu were robbed again. Later, Guan Yu heard that Liu Bei was exiled to Yuan Shao, so he left Cao Cao with his two wives and returned to Liu Bei. However, the young Adou fled into Hanzhong in the chaos and was sold by human traffickers. In the 16th year of Jian’an, Fufeng man Liu Kuo came to Hanzhong to avoid chaos and bought a dou. At this time, ah Dou didn’t know that he had been sold several times. It was estimated that he was too stupid. No one was willing to feed him. Liu Kuo married him a wife and gave birth to a son. At first, when ah Dou lost contact with Liu Bei, he still remembered that his father’s name was Xuande. Neighbor Jian Yong later attached to Liu Bei and told him the whereabouts of ah Dou. So Liu Bei sent Jian Yong to Hanzhong to look for a dou. Zhang Lu took a bath for a Dou and gave it back to Liu Bei.

This matter is recorded in Yu Huan’s “Wei Lue”, but I don’t know whether it is credible. Although peisongzhi refuted “Wei Lue”, Yu Huan may have made a mistake only by people’s names, which cannot deny the existence of the matter, that is to say, Liu Bei also has a son that is not recorded in historical books. Because ah Dou’s biological mother, Mrs. Gan, was not the first main room, and several wives of Liu Bei died before her. But this is the last word.

Gan MI and his wife were lucky. It is said that Liu Bei didn’t eat a grain of rice for several days when he was in trouble. One day, he came to Liu’s home. As soon as he met Liu Sheng, the king of Zhongshan, he fainted with hunger. After waking up, Liu brought a plate of meat, and Liu Bei ate it whole. Seeing that Liu’s family was also very poor, he asked where the meat came from. Liu said that he had just killed his wife and served wine to King Jing of Zhongshan. Originally, this Liu thought that Liu Bei was king Jing of Zhongshan. He didn’t know that King Jing of Zhongshan was a dead man hundreds of years ago. He was thinking about killing his wife to eat meat for King Jing of Zhongshan. King Jing of Zhongshan was very grateful and would certainly repay him heavily. Would there be less beautiful wives and concubines at that time? Liu Bei didn’t dare to say that he was not the king of Yasukuni Nakayama. He took a cold breath and oiled his feet and ran away.

After Cao Cao took Jingzhou to the south, Liu Bei ran from Xiangcheng to Jiangling. Seeing that Liu Bei was kind and afraid of Cao Cao’s killing, scholars in Jingxiang all took their sons and daughters with Liu Bei. When it came to Dangyang, there were more than 100000 scholars and civilians, and there were thousands of supplies. The walking speed is very slow, and you can only walk more than ten miles every day. Every time Liu Bei was defeated, his wife and family members abandoned it. At this time, protecting 100000 people was pure fishing for fame. Obviously, it killed the people and made the opponent get a bad name. It can be seen that his inner tolerance is actually the first cunning of the Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao led the army commander to chase him directly. After Liu Bei let Zhang Fei die, Zhao Yun protected his family.

Cao Jun’s 5000 light cavalry chased Liu Bei day and night, traveling more than 300 miles day and night, and chased Zhang Fei’s rear troops in changban, Dangyang. Zhang feibing couldn’t resist less, and Gan Mi’s second wife was scattered by the random soldiers and disappeared. Zhao Yun disappeared the two wives, and hurriedly armed with a gun and killed into a bloody path from the chaotic army. It was easy to find Mrs. Gan and take her to changban (changban is a place name, not a hill name. The romance of the Three Kingdoms says that changban slope is not correct). When Zhang Fei saw Zhao Yun, he asked the baby a dou. He knew that a Dou was held by Mrs. MI, but he didn’t know where Mrs. MI was. Zhao Yun had to rush into Cao Jun’s formation again to save Mrs. MI. At this time, Mrs. MI was seriously injured. She was dying and hugged ah Dou. After seeing Zhao Yun, she jumped into the well and died in order to let ah Dou get away and not implicate Zhao Yun. When Zhao Yun was sad, he pulled down the earth wall to cover up the well, so as not to humiliate Mrs. Mi’s body.

Liu Bei was overjoyed to see Zhao Yun save Gan’s mother and son. Hearing that Mrs. MI was dead, he couldn’t help feeling sad. For a time, he mixed feelings and shed many tears. Mrs. Gan became ill because of shock, and she died at the age of 22 a year later. Poor Gan MI and his wife followed Liu Bei around all their lives and were robbed by others. They hardly enjoyed any happiness.

It should be noted that the seven in and seven out of Zhao Yun’s single gun in Cao Jun is purely a perfunctory fiction in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, Zhao Yun is not a handsome young man with pink lips, white satin armor and many embroidered pennants on his back. He is older than Liu Bei and has a low status in Shu. He received posthumous titles more than a year after his death, which can’t be compared with Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Huang Zhong at all. All the heroic deeds of Zhao Yun come from “another biography of Zhao Yun”, but the content of “another biography of Zhao Yun” is too suspicious.

Jingzhou, located between Xichuan and Dongwu, has always been a place for strategists. Liu Bei had no foothold at the beginning, so he borrowed Jingzhou from Soochow to live temporarily and agreed to return it later. After the battle of Chibi, Sun Quan wanted to recover Jingzhou. Liu Bei repeatedly pushed and delayed for various reasons. And as soon as Lu Su mentioned the return of Jingzhou, Liu Bei burst into tears. Zhou Yu persuaded Sun Quan to marry his sister to Liu Bei and fettered him with marriage. Sun Quan really had no choice, so he wanted to take advantage of Liu Bei’s loss of his wife and use his sister sun Shangxiang as a bait for Liu Bei’s steproom, on the pretext that Mrs. Wu Guotai loved her youngest daughter very much and did not want to marry far away, so he asked Liu Bei to go to Dongwu to complete the wedding. It was named that Wu and Liu Bei were even close. In fact, Liu Bei was detained when he crossed the river, so as to force Zhugeliang to exchange Jingzhou for Liu Bei. Liu Bei intended to unite Wu, so he complied with the marriage proposal of the eastern Wu, and was accompanied by Zhao Yun and sun Qian into Wu in the winter of the 14th year of Jian’an.

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