Liu Bei dotes on Mrs Gan: she is as white as jade and often plays in the accounts

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Liu Bei dotes on Mrs Gan: she is as white as jade and often plays in the accounts

Statues are objects, not living people. People can appreciate statues as an art; You can also see the image of missing people, which is still from the love, not the love of the statue itself. If you love the statue as a living person, it will be a bit abnormal.

Statue love has existed both at home and abroad since ancient times. In ancient Greek mythology, it is said that a Cypriot prince named Pygmalion fell in love with a beautiful statue, prayed in front of the statue every day, and aspired to marry the statue for several years. The statue felt sincere, so she really became a living beauty and married him. Later generations called this situation of “sincerity and openness” the “Pico Marion effect”.

Of course, this is just a myth. However, this kind of phenomenon did exist in real life and had been recorded in the Han Dynasty. Wangjia’s collection of the year of the prince said: “The former leader of Shu, Gan Hou, was born with a special physical appearance. At the age of 18, the jade was soft and beautiful. After the LORD sent it to him, he looked outside in the white gauze tent, like gathering snow under the moon. The jade man in Henan was three feet tall. He placed the jade man at the back. In the daytime, he talked about military planning, and in the evening, he embraced the later and played with the jade man. It is often said that jade is precious. Compared with a gentleman of virtue, it is human and can’t be played. Gan Hou and the jade man are white and smooth. Viewers are almost confused. Those who love him are not only jealous of Gan Hou, But also envy the jade person. Later, I often wanted to make and destroy it, but the precept leader said: in the past, I rarely took jade as a treasure. Spring and autumn are beautiful. Now the Wu and Wei dynasties have not been destroyed. An plays with demons! Where there are false accusations and doubts, do not go back. The first lord is to withdraw the jade figure, and all those who do withdraw. At that time, the gentleman regarded empress Gan as a wise woman. ” From the above records, the former leader of Shu, Liu Bei, can be said to be a statue lover, but the degree is not too deep.

This kind of records continued in later generations, and the Chinese “Pygmalion” repeatedly appeared in the official and unofficial history. For example, Tang yuti said in Wen Qilu: “The scholar Zhaoyan got a soft barrier at the painter’s office. The woman in the picture is very beautiful. Yan said that the painter said: there is no one in the world. How to make a living, someone would like to be his wife. The painter said: Yu Shenhua is also famous. It is called Zhenzhen. He calls his wife a hundred days. If he calls her a hundred days, he will respond to it day and night. If he should drink it with a hundred colored grey wine, he will live. Yan, like his wife, called it a hundred days, and day and night, but in response to the promise of the sun, he rushed to drink it with a hundred colored grey wine, so he will live. Next, he will laugh and eat like a hundred colored grey wine Chang said, “Xiejun summoned his concubine, and I would like to wait on the broomstick and have a son all the year round…” from this record, it seems that Zhaoyan did have a portrait love, and the portrait became alive and gave birth to a child for him. It may just be his daydream. In the later literati’s works, it evolved into a myth and poetic realm of “the truth in the painting is ready to come out”.

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