Liu Bei got Zhuge Liang’s assistant. What’s the answer

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Zhuge Liang has always been the representative of China’s wisdom and the model of loyal ministers in the feudal dynasty. Countless later emperors want a subject like Zhuge Liang, and countless later subjects take Zhuge Liang as a model as their lifelong pursuit. Zhuge Liang’s legendary life was officially started after Liu Bei, the Zhaolie Emperor of the Shu Han Dynasty, visited the hut three times. He was a man of both civil and military power, and he had extraordinary abilities in politics, military affairs, diplomacy and people’s livelihood. However, whether Zhuge Liang chose to assist Liu Bei was right or wrong was debated by later generations. In fact, the answer was very simple.



Whether Zhuge Liang chose to assist Liu Bei is right or wrong, this question can be derived from “why Zhuge Liang didn’t choose to assist Liu Zhang”, “why Zhuge Liang didn’t choose to assist Liu Biao”, “why Zhuge Liang didn’t choose to assist Yuan Shao”, “why Zhuge Liang didn’t choose to assist Cao Cao”, “why Zhuge Liang didn’t choose to assist Sun Quan”, “why Zhuge Liang didn’t choose to assist Yuan Shu”, and other similar questions are endless. Because most later generations believed that Liu Bei had delayed Zhuge Liang, Zhuge Liang would have a better development and result elsewhere, and the historical outcome would be better. Is this really the case?

In other words, the reason why Xu Da and Feng Sheng, Mu Ying and Zhu Wenzheng are the founding heroes of the Ming Dynasty is not because they have outstanding abilities and are in troubled times (of course, there are also some reasons for this), but more because they met the Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. Only when they met Zhu Yuanzhang, did these people show their talent and break away from their original life. Zhu Yuanzhang used it as a dragon, and Zhu Yuanzhang used it as a snake and insect. The same applies to Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei.

Liu Zhang, Liu Biao, Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Sun Quan and other counselors under their command are like stars. Every day, there are people who come to join them. Zhuge Liang is just an inconspicuous one in the great stream. It’s nothing. Nobody cares about him and puts him in important position? It’s too difficult. How can we use a fledgling Zhuge Liang instead of the talented people who have proved in the past. Unless Zhuge Liang’s deeds in later generations are clearly understood by them, but this is too unrealistic and just a fantasy.

Why to judge whether “Zhuge Liang is right or wrong in choosing to assist Liu Bei? In fact, the answer is very simple”, because the standard answer is in Zhuge Liang’s own hands, which is Zhuge Liang’s own choice. Does anyone else know his own situation better than him? Is there anyone who is smarter than him and understands the trend of the late Han Dynasty? Zhuge Liang is likely to choose to join the generation of Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Biao, and he will lose sight of the public.

“Historical Records – Guan Yan’s Biography”: It is also a government, good for good because of disaster and good for failure. You should weigh carefully. Guan Zhong is good at turning evil into good, and failure into success. Pay attention to the priorities of things and carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of things. The other is Yue Yi, who “pushes the weak Yan’s army and breaks the match between the strong and the strong”, who wins the strong by the weak, who can compete with the world, and who can reverse the general trend by manpower, which is absolutely inhuman. Zhuge Liang is more resolute than Guan Zhong. He has extraordinary ability. He has really achieved the realm of two people.

Zhuge Liang invested in Liu Bei’s account, and a copy of “Longzhong Dui” picked out the general trend, how Liu Bei’s power will develop in the next decade, and how its strategic layout should be, pointing out Liu Bei’s natural invincible advantages: orthodoxy and faithfulness. These two things make countless people go through fire and water for Liu Bei, which Cao Cao and Sun Quan have to admit. In addition, relying on Liu Bei is not only the choice of Zhuge Liang’s analysis of advantages and disadvantages, but also the choice of his own life.

What kind of person is Zhuge Liang? Loyal idealists, and more importantly, the great feelings of people who die for their confidants. Who can not be moved by Zhuge Liang, who is famous around the world for his reputation? If Zhuge Liang was in the camp of Cao Cao Sun Quan, he would not have left a reputation as a teacher and a wise man for ages. The rise and fall of the world depends on itself. Apart from Zhuge Liang, Chinese history can do very little.

Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei, together, have a vivid image of Ming Jun and Xian Chen. At the end of the Han Dynasty, except for Liu Bei, who is qualified to let Zhuge Liang rely on, who can use Zhuge Liang, I’m afraid not. Even if it can be used, it will play a less important role than in the Shuhan area of Liu Bei. Zhuge Liang would be very lonely without Liu Bei, and vice versa.

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