Liu Bei’s prophecy of becoming Emperor: Yizhou has the spirit of heaven and son

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[rumor prophecy]

The capital will be in chaos, and the division of Yizhou has the spirit of heaven.

– ?

three countries

Annals of Shu, biography of Liu Yan


There will be trouble in the capital, and there will be the weather of the right man in Yizhou.

Liu Beitong

Cao Cao

It can be said that he is an old-fashioned hero. Now Cao Cao is dead, and all his sons do it


Can Liu Bei not be jealous? Besides, Liu Bei was intent on protecting the Han Dynasty. Now that the big man is gone, he has to make another big man himself. At the same time, he realized his own imperial dream.

The indispensable nature is the support of public opinion. Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, Weishu has been overrun. It is absolutely not difficult for anyone to find some conclusions that are beneficial to their destiny. Seeing that their master wanted to be an emperor, Liu Bei’s courtiers quickly went through the classic Wei books and immediately listed three reasons for Liu Bei:

1? According to the classic Weishu book “Luoshu Zhen Yaodu”: &\8221; Red three days, Dechang nine days will be prepared, together for the emperor&# 8221; This is Chi, de and Bei again. Doesn’t it include the surname, first name and characters of Liu Bei (Xuande)?

2? According to the classic Weishu book “luoshubao gives life”: &\8221; Emperor Tiandu said that he was the emperor of Daobei. He held the contract with the emperor and was invincible&# 8221; That’s what I mean.

3? According to the classic Wei book “Luo Shu Lu Yun Qi”: &\8221; The nine princes and seven heroes fight for the people’s lives. Who makes the Lord come&# 8221; It’s exactly the same.

These prophecies are still superficial, and Liu Bei has his unique physiological advantages. Just like his ancestor Liu Bang had 72 black moles on his feet, Liu Bei is also well-known &\8221; Put your hands over your knees and see your ears;. In other words, Liu Bei’s arms were so long that they hung over his knees, and his ears were so big that he could see them. Therefore, Liu Bei is definitely not a layman. Since his old ancestor Liu Bang claimed that he was the son of the Red Emperor, I think Liu Bei was certainly not born to his mother, but must have been the son of some great God in the world.

The statue of Liu Bei, the former leader of Shu, comes from the praise of ancient people in previous dynasties written by Ming Dynasty. Therefore, Liu Bei was crowned Dabao in Yizhou in the following year when Cao Pi became emperor, and his country name was &\8221; Han &\8221;, It has the meaning of continuing orthodoxy, which is called &\8221 in history; Shuhan &\8221;. However, when Liu Bei proclaimed himself Emperor in Yizhou, a prophecy was fulfilled, that is, a popular one at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty; Yizhou has the spirit of heaven;.

Speaking of this prophecy, we should start with a man named Liu Yan. Liu yanben was also a distant royal family of the Eastern Han Dynasty. When the Eastern Han Dynasty was in chaos, as he was deeply worried about the times, he suggested to the imperial court: &\8221; Nowadays, as one of the top officials in charge of government, the assassins and prefects all regard goods as officials, corrupt and pervert the law, and privately confer official titles; Moreover, they ruthlessly cut off and stripped the people, so that people’s hearts became rebellious and there were many changes. Therefore, for the sake of national stability, we should send more loyal, upright and important officials who enjoy a clear reputation as shepherds to supervise the administrative work in various regions, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the country&# 8221;

So Liu Yan, a senior official at that time, took the initiative to ask the imperial court to become a Jiaozhi shepherd, because it was the most remote place in the country, and it was obvious that he wanted to avoid the world. At that time, the imperial court had not given him an official reply. There was a servant named Dong Fu, who was always famous for reading geomantic omen and understanding traditional Chinese medicine. In private, Dong Laoxian said to Liu Yan: &\8221; The capital will be in chaos, and the division of Yizhou has the spirit of heaven&# 8221; The implication was to persuade Liu Yan to go to Yizhou, which was not only safe but also promising. Liu Yan was suddenly moved.

At that time, Yingjian, the governor of Yizhou, was annoyed by the tax collection, and rumors were widely heard. The imperial court wanted to repair this Yingjian; Moreover, the civil commotion was very serious at that time. The people of Bingzhou uprising killed the assassin Zhang Yi, and the people of Liangzhou uprising killed the assassin Geng Bi. In this way, the imperial court was more eager to send a reliable person to manage Yizhou. Liu Yan then made a request to the imperial court to go to Yizhou, and was accepted by the imperial court: he was ordered to be the military overseer, lead the herdsmen of Yizhou, and become the Marquis of Yangcheng.

After Liu Yan arrived in Yizhou, he managed it in good order, and his power was further consolidated (Zhang Luben, who was also the king in Hanzhong, was also Liu Yan’s subordinate). It’s a pity that after Liu Yan died, his useless son, cowardly Liu Zhang, took over Liu Yan’s job. Later, Liu Zhang was calculated by Liu Bei. As a result, Liu Yanxin’s hard-earned foundation was given to Liu Xuande, who turned away from the guests.

So &\8221; Yizhou has tianziqi &\8221; The prophecy was finally fulfilled in Liu Bei.

What is more interesting, however, is that it is said that when Liu Bei’s son liuchangang ascended the throne as emperor, there was a magician named qiaozhou in Shu at that time who privately said to others: &\8221; Liu Xianzhu’s name means preparation; And this Liu Chan means to give way to others. The explanation is that the father and the son, one to fight and the other to give away. Very unlucky… &\8221;

I didn’t expect this warlock’s performance &\8221; Measure word &\8221; It really came true. In 263 ad, Liu Chan became a prisoner of the state of Wei, and he naturally gave away the great rivers and mountains of Shu, although he was forced to do so.

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