Liu Dan said he was very satisfied with his son, Liu Kaiwei, and his girlfriend. Xiaonuomi knew that his father should be happy when he fell in love

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When Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei got married, Liu Dan, Liu Kaiwei’s father, was very dissatisfied with the daughter-in-law. When asked by the media about Yang Mi, he was straight faced. But now Liu Dan’s attitude towards his son’s love is totally 180 degrees changed. Liu Dan said that he was very satisfied with his son, Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend, and that if Xiaonuomi knew that his father was in love, he would be very happy. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liu Dan said he was very satisfied with Liu Kaiwei’s girlfriend

Kaiwei Liu and Xiaofeng Li got to know each other through the introduction of friends. Later, under the president style pursuit of Kaiwei Liu, Xiaofeng Li chose to associate with him. After falling in love, Hawick Lau and Li Xiaofeng were also very sweet, always sticking together, so they were photographed dating many times. Hawick Lau and Xiaofeng Li have also opened their relationship. They even hold hands in the airport in front of many people and let people around take photos and videos. I wish everyone knew how sweet and affectionate they are now.

Hong Kong media always go to ask Liu Dan if there is any news about Liu Kaiwei. Liu Dan was asked about his new relationship when he attended the event recently. Liu Dan said that Hawick Liu had shown him the photos of Li Xiaofeng before. Although he had not seen Li Xiaofeng, he liked the photos very much, so he was happy for his son.

Xiaonuomi should be happy to know that his father is in love

When the Hong Kong media asked if they hoped that Hawick Lau and Li Xiaofeng would become a family and have a grandson for him, Liu Dan said that everything would follow suit. If Hawick Lau and Li Xiaofeng had this idea, he would never oppose it. Liu Dan also laughed that his granddaughter, Xiaonuomi, would be happy if she knew that she would not be angry. However, Liu Dan’s speech also aroused the dissatisfaction of Yang Mi’s fans. Yang Mi’s fans dis Liu Dan“ Can’t speak without small glutinous rice&rdquo& ldquo; Xiaonuomi has a loving mother. Why should she be happy to have a stepmother and a stepbrother or sister;.

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