Liu Yan, known as the “honey peach”, is now 40 years old and still beautiful

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Liu Yan is 40 years old. He is still beautiful. The “honey peach” has been hammered
In 1980, Liu Yan was born. At that time, she never imagined that the road ahead would be so hard. From her debut to now, no matter she is a host, singer or actress, everyone always focuses on her body. No matter what achievements she has made, everyone thinks she bought them with her body.

But did the person who evaluated Liu Yan really know this girl with heart? If you don’t know this girl, you should know success. For everyone, success is not a simple thing, let alone in this industry?
Is Liu Yan beautiful? It’s natural, but many people are more beautiful than her. Is Liu Yan in good shape? This is undeniable, but there are many people who are better than her. So why only Liu Yan can be the object of envy?
In fact, regardless of the external conditions, Liu Yan can achieve today’s achievements mainly by herself. She works harder than anyone else and is even more willing to work hard. She always knew that even if her external conditions were better, as long as she didn’t work hard, she would be surpassed by others sooner or later.

So Liu Yan spent most of his time studying. The previous “beneficiary” made everyone know the girl again. But her most outstanding performance was her temporary performance on the spot. Knowing this, if you go back to the heart rending performance, will you feel some guilt and feel that you have wronged the girl too much?

At the beginning, Liu Yan chose this industry only to earn more money and a share of medical expenses for his family. Just like the characters in the same play, both of them came from ordinary backgrounds and had a hard time. When she broke down while taking off her makeup, every line was for the role, but every word seemed to express her own inner thoughts.

Someone said, “when she finished removing her makeup, I felt that I really knew Liu Yan.” Indeed, sometimes, we always feel that we are far away from the stars. Even the idols we have followed for many years have something we don’t know. But Liu Yan was willing to show the side that others wanted to hide and the most vulnerable side of himself.
Maybe because she didn’t have the courage to do so at ordinary times, she was afraid that she would be questioned and humiliated by everyone. But in the play, the virtual role can give her courage. She used the role to speak out the bitterness in her heart for so many years. Although she did cry tragically, after crying, she seemed even braver.

Liu Yan is now 40 years old. She no longer wears clothes at will as before. In order to make her reputation better, she always avoids fashion when choosing clothes. When asked about this, she could only say: “it’s good for your body to wear more clothes when you are old.”
On the 26th, she sent out a group of photos of herself. In the photo, she is wearing a formal dress, simple and elegant. Netizens have said: “it’s strange. I thought she wasn’t good-looking before, but now how can I look more and more beautiful?” Now the beauty of Liu Yan is not only the original pure fashion.

After so many years, she has become more fashionable and gentle. Liu Yan today is confident and loves life. Seeing her like this, we can only sigh that she is really a “honey peach” worthy of the name. I hope Liu Yan can live with less stress in the future.

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