“Liu Yang brushed up his mobile phone after arriving” was a hot search, and the network speed was equivalent to 5g on the ground

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At present, the Shenzhou 14 crew has been stationed in the Tianhe core module. Early on the morning of the 6th, “Liu Yang brushed his mobile phone after arriving” on the hot search list. Netizen: have a rest and prepare to dismantle the space express tomorrow!
Although Liu Yang brushes his mobile phone in space, many netizens seem to see himself after moving and say that “it’s the same as what I did when I went home”.
Some netizens have big brain holes, and even have edited the microblog content for Liu Yang.
In addition to paying attention to Liu Yang, there are also netizens who have paid attention to mobile phones. Many have asked whether mobile phones can be used in space? Does the cell phone have a signal? Is the Internet fast?
According to experts, the Tianhe core module is equipped with more than 10 communication equipment, and the computers, mobile phones and other items in the module can be used as network terminals to contact the ground. Wired or wireless Wi Fi set in the core module will connect the data collected by the network terminal to the Ethernet switch in the module, and then transmit the data to Beijing aerospace flight control center through the relay link through the high-speed information processor.
For example, when the mobile phone was first invented, it needed to connect signals through the mobile phone antenna. Similarly, the connection between space and the ground also needed the relay antenna equipped in the core module.
Experts connect the core module to the ground through the Space-based TT & C network, which is like building a “signal base station” at an altitude of 40000 km. Data transmission such as calls and videos will be transmitted to the ground through the “base station”, so the control center can receive signals from space more smoothly.
With these devices, astronauts can communicate with the “outside world” as if they were at home, and can also establish “group chat” or “private chat”, making the communication between heaven and earth smoother and more convenient.
Experts said that the network speed under the space communication link is 1.2gbps, and the operation speed is equivalent to the 5g communication speed on the ground. When the space data is transmitted to the Beijing control center, the time delay is only seconds.
On April 29, 2021, China’s first space station, Tianhe, was successfully launched.
According to Xinhua news agency, the Tianhe core module, with a takeoff weight of 22.5 tons, is the largest and most complex spacecraft independently developed by China so far. It has long-term autonomous flight capability and can support astronauts’ long-term stay in orbit.
The total length of Tianhe core cabin is 16.6 meters, the maximum diameter is 4.2 meters, and the space is at least 50 cubic meters. Astronauts can not only live here for a long time, but also conduct space experiments. There is plenty of space.
(source: CCTV news, Xinhua news agency, China news network, New Yellow River, Weibo)

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