Liu Yan’s original name was Yang Liu Liu Yan producer boyfriend really

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Liu Yan’s popularity has increased a lot recently because of her role in Meng Hua Lu. Many netizens are also very happy that her career is developing so well. After all, she was badly suppressed because of the bridesmaid incident. Liu Yan’s original name was Yang Liu. Why was her surname Liu? It is rumored that Liu Yan now has a producer boyfriend. Is it true? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liu Yan’s original name was Yang Liu

Many people think Liu Yan is her destiny, but in fact, she was called Yang Liu before her debut. Yang Liu’s name is also poetic, but she changed it when she became a Taoist priest. Liu Yan said that her parents agreed that the first child should follow his father’s surname and the second child should follow his mother’s surname. Liu Yan has a brother, so the second child Liu Yan took her mother’s surname Yang, Yang Liu.

Liu Yan said that because she followed her mother’s surname, when she was a child, she was often misunderstood as a child of a single parent family, and the teacher gave her special care. When he became an artist, he decided to be an artist for himself in order to avoid this misunderstanding. When it comes to Yang, many people want Yang Liu, so she gave herself the stage name Liu Yan. Although the logic is very different, both Yang Liu and Liu Yan are very pleasant to hear.

Liu Yan producer boyfriend really

Recently, there are a lot of gossip about Liu Yan’s feelings on the Internet. It is said that Liu Yan is now pursued by a producer who still has contacts in the circle. Liu Yan’s drama of throwing a man into the water in the Menghua record was added after the producer and the director discussed it. It was intended to satirize the male artists who threw Liu Yan into the water at the baobell wedding. However, the producer is in the process of pursuing Liu Yan, and Liu Yan has not promised. Liu Yan is still a rational person emotionally, but now everyone in the circle knows about it, so they dare not offend Liu Yan.

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