Liu Yifei Menghua records what’s wrong with her ears. Is Liu Yifei’s ears inflamed and bleeding

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The most popular drama broadcast during this period was recorded by Menghua, which was also Liu Yifei’s return to the TV drama circle after many years. Unexpectedly, she won such good results directly. What happened to Liuyifei Menghua’s ears? Is Liu Yifei’s ear inflamed and bleeding in the play? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

What happened to Liuyifei Menghua’s ears

The popularity of Menghua’s recording has made Liu Yifei active again in everyone’s eyes. However, some careful Netizens found that in some close-up shots of Liu Yifei’s Menghua record, the star could see Liu Yifei’s ears speaking and even bleeding. It seems that Liuyifei is allergic to the earrings in the play. Many earrings are made of alloy, which is easy to corrode. Some people are allergic to alloy. Especially in summer, people are prone to sweat, and the allergy will become more serious.

Many viewers who like Liu Yifei love Liu Yifei very much when they see these close ups. Netizens shouted “ Please change a pair of earrings for our Pan’er. It hurts too much;. However, the filming of the play recorded by Menghua has been completed, and it is too late now. However, from this point, we can see that Liu Yifei is very dedicated. It is absolutely admirable that you did not refuse to wear earrings or ask for replacement because you are allergic to these earrings.

Is Liuyifei’s ear inflamed and bleeding

Before the launch of the Menghua video, many people read the trailer and sang about Liu Yifei. For a while, roast complained that she was flattered by Lin Yun’s female number two in the play, for a while, roast complained that she was too fat to wear ancient clothes, and so on. But after the Menghua record was broadcast, many netizens began to follow the true fragrance law again. There is no glamour in the Menghua record. Even though Liu Yifei is not thin, she is definitely the most beautiful and amorous in the Menghua record.

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