Liu Yifei’s dispute over Nortel; Nortel’s official micro enterprise fell

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The Menghua record starring Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao is on the air. With this play, Liu Yifei has once again won the public’s love, and her popularity has soared. But with the coming, there are also many disputes. Liu Yifei’s dispute with Nortel was fermenting, and Nortel’s official micro enterprise was completely occupied. Finally, he had to close the comments. What the hell is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liuyifei Nortel dispute fermentation

Although Liu Yifei went to school at a very young age, she studied at the Beijing Film Academy. Moreover, Liuyifei has become the first American undergraduate enrolled by Nortel in the past 52 years. The cause of Liuyifei’s dispute with Nortel was that netizens had picked up how Liuyifei was admitted by Nortel. They suspected that Liuyifei had left the relationship. According to previous data, Liu Yifei went to Beidian as an American, so her requirements were particularly low. According to the response of Nortel, they only tested Liu Yifei’s Chinese at that time.

In her early years, Liu Yifei gave an interview and claimed that she was exceptionally admitted because her conditions were too good. The response of Liu Yifei’s mother was that Liu Yifei had a very high quality. She was admitted to Nortel by virtue of her personal strength and did not go through any back door. It was only because of the specialty students that they did not take the culture course. Liu Yifei was admitted to Beidian with an exception, because of her foreign nationality.

Beidian Guanwei was occupied by Liuyifei

However, Netizens found that the ID card used by Liu Yifei when she took the Nortel exam was still Chinese, and it was a second-generation Chinese ID card, not American. This dispute, with the popularity of Menghua’s recording, has once again become the object of heated discussion. Many netizens even went to the official wechat of Nortel and hoped that Nortel would give us an explanation. At present, the official wechat of Nortel has closed its comments and seems to have chosen to deal with the matter in a cold way. As for whether Nortel will give you an explanation in the later period, it is estimated that it is very slim.

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