Liu Yijun was abandoned by his wife at the trough and was expelled from the crew for offending Song Jia

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Liu Yijun recently participated in the yearning life 6. Although Liu Yijun didn’t talk much in the program, his performance was highly praised by everyone. Everyone liked his maturity and steadiness, his handsome appearance, his diligence and so on. But in his early years, Liu Yijun’s life was not very smooth. Liu Yijun was abandoned by his wife at the trough, and was once expelled from the crew for offending Song Jia. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Liu Yijun was abandoned by his wife at the trough

Although Liu Yijun, who was born in 1970, is 52 years old this year, many girls still want to marry him, even if Liu Yijun is old enough to be a father of many girls. Such a charming man in the eyes of netizens is not very smooth on the emotional Road, and even at the trough of his career, he was abandoned by his ex-wife.

Liu Yijun’s acting career is getting better with the popularity of the pretender, which is definitely a late bloomer type. Although Liu Yijun’s appearance was outstanding when he was young, his career has not improved. When Liu Yijun was young, he was upright and offended many people. He was originally selected to play the leading role in the film “falling mountain breeze”, but he was directly kicked out of the crew because of his conflict with the heroine Song Jia. At that time, he was still a newcomer. Song Jia was a popular artist who won the Hundred Flowers Award. The crew naturally favored Song Jia.

Liu Yijun once offended Song Jia and was expelled from the crew

In addition, Liu Yijun was complained by his ex-wife because his career had not improved. His ex-wife even persuaded Liu Yijun to change his career, but Liu Yijun, who loved acting, resolutely disagreed. Later, the two divorced. However, Liu Yijun later met his current wife, an ordinary office worker. The two got together through a blind date and gave birth to a very lovely daughter after marriage. Liu Yijun now has a good harvest for his family and career.

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