Liu Yuning was accused of kidnapping Zeng Shunxi because Zeng Shunxi was scolded

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There should be nothing wrong with using this sentence to describe Liu Yuning. Liu Yuning has been scolded by netizens for his comments in the live broadcast room for many times in recent months. Liu Yuning’s latest live broadcast was scolded by netizens again. Liu Yuning was scolded for Zeng Shunxi, and netizens roast said that Liu Yuning was kidnapping Zeng Shunxi in morality. What happened between Liu Yuning and Zeng Shunxi? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Liu Yuning was scolded for Zeng Shunxi

Liu Yuning and Zeng Shunxi have cooperated in two works, one is the ultimate notes, and the other is that heroes are heroes. In these two plays, Liu Yuning is a match for Zeng Shunxi. In the eyes of many audiences, Zeng Shunxi’s acting is still better than Liu Yuning, and Zeng Shunxi’s position in the film and television series can still hold Liu Yuning down. Liu Yuning has always said that he and Zeng Shunxi are good friends, so they also have a lot of private exchanges.

Liu Yuning now has very good resources. Now he is shooting a new play with Liu Tao, in which he is the hero. Another play of Liu Yuning has also been decided to play Yinian Guanshan as the actor’s partner Liu Shishi. Liu Yuning mentioned the play Yinian Guanshan in his recent live broadcast. Liu Yuning said that the male number two in the play felt particularly suitable for his good friend Zeng Shunxi, so it was like Zeng Shunxi recommended it.

Liu Yuning is accused of kidnapping Zeng Shunxi by Morality

Liu Yuning and Zeng Shunxi said “ I’ve played a supporting role for you twice. How about you play a supporting role for me ”? Liu Yuning thought his sentence was particularly humorous. Of course, Zeng Shunxi refused. However, many netizens feel that Liu Yuning’s words are inappropriate. They feel that it is a bit moral to kidnap Zeng Shunxi. Moreover, Liu Yuning previously played a supporting role for Zeng Shunxi’s plays. His position was limited to supporting roles. These two supporting roles were not played for Zeng Shunxi. However, Liu Yuning’s fans explained that Liu Yuning was just kidding. Everyone believed that 20% of the stories he told in the live studio were OK.

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