Liubili, the strongest junior in the history, won 500million out with four children in six years

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Although Xi Mihua has been in prison for half a year, the news about him has once again shattered everyone’s three outlooks. Ximihua was accused of money laundering before, but the specific figures are unknown. According to the latest news, the amount involved in the case of ximihua is as high as 680billion yuan, which is an astronomical figure. Everyone once again paid attention to the third child liubili, who was the most powerful in the history. Within six years of contact with ximihua, liubili gave birth to four children in succession, and then got 500million out. What exactly happened? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liubili, the strongest junior in history

Liubili is called the strongest junior in the history because her dog blood story with ximihua is really wonderful. Even at that time, liubili’s status threatened sister-in-law Ximi. If it were not for ximihua’s unwillingness to split her property with her original partner, ximihua would have divorced and married liubili. Moreover, liubili is also well aware of her position in ximihua’s mind, so even if everyone knows that she is a junior, liubili still has a very arrogant attitude and performs various cosseting dramas with sister-in-law ximihua.

Finally, sister-in-law Ximi threatened to divorce her property. Only then did ximihua decide to break up with liubili. However, Xi Mihua did not mistreat Liu Bili, but gave her a $500million breakup fee. After that, liubili took money and four children to live in Britain. Liubili directly bought a manor in Britain. Liubili usually exposes her life photos on social platforms, and her status is really enviable.

Liubili won 500million in six years with four children

Zimihua was arrested this time, and the people around him were basically implicated. Liubili, who once shared a bed with ximihua, was unharmed this time because she has nothing to do with ximihua now. And she is a Malaysian nationality, and her property is in Britain. Even if ximihua’s assets are recovered, it has nothing to do with liubili.

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