Liuhaocun’s copywriting is suspected of plagiarizing himself. He responded that the copywriting was written for himself

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When it comes to resources in the entertainment industry, many people will think of Liu haocun. Liuhaocun’s appearance is really outstanding, but her mother’s scandal has a great impact on her. Moreover, liuhaocun’s own remarks are also very controversial, resulting in liuhaocun having a large number of black fans. Liuhaocun suspected plagiarism in his copy. Liuhaocun also responded to this matter, saying that the copy he wrote was not plagiarism. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liuhaocun suspected plagiarism

The cause of the matter was that Liu Hao shared his daily life on his own social platform, but netizens pointed out that Liu haocun’s content was plagiarized from his words published in 2020. Later, Liu haocun sent a long article in response to the netizen, insisting that he had not copied. Subsequently, Liu haocun’s studio also announced that someone had maliciously spread rumors and had entrusted a lawyer to collect evidence.

The netizens who accused Liu haocun of plagiarizing published their own words in 2020, which are almost identical to the content Liu haocun recently sent. Anyone who sees Liu haocun is plagiarizing. However, Liu haocun has also questioned that the so-called text screenshots published in 2020 by netizens are suspected to be p’s and not real. However, many gourd eaters believe that liuhaocun must have plagiarized. Based on her remarks during the interview, she simply could not write such a poetic article.

Liuhaocun wrote the response for himself

Moreover, Liu haocun fought back against the netizens’ articles and wrote a pair of lengthy articles. The logic is very clear, which is not consistent with the impression that Liu Hao exists in the public mind. Therefore, netizens questioned that these articles were written by the staff for liuhaocun. Many netizens even questioned that this matter was hype from beginning to end. In the afternoon, the marketing number issued a document questioning liuhaocun’s plagiarism. Liuhaocun immediately blogged against plagiarism, and then the matter was immediately searched. Liuhaocun’s studio immediately issued a statement. It always felt that the script trace was too obvious.

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