Liuhaoran’s Support Committee refuted the rumor and denied participating in the Chinese restaurant 6

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In recent days, the news about Chinese restaurant 6 has suddenly become a lot. It is obvious that Hunan Satellite TV has started to promote the program, because the guests of Chinese restaurant 6 have been decided and will start recording soon. Liuhaoran’s Support Committee refuted the rumor and denied the rumor that liuhaoran was a flying guest at Chinese restaurant 6. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liuhaoran’s Support Committee has spoken out to dispel the rumor

The regular guests of Chinese restaurant 6 are huangxiaoming, Yin Tao, Zhang Ruoyun, tansongyun and chenlinong. Then there was news that liuhaoran and liuhaocun went back to the program to be flying guests. This news has exploded on the Internet. If liuhaoran really goes to the flying Chinese restaurant 6, he will get together with Tan songyun. Liuhaoran and tansongyun have cooperated best with us before. They are also considered screen CP because of the popularity of this play.

However, the fans of liuhaoran and tansongyun are very difficult to deal with, especially the fans of liuhaoran. It is estimated that few do not hate tansongyun. The reason is that tansongyun and liuhaoran were photographed dating. Liuhaoran hugged tansongyun and pressed the road. They got on the same car and went to the hotel. After this incident was exposed, it naturally caused an uproar.

Liuhaoran denies participating in Chinese restaurant 6

Soon news came out that it was the paparazzi notified by tansongyun Fang who deliberately took pictures of her dating with liuhaoran. Because Liu Haoran’s traffic is much larger than tansongyun’s, tansongyun wants to rely on gossip to get resources. Of course, this is just a rumor. Whether it is true or false is uncertain. However, liuhaoran and tansongyun were really estranged because of this incident. Since then, there has been no contact. Tansongyun’s image in the eyes of liuhaoran’s fans is also super bad. Therefore, this time it was reported that Liu Haoran flew to Chinese restaurant 6, and Liu Haoran’s support club came out to refute the rumor at the first time.

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