Liuxiaofeng’s recent photo reveals that his face is puffy and looks like steamed bread

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When Liu Xiaofeng was young, he was also the representative of the mainland cream Xiaosheng. In those years, he also had countless fans. But later, liuxiaofeng also began to adjust himself to the rough side, transforming into a tough guy. Liu Xiaofeng’s recent photo was exposed. The whole person was fat. His face was swollen like a steamed bun. Netizens shouted that they couldn’t recognize him. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Recent photos of liuxiaofeng exposed

Recently, liuxiaofeng and Jing Boran attended the event together. As the most popular star at the event, Jing Boran was the focus of the evening. Many people took videos of Jing Boran at the event. However, in the video, liuxiaofeng, standing behind Jing Boran, has become a hot topic. Even many netizens dare not recognize that this greasy man with a swollen face like steamed bread is liuxiaofeng.

Liuxiaofeng also had long hair that day, and the hair on both sides of his cheeks had decorated his cheeks, but even so, liuxiaofeng’s face was still very scary. Just the size of his face, Liu Xiaofeng is definitely twice as big as Jing Boran around him. The most unacceptable thing is that Liu Xiaofeng’s face looks very swollen and his whole body has gained weight. Netizens were very surprised and asked liuxiaofeng why he became so greasy and why he became an old sister-in-law. Was he soaked in water.

Liuxiaofeng’s fat face looks like steamed bread

When he was young, liuxiaofeng was also a thin and beautiful man. Many ancient costumes were also very good-looking. He had a good grasp of his appearance and temperament. Liu Xiaofeng, who was born in 1971, is now only 51 years old. As a result, he has become so fat. Many netizens said they couldn’t accept it and felt that Liu Xiaofeng’s current appearance was not suitable for appearing on the screen. Of course, many netizens questioned whether Liu Xiaofeng was ill and would become fat and swollen.

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