Liuxiaoqing sold two words of live broadcast to 2888 yuan

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Now many stars have begun to move to the live broadcasting industry, and have used their artists’ aura to sell goods in the live broadcasting room. Compared with other stars, Liu Xiaoqing is particularly special. Liu Xiaoqing sold his own calligraphy and paintings in the live broadcast room, and Liu Xiaoqing sold them for 2888 yuan in the live broadcast room. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liuxiaoqing’s live selling words

Many stars’ live broadcast products are sold by other manufacturers. Liuxiaoqing is definitely the first star to sell his own calligraphy and painting in the live broadcast room. Liu Xiaoqing wrote in front of everyone in the live broadcast room, and then praised his handwriting for being particularly good. The more he saw it, the more he liked it. Liu Xiaoqing sells one word and two. Liu Xiaoqing wrote “ Tea ceremony ” Two words, and then hang it on the small yellow car in the live broadcasting room. The price is 2888 yuan.

But it has been hung up for a long time, and the sales volume is always displayed as 0. However, there are almost 8000 people watching Liu Xiaoqing’s live studio, and none of them are willing to buy it. It can be seen that everyone still thinks it is too expensive. Liuxiaoqing herself was not aware of this problem at all. She explained to the camera that although the two words were sold for 2888 yuan, they were written by her own hands and were of great collection value. Netizens would never regret buying them back.

Liu Xiaoqing sold for 2888 yuan

For Liu Xiaoqing’s behavior, many netizens are angry and even say that Liu Xiaoqing is stealing money. After all, a piece of paper with pen and ink is not worth any money at all. What Liu Xiaoqing sells is actually her own fame, which is almost as good as empty handed white wolf. Netizens said that they could accept Liu Xiaoqing’s sharing of her life in the play and teaching everyone to write, but they couldn’t understand her behavior of selling words. Liu Xiaoqing is not short of money. He also married a rich husband. There is no need to destroy his image in the public in order to earn this money.

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