Liuxilie admits that plagiarism will be solved through negotiation with the original author ryuyi Sakamoto

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I have a little partner who pays attention to the Korean entertainment circle, and I should be very familiar with Liu xilie. He is a very famous host and musician in Korea, and his position in the Korean entertainment circle is quite high. However, recently, Liu xilie was caught in a plagiarism scandal and was angrily criticized by many Korean netizens. Liuxilie admits to plagiarism and says he will negotiate with the song’s original author ryuyi Sakamoto. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liuxilie admits plagiarism

Within a week, Liu xilie was repeatedly exposed to plagiarism scandals. Some netizens found that one of the songs in Liu xilie’s music for life, which Liu xilie quit last year, was suspected to have plagiarized longyi Sakamoto’s Aqua. Later, netizens began to make various revelations. They also supported Liu xilie’s 2013 work pleasedon&\39; tgomygirl and publicannouncement’s bodybump&\39 Also super like, suspected of plagiarism. The song “happybirthdaytoyou” created by liuxilie in 2002 is also suspected of plagiarizing the song “happybirthday” by Japanese singer hiroji Yuchi.

Liu xilie’s plagiarism is on the rise, and netizens have roast that Liu xilie is a repeat offender who plagiarizes other people’s music works. Liu xilie’s plagiarism even involved his company’s artists, and many Korean netizens began to boycott Liu xilie. Facing the criticism from the outside world, liuxilie also issued an apology through the company’s official wechat, admitting that he had unconsciously copied ryonesakamoto’s works.

Liuxilie plagiarizes the works of ryoyi Sakamoto

Liuxilie explained that ryuyi Sakamoto is a musician he loves and respects very much. He is also deeply influenced by ryuyi Sakamoto in his music creation. Next, liuxilie will also contact ryonoichi Sakamoto to negotiate and resolve the plagiarism. Liuxilie will also assume his own responsibility. After Liu xilie publicly apologized, I didn’t expect that the evaluation of Korean netizens on this matter was reversed 180 degrees. Many netizens praised Liu xilie’s cool attitude of admitting plagiarism.

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