Liuyalou is LinBiao’s firewall!

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Boling said:

Liu Yalou’s life is not complicated,

But every critical moment has a critical role,

Even to some extent,

His battle and death have rewritten history.


In 1929, LinBiao was already the commander of the first column of the Fourth Red Army. Liu Yalou had just joined the Red Army and was fighting at the grass-roots level.

In peacetime, two people with such great differences in status may have close intersection in work, and it is difficult to generate deep personal feelings. However, in that war era, the old and new revolutionary ranks changed very quickly, so there is nothing impossible.

The spark of fate between LinBiao and liuyalou broke out in August, 1931, the Huangpi battle in the third anti encirclement and suppression war.

In that war, Chiang Kai Shek mobilized 300000 people to attack the Soviet Area by left and right routes, while the Red Army had only 30000 troops available to fight. Therefore, the Red Army was facing a direct disadvantage to the enemy and had to bypass the enemy’s rear to seek fighters.

Mao Zedong and Zhu De judged that the strength of the national army in Futian was weak. The Red Army could ignore the main force of the national army, break through the encirclement from Futian, and sweep away the rear forces of the national army. When the main force of the national army returned, it could use mobile warfare to wipe out the single forces.

However, when the red army attacked Futian, it was discovered that the national army had preempted the occupation of Futian and blocked the Red Army.

Mao Zedong and Zhu De immediately changed their tactics and decided to use the red 35 army to forcibly cross the Ganjiang River to attract fire. Before the National Army encircled the left and right roads, the main force crossed the 40 kilometer wide strip between the left and right roads of the national army and moved to the Liantang area to fight.

On August 11, the red army encountered maobingwen’s headquarters in Huangpi.

LinBiao, the commander of the Fourth Red Army, was in charge of the front line command. He ordered the red 35 regiment to block the front enemy, hold the position, and buy time for the main force to bypass the enemy, and the political commissar of the red 35 regiment was liuyalou.

The political commissar of the Red Army period had the final say, so Liu Yalou was actually the person in charge of the barrage.

At dawn, the red 35th regiment had not yet completed its fortifications. The enemy attacked fiercely and caught them by surprise. Moreover, Liu Yalou received information that the enemy had only two battalions attacking the position. As a result, the war officially started. Liu Yalou found that the enemy had at least one integrated brigade.

This kind of war is too difficult to fight.

Liuyalou and the regimental commander sent a messenger to report to the division commander and LinBiao while commanding the troops to intercept the enemy, telling them to prepare as soon as possible for changes in the battlefield.

Not long after, the correspondent brought back LinBiao’s order: “the battle plan has been made, and all troops must complete their tasks as planned.”

What else can liuyalou say? He asked the correspondent to tell LinBiao: “as long as liuyalou is there, the position must be there.”

The enemy kept rushing up, and the Red Army soldiers kept falling down. At last, all the bullets were gone. Liu Yalou commanded the soldiers to continue the battle with stones and sticks.

After a battle, there were only a dozen people left in the red 35th regiment, almost all of them seriously injured. Political commissar liuyalou survived, but his leg was injured. He had to use a broken gun barrel as a crutch to stand up.

Even though the sacrifice was so tragic, the red 35 regiment still completed its combat mission, and kept its position to buy time for the main force to annihilate the enemy.

We can imagine that if Liu Yalou’s position is not held, the battle in Huangpi will probably be lost. When the National Army reacts to encircle and encircle, whether the third counter encirclement and suppression can be won or not is still a matter of two minds.

The victory of the war was caused by various factors, but oneortwo of them were the main factors.

In the third counter campaign against encirclement and suppression, Mao Zedong and Zhu De’s strategic command was the first, LinBiao’s tactical execution was the second, and liuyalou’s command of the red 35 regiment to hold its position was the third.

So after the battle in Huangpi, LinBiao got to know liuyalou again. He felt that he was not an ordinary military cadre, but a general who could be cultivated vigorously.

This battle can be seen as the starting point of LinBiao’s personal friendship with liuyalou.

At the beginning of the Long March, LinBiao commanded the first Red Army Corps to be the pioneer. The second Red Army division commanded by liuyalou and Chen Guang was the pioneer among the pioneers, leading the long march.

On October 11th, 1934, LinBiao sent a top secret telegram to the second division of the Red Army: “the second division of the Red Army, as the vanguard of the first corps of the Red Army, marched in the direction of Xinfeng River.”

Xinfeng was the first line of defense that Chiang Kai Shek ordered Yu hanmou to build. He built numerous blockhouses. Yu hanmou thought that the line of defense was as solid as gold. Chiang Kai Shek was also very confident in this line of defense.

But they met the second red division.

Under the command of liuyalou and Chen Guang, the second division of the Red Army broke Yu hanmou’s defense line in only a dozen hours and passed the good news to LinBiao, and then to the Central Committee, which had not yet set out. Then came the second line of defense of the Hunan and Guangdong armies and the third line of defense of Jiufeng Mountain. The speed of breakthrough was unexpected to everyone.

LinBiao manually praised: “Liu Yalou is good, so is Chen Guang.”

Zhou Enlai said, “we have to hurry, or we won’t be able to catch up with the second division of the Red Army.”

But the central government did not hurry up.

With too much luggage, the Central Committee was dragging its feet on the road. It had to hold meetings to discuss political issues. It moved very slowly.

As a result, the second division of the Red Army has broken through the fourth blockade of the Xiangjiang River and opened the gap of westward advance, but it can’t wait for the central government. LinBiao took the main force of the first Red Army Corps to the Xiangjiang River. The central government still has a long way to go. LinBiao and nierongzhen forced LinBiao and nierongzhen to send a telegram to the Central Government:

“It is difficult to be absolutely sure that the positions on the West Bank will be entrenched tomorrow. Military affairs east of Xiangshui need to cross the river at night and at night.”

It was impossible to cross the river through the night and the stars. It was not until noon the next day, that is, December 1, that they received the news that the Central Committee and all the troops had crossed the river.

The battle lasted three days and three nights. The Red Army was reduced to 30000 people and suffered heavy casualties.

Liu Yalou and Chen Guang, as pioneer troops, basically did not sleep for three days and nights. Like the battle in Huangpi, they became one of the main factors for the Red Army to successfully break through the blockade.

This is the credit of liuyalou.

He played an irreplaceable role in several critical moments. If he did it once in a while, it might be a coincidence, but he could do it again and again, which only showed that Liu Yalou was superior in ability, as fast as the wind, as fast as the forest, and as immobile as the mountain.

Moreover, liuyalou has changed several partners, and there is no unstable performance. It also shows that liuyalou has great prestige and voice when cooperating with several partners.

LinBiao liked this kind of subordinate who was both literate and martial.


In February, 1936, the Central Red Army, which had been on the long march to northern Shaanxi, launched an eastern expedition to wipe out Yan Xishan and occupy Shanxi as a base area.

Liuyalou, who took up the post of the second division of the Red Army, became a pioneer again.

However, at that time, the Central Red Army had only 13000 people. The size of the Red Army was too different from that of Yan Xishan’s Jin army. As a result, the eastern expedition to Shanxi failed to achieve the expected goal. It only expanded the Red Army by thousands and raised 300000 yuan to return to Northern Shaanxi.

When he returned to northern Shaanxi, the second Red Army division was still in charge of the aftermath. Later, Mao Zedong personally went to the headquarters of the second Red Army division, held the hands of division commander liuyalou and political commissar Xiaohua and said:

“It’s your second division of the Red Army that opened the road. It’s your second division of the Red Army after the end of the war. You sang Xiao Dan and played Wu Sheng. You both said the opening remarks and sang the finale.”

Mao Zedong’s outpouring of appreciation cannot be concealed.

However, after the war, Liu Yalou basically left the battlefield. First, he went to the Red Army University, and then went to the vorongze Military College of the Soviet Union for further study. He learned a lot of theoretical knowledge.

Maybe liuyalou didn’t know that he had left the battlefield for 12 years.

However, on the day of leaving the battlefield, liuyalou and LinBiao’s feelings warmed up quickly.

When liuyalou was studying in the Red Army University, LinBiao was the president of the Red Army University. After he graduated, LinBiao personally called the roll and Mao Zedong agreed that liuyalou would be employed immediately after graduation. He became the chief educator of the University and returned to work under LinBiao.

Later, liuyalou went to the Soviet Union for further study. LinBiao also went to the Soviet Union for treatment because of his injury. The two met again in the Soviet Union. They often attended meetings, had dinner and chatted together, and talked about military technology at home and abroad.

LinBiao has also seen liuyalou polish his shoes countless times and witnessed him develop the habit of first polishing his shoes and then washing his face

Appreciating work and getting along with life all the year round, LinBiao and liuyalou have transcended war friendship and become true friends.

As we all know, LinBiao likes to be quiet and alone. When it is not necessary, he never attends parties and drinks. However, for liuyalou, LinBiao is always an exception.

When they were in Yan’an, liuyalou married Ling Yi. Mao Zedong and LinBiao, as distinguished guests, attended the wedding, which made others envious. They were all revolutionary cadres. Why didn’t they attend other people’s weddings, only your liuyalou wedding?

It shows that Mao Zedong and LinBiao valued you, liuyalou, and did not regard you as an outsider.

When he arrived in the Soviet Union, Liu Yalou took part in the Patriotic War of the Soviet Union. The news back home was that Liu Yalou had died in the war. Ling Yi had difficulty living alone with her children, so she married another comrade.

Liuyalou, who learned that his wife had remarried, knew that she had to suffer and did not blame Ling Yi. After adjusting her mood a little, she met Su Liwa, suzhaozheng’s daughter, and then married in the Soviet Union.

LinBiao also attended the wedding and gave his best wishes. He hoped that liuyalou, who had been fighting for more than ten years, would live a stable and happy life after that.

It is not easy for LinBiao to attend two weddings in succession, but LinBiao does not know that liuyalou has a third marriage.

In 1945, the Soviet army moved to the northeast to wipe out the Kwantung Army. Liu Yalou also went back to China as a major of the Soviet army.

Before leaving, suliva was unwilling to leave the Soviet Union. Liu Yalou had to return home alone. This marriage was also ended.

At that time, Liu Yalou was only 35 years old. He was also a well-known cadre in the Red Army. He belonged to the legitimate red diamond king. Naturally, there was no shortage of introducers.

After the introduction of Han Guang, the person in charge of LvDa, and wangxiping, the Secretary of Dalian county Party committee, liuyalou met quyunying, a primary school teacher, and got married in 1947.

At this time, liuyalou was the chief of staff of the Northeast Democratic United Army, so the standard of marriage was very high. Luoronghuan and his colleagues from the headquarters came to congratulate him, but LinBiao didn’t come. He only sent four words:

“Grow old together.”

He has already attended Liu Yalou’s two weddings. He thought he would never have to attend such a lively occasion again. Who knows that you, Liu Yalou, are endless. Who knows if there will be another one?

Well, I won’t join you this time. I wish you a long and lasting marriage and grow old together with quyunying. Don’t have another time. I’m tired

This kind of thing happens to others, which is common. But it happens to LinBiao and liuyalou. It always makes me feel inexplicably happy when I read it.

And this kind of happiness is also LinBiao’s rare warmth.



LinBiao and liuyalou said, “you, liuyalou, are the top three chiefs of staff.”

Why did Liu Yalou, who had been away from the domestic battlefield for 12 years, become the chief of staff of the Northeast Democratic United Army when he just returned home, and become LinBiao’s inseparable deputy?

In fact, there are reasons for this.

There are two reasons why liuyalou can be promoted to chief of staff.

During the Red Army period, he was a cadre of the first Red Army Corps. He always fought with Zhu Maolin. He belonged to the direct line of Zhu Maolin’s Red Army. The confidant of LinBiao’s confidants was naturally in the first echelon of selection and employment. If he had enough ability, he would have the priority of promotion.

Liu Yalou is a cadre who is capable of writing, fighting and fighting. His ability can meet the job requirements, and his qualifications can also hold the market.

This is the basis for being the chief of staff of the Northeast Democratic United Army.

Another reason is that Liu Yalou studied and worked in the Soviet Union, and came back with the Soviet army as a major of the Soviet army. Compared with other cadres, Liu Yalou has worked with the Soviet army and has a common language when dealing with the Soviet army in the future, which is more convenient.

With these two hard conditions and the recommendation of LinBiao and the consent of Mao Zedong, Liu Yalou became the chief of staff of the Northeast Democratic United Army from the division commander of the Red Army.

The speed of promotion can not be said to be unprecedented. At least there are no comers.

After liuyalou became chief of staff, LinBiao gave him the first task: “you make the headquarters look good for me.”

This is a sentence without a beginning or an end. If you don’t give specific tasks or requirements, it’s all up to liuyalou to guess.

Liuyalou began to wonder, what is a decent point?

After pondering for a long time, Liu Yalou realized that LinBiao wanted to learn from the Soviet army and build a staff team like an arm and a finger.

The Northeast Democratic United Army was founded not long ago, and many of its work was very rough. It was not generally difficult to learn from the Soviet army. However, LinBiao has given orders. No matter how difficult it is, liuyalou has to do it.

The first is the lack of maps.

The commander-in-chief commanded the war. It was impossible without a map. LinBiao was also good at calculation. He liked reading maps better than the commander-in-chief of the army at the same level. However, the whole headquarters did not have a standard map, which made LinBiao worried.

After liuyalou became the chief of staff, the first thing he did was to set up a combat map section. Then he took the amateur staff officers transferred from various units to put together a rough map, and drew a new map on white paper. After several nights, he drew a standard military map.

With the first picture, draw the second and third

Liuyalou and the group of amateur staff officers drew a series of maps for LinBiao from scratch. Sometimes, they had to go to the field to see the trend of mountains and rivers and the distribution of urban and rural areas in places not indicated on the old maps.

After the painting was finished, they were taken to the printing house for typesetting and printing. In addition to being hung at the headquarters for LinBiao, they could also be distributed to the column commanders for use.

Secondly, the quality of staff officers is not high.

It was said that “Liu Yalou brought amateur staff officers from various units” because these staff officers were originally fighting men and did not know what the staff officers did or what they could participate in.

So Liu Yalou set up a “training class for staff affairs”. In addition to training the staff officers of the headquarters, he also ordered the columns and divisions to send cadres to the training class to learn staff affairs. After learning the skills in the future, he returned to the units to build up the staff Affairs Group.

What did you learn in this training class?

Liuyalou said:

“A competent chief of staff should not only understand the quality, operational characteristics, names of principal officers, internal relations, weapons and equipment, the composition of new and old soldiers and the proportion of non combatants of the enemy and our forces, but also have insight into the terrain characteristics, traffic conditions, mobility, mass conditions, climate, etc. of the operational areas. This is the minimum quality requirement.”

In a word, every move on the battlefield should be well understood, and then a report should be made to the commander in chief of the army to provide information for him to make decisions.

Liu Yalou held this training course for six months every term. He handed over the working methods he had learned in the Soviet army to the staff officers of the Northeast Democratic United Army, and finally set up staff teams in units at all levels bit by bit.

However, the staff team of the headquarters led by liuyalou personally has amazing work efficiency. LinBiao can know what the situation is in the Northeast battlefield as long as he reads the report written by liuyalou, and then make judgments according to his own conclusions.

With such good results, Mao Zedong asked Liu Yalou to send the staff training plan and teaching materials to the Central Committee, which then forwarded them to all units of the army for reference by other units.

Finally, institutionalization.

After Liu Yalou and other staff training classes were on the right track, they stayed up late every day with their translators to translate the work regulations of the Soviet command, the red army staff business regulations and a large number of Russian military textbooks brought back from the Soviet army into Chinese.

The rules and regulations serve as the operational guidelines of the Northeast Democratic Coalition army, and teaching materials are distributed to training courses and cadres at all levels.

With the guarantee of the system, the Northeast Democratic United Army will have the skeleton of an iron lion.

It is reasonable to say that the chief of staff is almost qualified for this job, but liuyalou has done some extra work to help LinBiao sum up his tactical experience.

In the spring of 1948, the Northeast Army should study the experience of urban street warfare to avoid the problem of the Siping offensive.

Liuyalou went down to the army to investigate. He found that the 17th division of the 6th column had very few casualties during the crucial battle in Siping. He prepared a car to the army station and asked the division commander and political commissars to talk about it.

They and liuyalou said that the 17th division of the 6th column actually broke up the troops in the street battle, taking the company as the unit, and each company was reorganized into one of the fire group, blasting group, assault group and support group. During the street battle, the four groups were one team, covering and cooperating with each other, and the effect was very good.

Liu Yalou wrote while listening. His notebook was full of notes. After returning to the headquarters, he organized the troops to rehearse repeatedly. Finally, he gave a name – four groups and one team.

He reported the newly discovered tactics of “four groups and one team” to LinBiao, who was also very interested. Later, during the large-scale military training, LinBiao and liuyalou investigated, studied, summarized and refined the tactics of “one point and two sides”, “three three systems”, “three fierce tactics”, “three situations and three methods of play”, “four fast and one slow” and “four groups and one team”, which are collectively referred to as “six tactical principles”

These six tactics were the pinnacle of LinBiao’s military theory, but Liu Yalou also contributed to them.

So LinBiao said, “the eastern alliance has a strong headquarters and a strong staff team, which is an important guarantee for me to win battles.”

This is liuyalou, the chief of staff whom LinBiao trusted.

During the Liaoshen campaign and the Pingjin campaign, LinBiao sometimes had a quarrel with luoronghuan. However, he never said a single word with liuyalou. At most, he told me not to let liuyalou in when I read the map.

This also shows that he has an unusual relationship with Liu Yalou. Liu Yalou can go directly to LinBiao’s headquarters without notification.

If anyone can dissuade the rebellious LinBiao or set up a firewall for his work and life, it can only be liuyalou.

No one else can.



In july1949, when the founding of new China was imminent, Mao Zedong prepared to build the air force and transferred Liu Yalou as the air force commander.

As for the reason, it is the same as liuyalou’s appointment as the chief of staff of the Northeast Democratic United Army.

The air force is a high-tech force, which controls China’s air power. In the era of underdeveloped ground to air operations, as long as the aircraft has fuel and artillery shells, it will only have the opportunity for the aircraft to fight on the ground. There is no opportunity for the aircraft to fight on the ground.

It can be said that mastering the air force means mastering the safety of all people.

Whether public or private, the commander of the air force must be a man of complete trust.

Moreover, the newly established air force is preparing to buy 100 aircraft from the Soviet Union and send hundreds of people to study in the Soviet Union. Liu Yalou, who has a Soviet education background, is very convenient to deal with the Soviet Union.

At that time, Liu Yalou had just been transferred to the post of commander of the 14th corps, and was preparing to personally command the army to make contributions, so he was reluctant to be commander of the air force. LinBiao also said that Liu Yalou could not go south without fighting, and asked the Central Committee not to transfer Liu Yalou to leave the fourth field army.

However, Mao Zedong decided that Liu Yalou would not discuss it.

That’s it.

Liu Yalou left the army and became the first air force commander of new China. Then he began negotiations with the Soviet Union and signed the agreement just one month later:

“The Soviet side sold 434 aircraft, 129000 tons of gasoline and 12900 tons of lubricating oil to China, and sent 878 expert consultants to China to help China establish six aviation schools, one general aircraft repair plant and six small aircraft repair plants.”

The air force of new China has embarked on a journey,

Moreover, Liu Yalou, who had never understood the air force, also summed up with his comrades the air force tactics of “one field, two layers and four systems”. He shot down 330 enemy aircraft and wounded 95 on the battlefield of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea, and batch trained more than 8000 meritorious men above the third class.

It’s too fierce.

Since then, liuyalou has been the commander of the air force until his death in 1965.

The time of liuyalou’s death was nothing at that time, but now it is too early and too unlucky.

As early as in the northeast, he was able to take charge of LinBiao’s family affairs. For example, when LinBiao and ye Qun were fighting, he went to persuade them to fight, and stopped sycophants from selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head. After taking charge, LinBiao didn’t say anything, so that ye Qun was afraid of liuyalou.

Later, ye Qun became the director of the forestry office and asked that anyone who came to Maojiawan to see LinBiao must get her consent.

But liuyalou refused to buy one. Every time he went to see LinBiao, the staff said they would report to director Ye. Liuyalou was furious: “director ye? What special director ye, get out.” Then he swaggered in.

With so many times, ye Qun did not dare to put on airs. Instead, he courteously said that there was no need to inform commander Liu when he came.

Entering LinBiao’s home is like going back to his own home. Only liuyalou can defeat the domineering director ye after the founding of the people’s Republic of China.

There is no other reason. He has a good relationship with LinBiao.

Therefore, Liu Yalou’s temper rose, and even LinBiao dared to say.

LinBiao once said to liuyalou, “Yalou, why don’t you let your wife be the office director?”

Liu Yalou did not shy away: “madam, it is better not to ask about political affairs, especially not to put it around her. If things are not good, things will be bad in her hands.”

LinBiao didn’t listen to this sentence. Later, his fate changed. In particular, he took the opportunity to fall into Mongolia in the middle of the night. To a large extent, his wife and children were punished.

If liuyalou didn’t die in 1965, he could probably live a few more years and act as LinBiao’s firewall to control his wife and children. When LinBiao spoke and did things improperly, liuyalou could also dissuade him in time.

LinBiao has few friends alive. He can probably listen to liuyalou’s dissuasion.

Unfortunately, history has no ifs.

When liuyalou died in 1965, LinBiao’s mood was: “you buried the mud under the spring, and I sent snow all over the world.”

When LinBiao died in 1971, Mao Zedong’s mood was: “the Yellow Crane cut off the rock head. Is my old friend here? The old river and mountains are muddy. It’s a new worry. If you want to buy osmanthus flowers and carry wine, it’s different. You can travel as a teenager.”

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