Liuyaowen’s economy class was blocked by illegitimate students, seriously affecting the order in the class

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Liuyaowen is a member of the times youth league, and his popularity in the group is also very high. He has a lot of fans. And these hot men love beans, they will also encounter a headache, that is, they will be harassed by illegitimate powder. Liuyaowen’s economy class was blocked by illegitimate students, and the situation was quite serious, which had affected the order in the aircraft. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Liuyaowen’s economy class is blocked by illegitimate students

The topic of Liu Yaowen’s economy class got on the hot search. As a result, the hot search brought Liu Yaowen a lot of indignation. Many netizens have accused Liu Yaowen of holding a cloth to block him while sitting on the plane. Is this a show? He also roast that Liu Yaowen put on his mask directly. Few people would know him. These netizens who scold Liu Yaowen are really speechless. How could this be Liu Yaowen’s show and hype?

The truth of the matter is that Liu Yaowen had to buy economy class because of his illegitimate pink card ticket. As a result, in the economy class, a group of illegitimate fans gathered around to take video photos with their mobile phones. Liu Yaowen’s agent has been dissuading him, but these illegitimate fans have completely refused to listen.

Liuyaowen’s illegitimate influence on the order in the cabin

Liuyaowen is wearing a mask and shrinking in the corner. He is really pathetic. The assistant was also forced to take the blanket on the plane to cover Liu Yaowen. Even so, these illegitimate powders did not disperse, and they still took videos from various angles around Liu Yaowen’s seat. In this case, as a star, I’m actually very helpless. I can’t yell at these illegitimate fans on the plane. At that time, I will be scolded by netizens for playing big cards. I’m wrong in everything I do. Netizens should not blame Liu Yaowen. These illegitimate fans should be blamed.

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