Liuzhenhong’s enthusiasm has declined. Why is liuzhenhong not on fire

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Liu’s popularity has decreased a lot during this period. Although the number of fans of Liu has reached 70million, the number of people in his live studio has decreased significantly. Compared with the previous situation where twoorthree million people watch online at the same time, the number is significantly less than half. Liu Wanhong’s enthusiasm has decreased. Why did Liu Wanhong suddenly stop burning? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Liuzhenhong’s enthusiasm has decreased

There are three main reasons for the decline of liuzhenhong’s popularity. The first reason is that many people were sealed at home because of the epidemic. When people do nothing at home, they will want to find something to do. Following liuzhenhong’s movement can not only prevent them from being labeled as fat parents, but also keep up with the trend. Now that the seal has been released, many people have gone to work normally. Everyone was so tired after work that they didn’t want to follow liuzhenhong’s live studio anymore.

The second reason is that no platform will always push one live broadcast. This is to prevent the situation that one company is the dominant one. The hot people on Tiktok are basically changing from one to another. Liu’s popularity is also supported by Tiktok. Some time ago, Tiktok held liuzhenhong and gave him a lot of traffic. Now Tiktok is obviously popular. It has started to push the live broadcasting room of New Oriental, especially dongyuhui, who will also become the new traffic king of Tiktok.

Why is liuzhenhong not on fire

The third reason is that netizens will have visual fatigue. Although liuzhenhong also tried to arrange some new aerobics, the popular ones are still those. But every day is a repetitive exercise, and everyone will lose enthusiasm. Except for those netizens who really love fitness, they will continue to follow liuzhenhong’s live studio. Many netizens who follow the trend have already run away. However, in the face of this situation, liuzhenhong is also in a normal state of mind, saying that he has achieved influence.

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