Live Barbie Delilah has obvious cosmetic sequelae

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Many children like Barbie dolls very much, but when Barbie dolls become a live version, people may not like it. Delilah, the online celebrity, became popular on the Internet with her Barbie doll like appearance. Live Barbie Delilah brought the goods live, but the cosmetic sequelae on her face was too obvious. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Live Barbie Delilah live with goods

Delilah shaped herself into a Barbie doll through cosmetic surgery and makeup. But Barbie’s own facial features and body proportions are very unscientific, so many people simply can’t appreciate the real Barbie doll. So Delilah was very controversial on the Internet from the very beginning. At that time, there were many so-called real Barbies on the Internet, and Delilah was one of the more famous ones.

Recently, Netizens found that Delilah, who has disappeared from the Internet for a period of time, has started live broadcasting with goods. Even her male assistant in the live broadcasting room feels her face has been changed, and her facial features are also leaning towards Barbie dolls. Delilah brought goods live, attracting many onlookers. Barbie’s mouth is very small, so Delilah’s mouth is also very small. When selling some food in the live studio, Delilah looked very awkward when she ate.

Delilah has obvious cosmetic sequelae

Because Delilah can’t directly open her mouth to bite the food like ordinary people, while Delilah just sticks the food into her mouth and chews the food very hard. When netizens doubt that Delilah can’t open her mouth, Delilah will eat to prove to the public. It’s just that the way she eats is really uncomfortable. It feels like the food will burst her mouth. Although many people questioned Delilah, and even various netizens left messages satirizing Delilah, there were also many people in the live studio who supported Delilah.

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