Lollipop sister Alice choked to death after eating. She was suspected to have been abused by her husband’s family before she died

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Although Alice is popular online in Thailand, she is also very popular in China. She was named candy girl by Chinese otaku. Alice is loved by otaku men with her lovely face and sexy figure. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly when she was 27. Lollipop sister Alice choked to death after eating, and was suspected of being abused by her husband’s family before she died. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Lollipop girl Alice choked to death after eating

Alice became popular on the Internet with her bold dressing style, which is definitely a combination of angels and demons. Her beautiful photos are also used by many people to make avatars. After becoming popular on the Internet, Alice became very busy at work. Alice’s mother revealed in an interview that Alice is often busy until twoorthree o’clock in the morning, and she is also very careless about eating. She basically eats whatever she wants.

Once Alice came home from work late again, and Alice’s brother bought her a piece of glutinous rice noodles. Alice also worked while eating glutinous rice flour when she got home. As a result, she was too anxious to eat, and immediately sucked the food into her windpipe. Although Alice’s family had called an ambulance soon, Alice died, so everyone said that Alice choked on her meal. After Alice’s death, her family also showed photos of the ceremony for Alice, and sharp eyed Netizens found that there were many needle eyes on the back of Alice’s hand.

Alice is suspected of being abused by her husband’s family

In this regard, some netizens who claimed to be insiders broke the news, saying that Alice had secretly married long ago and had a bad relationship with her husband’s family. The needle eye on the back of her hand was probably abused by her husband’s family. They suspected that the truth of Alice’s death might not be suffocation, but murder. However, Alice’s family soon denied the revelation. Alice’s family said that Alice really died by accident. There was no murder and domestic violence. Alice didn’t get married in seclusion at all. Alice’s family also called for Alice to leave quietly, and hoped that everyone would not slander Alice.

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