Long Po Luo Lan was unmarried all her life and had no children. She went to the hospital alone to arrange her afterlife

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Netizens who like to watch old horror movies in Hong Kong should be very familiar with Long Po Luo Lan. People who have seen her movies should think that she is very afraid, and even her face has been equated with ghost movies. Long Po Luo Lan was unmarried and childless all her life. Recently, she went to the hospital alone to arrange her affairs. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Long Po Luo Lan was unmarried and childless all her life

Luo Lan was born in 1934. Her former name was Lu Yanying. She has been acting since 1960 and changed her name to Luo Lan. Roland has a nickname called tvb“ Ghost queen ” And “ Shenpo professional household ”, This is because she has played many horrible ghost roles. For example, the series of “July 14”, “Yin Yang Road”, etc., especially the Long Po she played in “July 14”, is really the childhood shadow of many little friends. Up to now, she still calls Luo Lan as long Po.

Although Roland has created many frightening characters in film and television, he is actually a very amiable person in his life. The reason why Luo Lan didn’t get married is also related to her early screen image. Luo Lan once said in an interview that many men dare not fall in love with themselves. Even if they fall in love, their parents won’t agree to marry them, because the elders are very superstitious and don’t want their daughter to marry “ Ghosts ” Go home.

Roland went to the hospital alone to arrange the aftermath

Roland said he had never imagined that he would have a full house of grandchildren, so he had no great desire for marriage and children. But Roland took his nephews as his own children, and also recognized his son and daughter. They were very good to Roland. Roland has always been a very independent person. In the latest episode, at the age of 88, she went to the hospital alone to arrange her affairs behind her. It is reported that Roland signed a body donation agreement with the hospital for medical research.

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