“ Lord Ma has three eyes on his head; What does that mean? What are the legends about who Lord Ma is?

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What does “Lord Ma has three eyes on his head” mean? What are the legends about who Lord Ma is? Today, I have brought you relevant content to share with you.

There is a popular saying in ancient China: “Lord Ma has three eyes on his head.” This person is described as having great powers, good eyesight and everything under his control.

Then, who is “Lord Ma”? Why do you have three eyes?

(portrait of Lord MA)

Lord Ma is the God of horses. As the name implies, Lord Ma is the protector of horses. Therefore, Ma Wangye is also called “the bright King of water and grass horses”. In Tibetan Buddhism, King Ming is the embodiment of Buddha. His Dharma is limitless and can help the world and people. He can not only subdue demons and exorcise evil spirits, but also eliminate disasters and solve difficulties. With such a Ming king to protect the water and grass, all the horses can enjoy it without worry.

In order to commemorate King Ma, people have built many horse temples, which constantly offer incense and worship throughout the year. Because it is said that King Ma is a Taoist God, when offering sacrifices, “King Ma is teaching and does not enjoy black animal meat”, only a whole sheep can be used.

In the Yin Ruins of Anyang, an early Mawang temple was found. After many times of destruction and reconstruction, it can no longer be seen. The statue of Lord MA in the hall is tall and powerful, with realistic images.

There are mainly three kinds of folk opinions about who the Lord Ma is.

First, Lord Ma was Yin Jiao, the crown prince of King Zhou of Yin.

According to legend, at the end of the Shang Dynasty, after King Zhou of Shang Dynasty made an eastward expedition and defeated the eastern barbarians and returned to the Chaoge, he began to build a large-scale construction project, summoning skilled craftsmen from all over the world, and built the magnificent Lutai and Jiexing buildings. He also built a wine pond and meat forest in the palace, and sang all night with Daji, who was a great power. He was extravagant and lecherous, and put the major political events and the suffering of the people behind him. At the same time, with Daji’s instigation, he wantonly and tyrannically framed Zhongliang.

King Zhou’s Prince Yin Jiao was ambitious and knew right from wrong. He really couldn’t stand the misdeeds of his father and Daji, so he risked being convicted and spoke out. However, the obsessed King Zhou not only refused to listen to his advice, but thought that Yin Jiao was disobedient and rebellious, and expelled him from the palace and demoted him to a horse breeder.

Yin Jiao, who suffered unjustly, did not sink, but shared weal and woe with the common people around him, and the people affectionately called him “Lord Ma”. Later, Yin Jiao accidentally fell off a cliff and died. In order to commemorate him, the people built the “Mawang Temple” to commemorate him forever.

(still photo of Yin Jiao)

Second, Lord Ma is the four stars in the sky, also known as Ma Lingguan.

Ma Lingguan, whose real name is Hua Guang, is one of the four Marshals in Taoism. In the Ming Dynasty novel Journey to the south, the protagonist is Ma Lingguan. It is said that Ma Lingguan was originally the lamp wick of the Buddhist temple. After listening to scriptures under the Buddha’s seat for a long time, he developed into the essence of fire, the spirit of fire, the Yin of fire and the soul of fire. Later, because he burned the Dragon King who came to Leiyin temple to provoke him, he was reincarnated three times before and after being punished by the Tathagata. He first entered ma’er mountain and “moved the door with three eyes to see the three realms” just after he was born. After entering the yanxuantian King’s house again, he still couldn’t change his hot temper. He had no choice but to throw himself into the dexingjun’s house three times. In the end, the Jade Emperor was really talented during his reign, so he was named Zhenwu emperor.

Third, Ma Wangye was Jin RIWEI in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.

As we all know, Jin RIWEI was the prince of the Xiongnu’s XiuTu department. He was captured when Huo Qubing destroyed the Xiongnu. However, this man was extremely clever, and he was flattered by Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty gave full play to his strong point of raising horses and appointed him as a horse supervisor. After that, Jin riyu rose to fame and even was selected by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty as an important minister to support Zhao emperor Liu Fuling together with Huo Guang. After his death, the people respected him as “Lord Ma”.

Then, why does Lord ma have three eyes? There are also two legends.

The first is that the Jade Emperor rewarded them.

The Jade Emperor was particularly concerned about the suffering of the people, and sent xingrima (Lord MA), Lou Jingou, kuimulang and Xuri rat to the earth to investigate the situation on earth and report truthfully. Lou Jingou, kuimu wolf and Xuri mouse returned to the jade emperor that everything was OK after they had traveled around the world. There was only truth, goodness and beauty in the world, and there was no hypocrisy, ugliness, and peace.

However, xingrima actually told us that there are also evil forces in the world, and the people live in hardship. The Jade Emperor sent Taibai Jinxing to recheck. As xingrima said, he gave him a third eye so that he could better distinguish between good and evil in the world. Since then, Lord Ma has a third eye.

(portrait of Lu Ban)

The second way is that Lord Ma picked it up.

It is said that Lu Ban and his sister Lu Jiang were trying to build a bridge. Lu Ban built the Zhaozhou Bridge overnight and boasted: “although the bridge I built took a short time, it is strong and solid. No matter how heavy the goods are, it can not be crushed.”

Old Zhang Guo, who was practicing in Hengshan, wanted to join in the fun and invited Lord Chai to test whether the Zhaozhou Bridge built by Luban was a “tofu dregs project”.

I saw Zhang Guo riding his little donkey, putting the sun and the moon on both sides of the bridge, slowly coming to the bridge to test Lu Ban: “can I get on the bridge?” Lu Ban laughed and said, “the big and small vehicles are running smoothly. Are you afraid of your thin donkey?” When Zhang Guolao came to the center of the bridge, the bridge body rattled, but he could barely bear it. Zhang Guolao passed through without any danger, and Lu Ban was also scared.

Lord Chai pushed his unicycle, carrying Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Mount Heng and Mount Heng, and then followed. As soon as I got on the bridge, the whole stone bridge shook violently and was about to collapse. Lu Ban jumped into the river and held the bridge with both hands, barely keeping it from collapsing.

When the two of them passed, the bridge shook so much that monk Zhang Er of Lu Ban couldn’t figure it out. How could it be? When Zhang Guolao left, he dropped a sentence: “the bridge is really well built, but its eyesight is poor.” It’s no wonder that Lu Ban, who is used to seeing ink fountain, is really blind to immortals.

In a fit of anger, Lu Ban pulled out his left eye and threw it on the bridge. He only used one eye for the carpentry work afterwards. Until now, carpenters still keep one eye open and one eye closed when hanging the line with ink cartridges. They are used to aiming with one eye.

Later, Prince Ma happened to pass by Zhaozhou Bridge, picked up Luban’s left eye and put it on his forehead. Thus, Lord Ma became “three eyes”.

However, these are all myths and legends, which are far from the true history and can not be trusted. However, these myths and legends have been passed from generation to generation in history because they are full of life and interest until today. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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