Lost Europe, IQ is hard injury!

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Author: Xiaoer Pang source: wechat official account: think tank baixiaosheng

I have always made a judgment on the world pattern, that is, the multi polar coexistence of the United States, China, Russia and the European Union. However, recently, I have changed this view.

Europe has gone further and further along the so-called politically correct path. Under the guidance of the United States, the Europeans themselves have entered the quagmire.

After two world wars, France and Germany finally came together and led Europe through a glorious road. However, since Madame Mo retired, there have been no decent politicians in Germany. Macron is also a lonely tree. After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian crisis, Europe has been tricked and lame by the United States.

In the past ten years, every crisis experienced by Europe has been ignited by the Americans, and then left, while the Europeans stayed to wipe their hips.

Not to mention the recent events, the Americans got involved in the Syrian war and left a large number of refugees in Europe. Germany alone accepted nearly 2million refugees.

Then the United States encouraged Ukraine to fight with Russia. After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, 5.5 million Ukrainian refugees have poured into Europe.

In fact, most European countries are not too rich, and their people live a tight life. In Eastern Europe, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and other countries in the Balkans, people’s income is generally not high.

Even western European countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands can hardly bear so many refugees. For example, in Germany, if a Ukrainian refugee is not accepted, it will cost about 3000 euros a month, including housing, medical care, children’s school and some pocket money.

You know, many Germans have only about 3000 euros a month before taxes. They have to pay personal income tax, insurance, rent and some expenses.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, prices in Europe have risen rapidly and inflation is fierce. According to the data released by the German Federal Statistical Office on March 30, the inflation rate in Germany has reached a new high in the past 40 years. In April, it reached a new high, and in May, it was even higher. There is no highest, only higher.


German inflation rate

The most direct manifestation of inflation is the price. Gasoline prices rose by 26.7%, diesel prices rose by about 55%, and heating fuel prices nearly doubled.

Vegetables, eggs, milk, coffee and edible oil also rose sharply. The common people were complaining. Politicians turned a deaf ear to it and still rushed forward holding high the banner of political correctness.

The most puzzling thing for me is that German politicians stopped Russia’s “beixi-2” pipeline, which is a project that Madame Murdoch insisted on under American pressure.

It is a win-win situation for both sides to build beixi-2 with Russia. In fact, Germany is more dependent on Russia, with an annual gas transmission capacity of 55billion cubic meters. When the pipeline could be put through soon, it was inexplicably stopped by itself.

When Madame Murdoch was in office, the Germans were still very tough. At that time, the foreign minister directly said that the energy policy of Europe was decided by Europe, not by the United States.

Makron also said publicly that NATO was facing brain death. At that time, at least the major European leaders understood that Europe decided its own affairs.

After stopping beixi-2, it was Europe that suffered. Europe needed Russian natural gas and was very dependent on it. However, Europe even imposed sanctions on Russian energy.

It’s like sitting in a wheelchair, smashing the wheelchair, and then rushing up to fight with the other party. Is your head squeezed by the door.

Normally, a conflict should be an attack on others’ weaknesses with one’s own strengths. As a result, Europe is just the opposite, attacking others’ strengths with one’s own weaknesses.

Of course, if you are willing to toss and turn, energy prices continue to soar. Russia has directly reduced the transport capacity of beixi-1 pipeline by 60%, and Putin has linked the price of natural gas to the ruble.

At first, the Europeans made all kinds of noise. Then, they bowed their heads and silently settled their accounts in rubles. To tell the truth, Putin can further reduce the supply of natural gas between the arrival of winter. At that time, people should talk with their feet.

The funny thing is that some European politicians encourage people to take fewer baths and reduce energy demand in order to cheer themselves up. This is a joke. How much energy can Europeans save without taking a bath a year.

The Germans are preparing to add more coal-fired power plants in response to the energy crisis. At this time, they will not mention carbon neutrality.

In fact, Germany can postpone the shutdown of nuclear power plants, but it can’t. It should resolutely shut down nuclear power plants. Hehe, it’s not the same as continuing to engage in balance and compromise. After all, the green party doesn’t agree.

For thousands of years, Russia has been a neighbor. The European countries do not live in peace with their neighbors and develop together. They have to fight to the death. The Americans benefit the most from it.

There is no doubt that Ukraine has been abolished. Russia doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter if there are too many lice. It doesn’t matter if there are too many debts. What can we do with more sanctions? It’s urgent to cut off all the energy supply to Europe in winter. Europe probably can’t survive this winter.

The problem in Europe is that there is no cohesion. The old European countries and Eastern European countries cannot get together. Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium also have their own thoughts.

In addition, the Americans continue to cheat and brainwash, and the whole Europe habitually turns to the United States. Few people are really sober. Aunt Mo is a rare sensible person. It’s a pity that she has retired.

Europe still lives in the illusion that it is superior and arrogant. In fact, it is more like a big tree with many holes. On the surface, it is luxuriant with branches and leaves, and the interior is already full of holes.

Americans reap benefits by harvesting the world. As long as they can reap benefits at the expense of Europe, it is not once or twice. You see, the bridge water fund is ready to short Europe.

Prices in Europe as a whole are rising, energy prices are rising, and asset prices are rising. Obviously, prices will continue to rise before they have reached the end. At present, people and enterprises still have the capacity to undertake. When prices do not rise, it is time to settle accounts.

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