Lu Han (Hunan) recorded Mao xuewang. The fans are weird and can’t watch the program

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Lu Han has both popularity and traffic, but he is very Buddhist and has no crazy and persistent attitude towards work, so he often disappears from the public’s sight. Lu Han recorded Mao xuewang in Hunan. Unexpectedly, some fans began to feel weird and thought that Mao xuewang was not of high standard. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Lu Han (Hunan) recorded by Mao xuewang

It was reported that Lu Han was going to record Mao xuewang. At that time, Lu Han’s fans complained that the program was not of high standard and they had no money to invite guests. They hoped that Lu Han could go to a high standard program. However, Lu Han’s current IP address shows that he has arrived in Hunan. This season’s Mao xuewang was also recorded in Changsha, Hunan Province, so Lu Han’s recording of Mao xuewang was basically a stone hammer.

Mao xuewang is an online synthesis of Tencent hosted by Mao Buyi and Li Xueqin. This program is indeed produced at a low cost. It has not been successful in attracting investment and the program budget is very small. Therefore, the two hosts invited their acquaintances to record the program. Lu Han’s participation this time is probably not easy for Mao to invite. Lu Han and Mao Buyi were coaches of Creation Camp 3 together, and they became friends because of this program. I believe there will be many topics to talk about when good friends participate in interview programs together.

Lu Han’s fans are weird and can’t watch the program

Although some of Lu Han’s fans expressed dissatisfaction, most of Reed’s sisters were very happy, saying that as long as it was Lu Han, everyone would like any program, and the Internet missing people finally came out for activities. In addition to the recording of Mao xuewang, it was also reported that Lu Han would play with gulina Zha in the TV series secret world, and play with the same team as twinkle and twinkle. If it is true, sister reed is the happiest.

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