Lu zhuanggong’s lust harmed the country: Adultery between his wife and his brother-in-law caused national disaster

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The image of Qingfu in modern imagination

When he met a wife who didn’t abide by women’s morality, Lord Lu Zhuang naturally caused some trouble. Therefore, a beautiful woman is a tiger. This is not a good king of a country. Because “it is not fair to marry a wife”, it has led to national disaster.

During the spring and Autumn period, the monarch of the state of Lu especially loved to marry the princes and daughters of the state of Qi, and most of the princes and daughters of the state of Qi were not “fuel-efficient lights”, most of them did not abide by “women’s morality”, and loved to wear green hats for the monarch of the state of Lu. After marrying Duke Lu Huan, Duke Qi’s daughter Wenjiang also maintained a romantic relationship with his brother (later Duke Qi Xianggong). Finally, Duke Qi Xianggong sent a killer to assassinate Duke Lu Huan.

Duke Lu Zhuang is the son of Duke Lu Huan and Wenjiang. He knows that his father was murdered jointly by his mother and uncle, but he still hasn’t learned the lesson that his father was hooded by the Duke and daughter of the state of Qi. After 24 years on the throne, he married AI Jiang, the Duke and daughter of the state of Qi, as his wife. This AI Jiang is also an expert in gossip. The second brother of Duke Zhuang of Lu is called Qing Fu, who is quite powerful in the state of Lu. AI Jiang took a fancy to Qing Fu and they had an affair. What is more terrifying is that this court scandal directly triggered the famous rebellion of celebrating the father in the history of the state of Lu.

There was no child between Duke Lu Zhuang and AI Jiang. In this way, Lu had no eldest son. But AI Jiang took Qi Fang, the son of Uncle Jiang who was married with him, as his son, and wanted Qi Fang to be the successor of Duke Lu Zhuang. However, Lord Lu Zhuang disagreed. He wants to succeed like a son. Why do you want to be your successor? There is another story in it.

Before marrying AI Jiang, Duke Zhuang of Lu built a high platform near the house of the party family, a doctor of the state of Lu. On the way, he took a fancy to Meng Ren, the daughter of the party family, and went to seduce others. Meng Ren was the daughter of a doctor in the state of Lu. She was very polite and didn’t want to have sex with a man without a name or a point, so she closed the door and didn’t see Lord Lu Zhuang. In order to marry Meng Ren, Lord Lu promised to make Meng Ren his wife. In this way, Meng Rencai “promised him”. She was afraid that Lord Lu would not keep his word, and specially “cut his arm and ally with him”, that is, cut his arm and bleed, and make blood alliance with Lord Lu. After Meng Ren married Duke Lu Zhuang, he had a son like a son. However, Lord Lu Zhuang obviously failed to fulfill his original oath. He married AI Jiang from the state of Qi and made AI Jiang his wife. Lord Zhuang of Lu felt ashamed of Meng Ren, so he wanted to make a son like an heir to appease Meng Ren.

If a man is lecherous, the price is often heavy. The reason is that he is involved in different women. Although he wants to take care of the balance and makes it exquisite, the result must be that he is not pleasing inside and outside and falls into a situation of being besieged on all sides. This is the case today, and so was Lord Lu Zhuang in those days. Because Jiang and Meng Ren were upset, the post establishment matter has been delayed.

In 622 BC, Duke Lu Zhuang was seriously ill. When he asked his third brother about his third brother’s marriage, uncle Ya said, “I think the second brother Qingfu is more talented and can succeed.” Lu zhuanggong asked his fourth younger brother about Ji Youli. Ji you said, “I succeeded as a son with all my strength.” Duke Lu Zhuang told Ji you that uncle Ya had recommended Qing Fu to succeed to the throne. As a result, Ji you sent someone to poison uncle Ya with poisonous wine under the guise of the emperor.

After the death of Duke Lu Zhuang, Ji you became king like a son and temporarily lived in the Dang family. Qing Fu refused, so he sent people to assassinate Ziban, and launched a coup to expel Ji you. Lu people regard Qi Fang as their king, which is for Lu Min Gong. Soon, father Qing conspired with AI Jiang and sent someone to kill Duke Lu Min, intending to make Qing Fang king. But Qingfu was unpopular and could not control the political situation. He was soon expelled by the Chinese and fled to Ju. At this time, Ji you returned home and was enthroned by another son of Duke Lu Zhuang, who was Duke Lu. The state of Lu bribed the state of Ju to escort Qingfu back to the state of Lu, and the state of Ju agreed. Qingfu confessed to his guilt and committed suicide on the way home.

When Qingfu ran to Ju, AI Jiang couldn’t stay in Lu and ran to Jia. After Qingfu’s death, AI Jiang’s good days came to an end. She had an affair with Qing Fu, who was also an accomplice to the murder of two monarchs by Qing Fu, and was widely condemned by public opinion at home and abroad. At this time, Duke Huan of Qi had dominated, and he carried out the banner of “respecting the king and fighting against the barbarians”, continued the Zhou rites, and presided over justice internationally. AI Jiang’s performance in the state of Lu made Duke Huan of Qi feel embarrassed. Therefore, Duke Huan of Qi ordered the state of Ying to extradite AI Jiang back to the state of Qi, and then killed him, “return the corpse to Lu”. The state of Lu is worthy of being a “state of etiquette”, and AI Jiang is still buried as the king’s wife. The famous rebellion of celebrating the father in the history of the state of Lu finally came to an end.

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