Luban borrow Dragon Palace

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It is said that Master Lu Ban wants to build the most beautiful house in the world.

Master Lu Ban’s craftsmanship in building houses is the best in the world, unparalleled in the world, but what is the most beautiful house in the world? Master Lu Ban can’t think of it even if he wants to break his head.

Lu Ban borrowed the Dragon Palace to ask his father, and his father said, “What’s the problem? Let’s build it according to the ancestral house!”

The ancestral house is really beautiful, but it is not the most beautiful house in the world.

He went to ask his master, and the master said, “What’s so difficult about this? Let’s make it according to the palace!”

Although the palace is splendid, but Master Lu Ban felt that the most beautiful house in the world, the palace is still not enough.

That night, Lu Ban went home and asked his wife, who was Mrs. Lu Ban. Madam Luban is beautiful and has a very smart head. By the way, have you seen the pavilion? You’ve seen the pavilion just go in and sit, but what about Mrs. Luban? When she saw Lu Ban building a pavilion, she had an idea and invented the oil-paper umbrella.

Mrs. Lu Ban heard that Lu Ban wanted to build the most beautiful house in the world, and suggested: “Isn’t the most beautiful house in the world, I have never seen it before. I heard that the Dragon Palace of the Dragon King of the East China Sea is very beautiful, why don’t you go to the East China Sea and borrow one? The Dragon Palace will do it.”

“Donghai Dragon Palace? Thank you for reminding me! That’s really beautiful! I’ll borrow it tomorrow!”

Master Lu Ban thought about the coral jade trees on the bottom of the sea, so he couldn’t sleep all night. Early the next morning, Lu Ban ran down the East China Sea and asked the Dragon King of the East China Sea to borrow the Dragon Palace.

Master Lu Ban is famous, but the Dragon King of the East China Sea couldn’t resist, so he had to lend it to him: “Dragon Palace can lend it to you, but as soon as the three-day deadline expires, you will have to pay it back.”

“Don’t be so small, can’t we borrow it for a few more days?” Master Lu Ban carried the Dragon Palace back and put it on the flower meadow, with water in front and mountains in the back.

When everyone saw it, they all gathered around to watch, and they all praised that this Dragon Palace is very beautiful, with red brick walls, green tile backs, doors and windows carved with golden flowers, dragons and phoenixes, and eaves made of waves. Tilt up, like having four big wings. With four cornices, the Dragon Palace is also alive, as if it will take off in place.

“This Dragon Palace is really the most beautiful house in the world!” Everyone said.

Master Lu Ban stared at the Dragon Palace intently and circled around the Dragon Palace.

On the first day, Master Lu Ban touched the door, touched the window, and climbed the ladder to touch the eaves. He liked it so much that he was reluctant to leave. He thought about it for a long time, but before he could take out the pen and paper to draw a picture, it was getting dark.

The next day, Master Lu Ban drew the drawings according to the style of the Dragon Palace. The sun went down and the moon came out. Master Lu Ban had just finished drawing the drawings, and before he had time to order his apprentices to buy building materials, it was getting dark.

On the third day, Master Lu Ban instructed his apprentices to buy building materials and start rushing to work. However, the foundation had just been laid, and before the house was built, it was getting dark.

The time limit is approaching, and the Dragon King will soon send someone to return to the Dragon Palace! what should we do?

Master Lu Ban was so anxious that he burned off his eyebrows.

He was really reluctant to return this Dragon Palace, he really wanted to talk to the people who came from the Dragon Palace, let the Dragon Palace stay for a few more days, and let him take a look. He was afraid that the soldiers from the East China Sea would not greet him and secretly came to take away the Dragon Palace at night, so he brought four strings of large copper bells and hung them on the raised corner of the house. On the roof, teach it to scream when it sees someone coming from the Dragon Palace.

Sure enough, at the third watch, the Dragon King of the East China Sea sent the Dragon Prince and the Golden Carp to take the Dragon Palace in the future.

As the saying goes: “The dragon spreads the wind and the carp rains.” Before the Dragon Prince and the carp general arrived, a strong wind blew and a heavy rain fell. The copper bells hanging in the corner of the house, “Dingling dang clack”, “Dingling dang clack”, “Dingling dang clack”… sounded, the copper bell woke up Master Lu Ban, and Master Lu Ban hurriedly called the apprentices to get up and nailed large wooden stakes around the house. A total of four large stakes were nailed.

The nail was just finished, and the Dragon Prince and the golden carp general arrived. They moved hard, but they couldn’t move, they pushed hard, they couldn’t push it, and they pulled hard, but they couldn’t pull it out. Standing on the roof, the big rooster cried out, “Ooooooo” and “Ooooooo” when he saw this scene.

The sun heard the rooster crowing, and with a bang, it rose from the East China Sea, and it rose to the height of the height. But no matter how they pulled, pulled, or bumped, the Dragon Palace remained motionless.

The sun was getting hotter and hotter, and the Dragon Prince had no way to escape, so he was sunning himself on the roof—the dragon’s head was thrown on the corner of the house, the dragon’s body fell asleep along the tile back, and the dragon’s tail was dried and raised high.

The golden carp was unable to bear the sun, jumping around, and finally stuck on the gate, hunched over, opened its mouth wide, and widened its eyes.

When Master Lu Ban saw it, he thought the house looked very good. He quickly followed the pattern and drew the drawings.

Since then, houses have been built like this!

Finally, you must ask, did Master Lu Ban return the Dragon Palace?

——Haha, of course I went back. As soon as the Dragon Palace was put into the sea, the Dragon Prince basking on the roof and the carp on the door all came to life!

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