Lubanto Dream Wang Xiucai

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One day Wang Xiucai went to the city to take the exam, and when he passed a small forest in the suburbs, a group of robbers rushed out and stole all of Wang Xiucai’s money.

Lubanto dreamed that Wang Xiucai Wang Xiucai finally entered the city. Without money, Wang Xiucai could only wander around the city. Finally, he met a business friend in the city. His friend was a stingy person, but he recently signed I received a lot of orders, so I was very happy today, so I borrowed a large bag of money from Wang Xiucai, and the next day he went to take the exam, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the name Luosunshan, so he didn’t get discouraged, but lived in the city down, but something miraculous happened in a dream. One day he decided to go back to the countryside to cultivate himself. The night before he set off, he had a very strange dream. He dreamed that Lu Ban, an ancient craftsman, said to him: “There was a big flood in a place, and the bridge there It’s been washed away, and now there is a great need for a bridge, you can go!” He went to a very poor place, and as expected, he heard a fellow there say: “There was a flood a few days ago, and the only bridge here was washed away. Ruined.” He immediately followed the method that Luban taught him, but what Luban taught him was a stone bridge, but there was a serious shortage of stone there, so he thought of using wood instead of stone, but wood is wood after all, and stone is after all It is stone, but the resistance of wood to water impact is still not as good as that of stone. Although the bridge persisted for a while, it finally collapsed.

So Wang Xiucai thought of using boats one by one as a bridge. At the beginning, he encountered a little difficulty. It was very dangerous that the current of the river was not too fast, or the boats would disperse. Finally, the bridge was built. , Since then, everyone can cross the river safely, which is the birth of the first boat bridge.

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