Luochongmin, the “two faced man” in the educational field, has put on a human skin in vain!

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Original: housha source wechat official account: housha has been authorized to reprint

These two days, luochongmin has become a smelly street. I seem to have a little impression of this name. I went to my microblog. Sure enough, I hung up on him and scolded him at the end of 2016. I really can’t stand his words and faces that are hostile to the country, great men and the Chinese nation.


Such a person was once the director of a Provincial Department of education and the Secretary of the leading Party group. The reason why he “overturned” this time was that he posted an article “Dragon Boat Festival: a day to encourage suicide” on his wechat official account, in which Qu Yuan threw himself into the river as a pretext to disparage the Chinese nation from beginning to end, and deliberately stuffed it with the content of painting the Japanese invaders.

He said that the Japanese had “protected” the Confucian temple and the Confucian mansion in Qufu, and borrowed the words of others to say that “the local old people in Shandong do not hate the Japanese army”. His conclusion is that the Japanese did better in the practice of “benevolence” than the Chinese during World War II

Is luochongmin not afraid of Shandong people beating him up?

In his article, he also regarded the revolutionary martyr Liu Hulan, the young hero Liu Wenwen and Wang Er’s novels as “examples of suicides loyal to the monarch and patriotic”. By distorting the deeds of the martyrs, he was suspected of violating the law on the protection of heroes and martyrs.

In his eyes, China has been encouraging suicide since the commemoration of Quyuan (Dragon Boat Festival).

However, in luochongmin’s eyes, the Japanese committed suicide by cutting their stomachs. I wonder if he wants to practice the “feat” of cutting their stomachs.

In response to luochongmin’s remarks, the official website of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education announced on June 6 that:

The Provincial Department of education attaches great importance to it and has established a working group with relevant departments to investigate the matter. The investigation results will be published to the public in a timely manner.

According to preliminary verification, luochongmin, male, Han nationality, was born in February 1952. He served as director of the Provincial Department of education from January 2008 to August 2012, counselor of the provincial government from August 2012 to January 2016, and retired in January 2016. During this period, he was appointed as the Ninth National supervisor from October, 2013 to October, 2016, and was not reappointed after the expiration of his term of office. In november2017, due to serious disciplinary violations, luochongmin was expelled from the party by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, and his retirement benefits were determined according to the non leadership position at the deputy department level, which was managed by the Provincial Department of education.

In other words, five years ago, he had been expelled from the party and was no longer a state inspector. At that time, his online remarks were more vicious than they are now. He even made a strange impression on the issue of national reunification and openly mocked the option of military solution.


After being dealt with by the party discipline in 2017, luochongmin not only did not repent, but also ate and drank freely under the names of “former director of Yunnan Education Department”, “national supervisor” and “doctor XX”.

However, compared with the previous wanton drug distribution on the Internet, his behavior is more covert, but his attitude of being hostile to the country and society has not changed at all.

I don’t want to reproduce all his previous vicious remarks and spread them again. I just pick out one of his strange remarks for everyone to “appreciate”, such as the Taiwan issue.


In 2015, luochongmin publicly mocked Comrade Liu Jingsong on his microblog. What’s the difference with the tone of “Taiwan independence” elements? At that time, netizens scolded him how well.

However, luochongmin blackmailed all his critics and only interacted with those anti China accounts in the comment area. He was cited as a confidant.

Many netizens are asking, how did such a person get into such an important leadership position?

In fact, to put it bluntly, luochongmin has made the “two faced people” to the extreme, and he also knows how to package and flatter him personally by the media.

Luochongmin is simply a textbook Level “two faced person”.


On his microblog, he hated his mistress and mistress so much that he pretended to be pure for twoorthree years. What he didn’t know was that he was reincarnated by liuxiahui.

However, the “two faced man” will eventually expose his ugly side. How can paper cover fire?


At the end of 2016, he admitted on his microblog that he had made other women pregnant. The pictures include his ID card, a small medicine bottle of unknown use, a picture of his ecstatic naked back, and the B-ultrasonic picture of the fetus in the hospital.

On the same day, this microblog caused a sensation on the Internet. Netizens analyzed the “self confessed” microblog of the 64 year old department level “education expert” for the following reasons:

1? When opening a room with his mistress, he was taken away by the other party and sent a related microblog, which shows how much his mistress hated him, but had to open a room with him;

2? Under certain special circumstances (he was intruded into the room by an outsider and blocked inside), he had to send a back photo without showing his face according to the other party’s instructions, spoke with reservation about his pregnancy, and then paid for it privately.


He himself said it was “stolen”, and he was honest on Weibo for a while. In 2017, he was expelled from the party for unspecified reasons. I wonder whether it was related to his romantic “pregnancy”.

Take a look at his hatred for his mistress and mistress on his microblog, and then take a look at his “pregnancy” farce. Liu Xiahui is in front of us, and the old prostitute is behind us. This is not “two faced” what is it?

His life style is his personal problem, and it is not the main reason that angers netizens. He is spurned by the whole network because he is kneeling and licking the West while spreading anti state and anti people remarks everywhere. In particular, they are always throwing dirty water on great men.

Why do people like luochongmin hate their own country so much?

If this person is a little grateful, luochongmin should be most grateful to the party and the state.

He was born in 1952 in Jiangchuan, Yuxi, Yunnan Province, with three siblings. His father was a cadre of the Yuxi administrative office. Apart from giving money and food stamps, he rarely returned to Jiangchuan. His three children were brought up in the countryside by his mother.

In 1967, luochongmin became a red guard and went to Beijing in series, but he was only dressed in Yunnan autumn and winter. It was winter in Beijing and I almost froze to death. It was other red guards who sent him to Peking Union Medical College Hospital for rescue, only to find his life.

As an adult, he worked as a worker in Jiangchuan and a cook in a middle school. He taught himself and became a teacher. At the end of the 1970s, his father was reinstated and transferred to the county government office. His family also had to get the indicator of “transforming agriculture into non-agricultural” to live in the county with his father.

Then he became deputy county head, deputy secretary, Secretary of the county Party committee, Secretary of the Honghe Prefecture Party committee, Secretary of the University Party committee, director of the Provincial Department of Education

But it is said that he worshipped everything in the West in the 1980s.

Later, he looked down upon everything in China and felt that the country and society were no longer worthy of him.

When he saw the west, he knelt down. When Cameron rode his bicycle, he would cry twice; The mayor of New York would cry twice on the subway; Blair would cry twice when he took the bus; When Obama buys fast food, he tears like rain… He has to write articles to praise, but the implication is to attack China’s system, society and ideology.

As a matter of fact, he was just picking up people’s wisdom. Ten years ago, this kind of publicity was everywhere, but he was like a treasure. When Obama was president, he went out to buy fast food. He even had to draw a “no fly zone” in the sky. Didn’t he know?

If he is not grateful, he should be regarded as an enemy; Those who should be vigilant are not vigilant, but should be regarded as “spiritual parents”.

As a provincial director of education, what position does luochongmin have? He is completely on the opposite side of the country and the people.

After being dealt with, he became even more obsessed with what kind of “symbiotic party” he set up and asked everyone to “believe in God”. Which dead end did he slip into?

Luochongmin is such a scum. Does he know? Yesterday was the 94th anniversary of Comrade Chen qiaonian’s sacrifice.


Chenqiaonian, chenyannian, luoyinong, zhaoshiyan and others are the most precious blood of the Chinese nation.

They have watered the flowers of the Chinese revolution with their youth and blood and inspired the Chinese people to move forward bravely.

Chen qiaonian was hacked to death by Kuomintang reactionaries with random knives. Before his sacrifice, he did not have a piece of good skin.

Luochongmin enjoyed the favorable treatment of the state and gained fame and wealth, but he did the dirty work of insulting heroes and slandering great men. He should kneel before Comrade Chen qiaonian’s tomb for three days and nights.

In front of these martyrs, luochongmin really wore a human skin in vain!

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