Lusty emperor Liu Bang and vicious empress Lu’s bloody Harem

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Liu Bang and empress Lu

The “sexual history” of Liu Bang before he became emperor

Let’s talk about Liu Bang’s harem first.

People who read more history know that Liu Bang’s harem is full of blood. Liu Bang’s wife, empress Lu, was a pheasant with the word “e”, who was born in Shan county, Shandong Province, and moved to Pei County, Xuzhou. Among the many empresses in China, empress Lu is a malicious and scheming woman. If there was no Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty, she would be the most famous.

Liu Bang is a native of Yangli village, Pei County, Xuzhou City (first, the west of Fengxian County today). He was originally a lazy person who “didn’t care about his family’s production operations” and “liked wine and color”. Idling around all day, eating, drinking, whoring, gambling, everything. I was still single at the age of 40.

How can such a big man solve his sexual needs without a wife? In addition to whoring, Liu Bang also has a way to find a sexual partner. He has been fooling around with a woman surnamed Cao all year round. He also raised Cao’s stomach and gave birth to a son named Liu Fei. After Liu Bang became emperor, Liu Fei was made king of Qi. This is the Afterword.

Although he is a gangster, Liu Bang has a good brain and can learn anything as soon as he learns. Later, after being instructed, he ran errands for local officials and mixed with Surabaya Pavilion leader. From then on, he had contacts with a group of officials in the county, such as Xiao He, Cao Shen and Xia Houying. Although he was already a local official, he still couldn’t get a wife at this time because of his bad deeds. The good family was unwilling to marry his daughter to this “hooligan”.

However, noble people have their own auspicious signs. According to the book of Han Dynasty, Emperor Gaodi Ji (Volume 1), “emperor Gaozu was a man with a long face, a beautiful beard and beard, and 72 sunspots on his left thigh.” It is said that LV pheasant’s father would meet each other, and felt that Liu Bang’s appearance was not vulgar. If he had the appearance of a king, he would become a great weapon in the future. Therefore, LV pheasant, who was already an “older young woman” at that time, was married to Liu Bang, and Liu Bang had a wife.

In fact, today, it seems that LV pheasant was not very old when she married Liu Bang. She was only 25 years old. At that time, the villagers laughed at Liu Bang’s father-in-law’s foolish behavior of marrying a woman. Liu Bang later became emperor, and the village knew how powerful LV Fu’s vision was. Lu pheasant also thought that her husband would be promising in the future. It is said that she saw that there was always a cloud above Liu Bang’s head.

Liu Bang’s wife is a master of “cheating”

In fact, Lu pheasant is not a daughter of a good family, does not abide by women’s morality, and once “red apricots come out of the wall”.

When Liu Bang and Xiang Yu fought South and North, even losing their lives, LV pheasant colluded with a man named Shen Shiqi in the same village at home. Originally, Liu Bang considered that he had been fighting outside for years, and there was no one at home to take care of him. He asked Shen Shiqi to help take care of his wife and children. Who wants to be sexually intolerable, Lu pheasant flirted with him, and became affectionate over time, living a “married life” at home.

Later, when Xiang Yu took them hostage, LV pheasant and Shen Shiqi still ate and slept together, and outsiders could not find it. Therefore, some historians said that LV pheasant was not only a “poisonous woman”, but also a “master of cheating”.

After Liu Bang declared himself Emperor, LV pheasant also requested to seal him as “piyang Hou”, which was agreed by Liu Bang. After that, when the two “had an affair”, they worked harder in bed and thanked LV pheasant for her efforts. Although Liu Bang is a big husband on the battlefield, he is an emperor in love with a green hat. The harem is lost.

Alas, he didn’t know it when he died (perhaps deliberately)!

“One night stand” between Liu Bang and Mrs. Qi

Lu pheasant gave birth to a son and a daughter to Liu Bang. In addition to Emperor Hui Liu Ying, there is Princess Lu Yuan. However, LV pheasant was jealous, and after becoming the queen, she did many things that “people can’t do”, such as turning Mrs. Qi into a “human being”, which made her the most poisonous “poisonous woman” in Chinese history. Liu Bang is very destined for women. He hooked up with a woman surnamed Cao before he got married and had good luck after marriage. During the competition with Xiang Yu, he was always defeated in the early stage, but he got a young and beautiful woman, Mrs. Qi, who later influenced the harem.

The story of getting Mrs. Qi is very romantic. It is said that after losing to Xiang Yu once, he had no food and ran to a village to meet an old man. The old man, surnamed Qi, took his 18-year-old daughter here to avoid the war. At the sight of Liu Bang, the old man was so scared that he quickly bowed down and took him home to get food and wine for him.

Liu Bang saw the old man’s daughter and immediately moved his mind. When he learned that the girl had not married, he was secretly happy. Seeing the meaning, the old man said that Mr. Xiangmian said that his daughter had the appearance of a noble person. Was it her previous marriage to meet the king? So he promised his daughter to Liu Bang as his wife.

Although Liu Bang was secretly happy, considering that his family had a wife and LV pheasant, he also politely replied. It is said that Liu Bang took off his jade belt as a pledge of love, and the old man let his daughter sleep with Liu Bang that night. Liu Bang, the second “old father-in-law”, seems to be more open-minded than today’s parents.

However, because of this “one night stand”, the Qi girl has been dating Liu Bang since then, and later became the favorite concubine of Liu Bang’s harem.

So far, Liu Bang has three women, a lover Cao, the first wife Lu, and the second wife Qi.

Liu Bang’s harem women are jealous secret

Liu Bang and LV pheasant had a good relationship. After all, she was the first wife when she was single.

But after seizing the world, the situation has changed. Lu pheasant is much larger than Mrs. Qi. When Qi and Liu Bang had a “one night stand”, they were the eldest daughter of Huanghua, who was only 18 years old, and they were also one of the famous beauties in Chinese history; Lu was a woman who couldn’t get married. As soon as she gets old, Lu pheasant naturally becomes “tofu dregs”, and her old color is no match for Qi’s. After they became Liu Bang’s Queen and his wife, they began to fight openly and secretly.

At first, Mrs. Qi had the upper hand. Liu Bang was accompanied by Mrs. Qi every time he went out, leaving empress Lu in the harem. Mrs. Qi is beautiful and good at singing and dancing. Happy, Liu Bang held the beauty in his arms every day, and snubbed empress Lu. Gradually, the emotion between Liu Bang and empress Lu went wrong.

Liu Ying, the son of LV housheng, had been appointed as the crown prince, but Mrs. Qi hoped to let her 10-year-old son succeed to the throne. Liu Bang is also not optimistic about Liu Ying. He feels that his character is not like him, but Ruyi is very smart and has the look of his youth. When Liu Bang brought his idea of abolishing the crown prince to the central court for consultation, if it weren’t for the stuttering Minister Zhou Chang’s desperate remonstrance, Mrs. Qi’s plot would almost have been completed.

Later, Mrs. Qi repeatedly proposed to Liu Bang that her son should be the crown prince, but the old Liu Bang was more than willing but less able, because under the careful planning of empress Lu, the crown prince’s power had been formed and there was no way to abolish it. Young Ruyi was forced to leave the capital and become king in a fief three thousand miles away.

After Liu Bang’s death, Liu Ying succeeded to the throne and was called emperor Hui in history. The Empress Dowager Lu pheasant made a comeback, and the “vicious woman’s heart” was revealed. The first thing she did was to punish Mrs. Qi, her “rival in love”, as a slave. She had her hair pulled out with pliers, making her bald. She was punished to pound rice. She was limited to one stone a day, and if it was less than half a liter, she was beaten with a hundred sticks.

According to records in the book of Han Dynasty, Mrs. Qi, who knew her fate was bad, felt sad from her heart:

“The son is the king, the mother is the prisoner, pounding all day long, and often with death at dusk, three thousand miles away, who should tell you?”

After hearing the news, empress Lu was poisoned, lured Mrs. Qi’s son Ruyi into the capital and secretly poisoned him. Ruyi’s seven orifices bled when he died. Even Liu Ying, who had been proclaimed emperor, couldn’t bear it. He cried a lot and buried Ruyi, his half father, with the king’s etiquette, with the posthumous title of hidden king.

But in this way, Lu pheasant finally killed Mrs. Qi with the punishment of “human body”. After his brother died, Liu Ying was very sad, but empress Lu even let him go to see the “human health” performance. Liu Ying didn’t know what “human health” was, so he followed the eunuch to see it. Seven bends and eight turns around to a toilet. He saw a blood man, his limbs were cut off, his eyes were dug, and there were two blood holes left. The man was not dead, his body was still moving, and his mouth was one by one.

Liu Ying asked the eunuch what it was. Hearing that it was Mrs. Qi, he was almost stunned. It turned out that LV pheasant poisoned Mrs. Qi, tortured her, and then gave her hard medicine, so that she couldn’t hear and speak, and half dead threw it into the toilet. Because of this shock, Emperor Hui never dared to “govern the world” anymore. He drank and had fun all day long. After only seven years as emperor, he died.

In fact, empress Lu’s viciousness is directly related to Liu Bang: he did not deal with the emotional problems between the husband and wife, especially after becoming emperor, he was very lecherous, indulged in lust, and gave all his love to the young and beautiful lady Qi, leaving her wife, empress Lu, alone in the cold palace. From a common sense, empress Lu’s dissatisfaction with Qi’s husband is understandable. Mrs. Qi hopes that her son will be the crown prince. She also feels that her life will be very sad after Liu Bang’s death, so she hopes that Liu Bang will abolish Liu Ying.

Liu Bang was a completely promiscuous emperor in history. He was not only very good at female sex, but also very confused in sexual orientation. He was also gay, or “bisexual”. His favorite is said to be Ji Ru, and Liu Bang often sleeps with him.

Liu Bang’s homosexual orientation may be related to the custom of Han people believing that “beautiful men break the old”. There is a saying in Taoist health preservation that old men can prolong life by having sex with young beautiful young men.

From this sexual matter, we can see that Liu Bang really cannot be compared with Zhu Yuanzhang in terms of female abstinence.

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